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New Menu at Mum’s Seafood Noodle @ The Strand Kota Damansara

If you miss home cook food, The Strand Kota Damansara do have one home cook food is pretty good which I had blog before (click here). Now, with their dishes getting popular and with quality of food that they cook are without MSG has extended their menu for more choices. Mum’s Seafood Noodle Mum’s Seafood Noodle @ RM 13.80, RM18.80 for special Imagine the taste of the soup when it is cook with abalone slices, fish fillet, squids, prawns, bamboo clams…

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Restaurant Fu Gua Thong @ Kuchai Lama Entrepreneur Park

Quite a few times when we dine at Kuchai Lama, then we drive through and pass this shop always quite pack with people and wonder how nice is the food until we are out of idea what to eat then remembered this shop. Its located behind Papa Rich, a few shops next to the coffee shop. Restaurant Fu Gua Thong As we were there very early, the shop are still pretty empty, with sign board written the gain by eating  bitter…

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Nature’s Vegetarian @ Bangsar

This lunch time I am really lost and my friend is heading towards Jalan Duta side and was asked to look around where got veggie shop to eat. They have been very nice accompanying me eating Vegetarian food for a few days already. So I found this shop and its on the way of stopping by. This is the first vegetarian restaurant that I came across that served tim sum too. The picture illustrated in the menu sure show’s a…

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Kepala Ikan CSL @ Chan Sau Lin, KL

Last week, my friend know that I like to eat so they brought me to this place. Curry Fish Head is also one of my favourite although I do not really know how to eat it except for the fish meat. My first impression when I reached there was like ‘Oh..noooo, sure gonna be hot!’ As we reached pretty early, so the crowd is not so much and the parking space is quite alot. Can just park along the road…

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