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Taliwang Bersaudara, Masakan Khas Sasak @ Bandung, Indonesia

One of the local delights that I keep bugging my friend to bring me is one of their favourite shop that serve super spicy food which I did not know until I have tasted it. Taliwang Bersaudara The restaurant deco feels a bit modernise kampung style with wooden walls. . . . as most of the people here eating with hands with more towards their culture and did not really switch on fan also . . Bamboo partition, ceiling deco and chairs with wooden…

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Restaurant Brother Kuan @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

If you ask me where to hunt for food, one of the places or area I would recommend is Bandar Puteri, Puchong. There are a lot of restaurant here, but most of them come and go as the competitive level here is very high in for foodie like me, its good as there are a lot of choices but for business is bad as have to keep coming up with new promotions. Restaurant Brother Kuan. One colleague of mine that she…

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