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Taiwan Trip Day 3- Taiwan Storyland (台灣故事館)

Since like this week is more like holiday mood since Raya Holiday is this weekend, lets discover one of the place I went in Taiwan. After our morning session of MaoKong Gondola and head to Taipei 101, then our next destination is to Taiwan Storyland which showcase the olden days of Taiwan lifestyle. It might look pretty ugly outside but that’s the main purpose of it that they had transform the whole basement into classic era olden days of Taiwan…

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Terminator Salvation

Genre: Science-Fiction/Action Summer action packed movie continue with Terminator Salvation as the latest movie to hit on the screen. The movie is about a guy thought that he donated his body for a future of humanity. Years later after the judgment days, John Connor(Christian Bale) going to infiltrate Skynet – main area of producing Terminator. I think that the whole movie is quite okay, action packed as predicted, with the most amazing terminator that you going to see, there are…

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