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Beta KL is one of the latest instagram hit spot as it is filled with colours with a touch of modern retro. Head down to Frasers place, walk till the end after you found this green wall. Walk through the door, then you are in there.

A restaurant which is much focus by using local ingredient or local Malaysia food inspired that will be presented in the plate. chose this place as it seems quite nice for my final birthday celebration this year.

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It is a new modern dining place or more towards like a RestoBar concept. More like combination of modern dining scene with a cool bar at the side. You can choose either side to chill out.

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One of the spot that alot of people are taking pictures with.

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The dining area is indeed impressive. With a big batik like art pieces painting with marble top  is indeed making in modern luxury local touch.

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The menu category are quite playful.

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Was told by my the other friend that their degustation menu is good.

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cocktail menu.

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Inverted Karipap @ RM 30. To me it is like deconstructed karipap. Uniquely presented on a bed of herbs and spices as  the karipap is covered with crispy thin potato skin, pump with potato cream in it that filled with mild herbs and top with leave and a small piece of gold paper on top.

beta kl (14)

Impressive dish as never thought a deconstructed karipap will taste that unique. One of the item to start off and to order.

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Chicken @ RM 45, add on with bentong ginger and lotus crips. As for this dish, I have no idea what to say as for us being local, we had too much street food and I felt that I am just eating “atas” Hainanese Chicken. not much twist of it. Too normal for my liking even knowing the meat is sous vide.

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Duck Leg was highly recommended by the waiter as it is their signature and decided to give it a try. @ RM 60 with twice cook duck leg and fermented black beans. Quite fragrant, and dark black fermented black bean sauce give the lift of flavour that the duck is needed.

Was told to pair with their ROTI @ RM 8. The roti is indeed very good and a must order item.

beta kl (20)

the one that pampering for my birthday dinner~ @yukikotan

beta kl (21)

So you cut the duck and combine roti together. So what does it make for you. Local twist of Peking Duck for my own interpretation 😀

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Order banana @ RM 38 to finish our meal. Crispy Banana, peanut, condense milk ice cream. well, I smash crispy banana into pieces and the whole combination is weird to my liking. Condense milk ice cream is too sweet for me and the whole experience is like eating on the white rabbit sweet.

Really depends on personality as the foreigner sit next to me, they are enjoying every bit of it.

beta kl (23)

Well, I come to a conclusion that my mind and interpretation for street food to be presented in such dining experience is something new to me. Still new to this experience as we are being spoilt with great cheap food on the streets or hawker.

It is indeed a place to bring your international guest or friends whom like such ambiance and tell them about our food culture will be spot on. However, since my friend is a fine food lover and mention that their degustation menu is quite a above her expectation, I guess you guys can give it a try.

For local chef that using local ingredients, I still like Dewakan.

*Pork Free

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7/10 , not too bad, ! -Stamped-

Beta KL
Restobar – Contemporary Malaysian Cuisine and Cocktails
163 Fraser Place
10 Jalan Perak
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 03 2181 2990

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