Just found these pictures back and nearly forgot about it. Wok café seems to be quite famous and been visited by a lot of bloggers, that created my curiosity on their food quality, as it has been given thumbs up. The shop is also famous with mostly Penang Hawker variety which recommended by most of the blogger.

Then so coincidently my friend from pg came down and known the chef of the café as she told me that they are good friend. Of course gladly I am taking them there which is not too hard to locate.

The shop is decorated in a very classic Nyonya style filled with wooden chair and marble tables which I rate it as a kopitiam style.

So our pesta makan starts.
‘Hokkien Char’ Filled with wok hei, yet pour in the sambal given just add in the extra taste. RM8

‘Char Koey Teow’ Me and my friend enjoying as it was fried to perfection, yet filled with si ham, and prawns. I would prefer if it was a bit more spicy. RM8
‘Otak Otak’ It is soft, with a big piece of fish chunk in the middle but I have eaten a better one. RM4
‘Ju Hu Char’ Was a complimentary by the chef to my friend, which we always take it and wrap with the veggie an eat. A bit sweet in taste but I prefer my grandma’s style which is abit salty.
‘Roast Pork with Garlic’ We enjoy this dish, which is quite a bit sweet and salty, yet the fats of the roast pork are just what we prefer. RM16
The ‘Lorbak Set’ ss one of their signature, is quite big in a roll, fried till crispy on the outer layer filled with meat but I prefer other stalls. RM8

‘Kerabu Mango’ Sweet and sour create sensation on our tongue which is one that I would recommend. RM8
‘Sotong KangKung’ It is quite watery after got served, which they did not dry out the kangkung enough, the shrimp paste have to be added in with some of the chili added to bring in the kick. If the shrimp paste is a bit thicker it would be even nicer. RM10

‘Sago gula Melaka’ RM 3.50 Find it too sweet with the floating layer of santan and thick layer of gula Melaka.
‘Mango Cendul’ Unique in the name which I have not tried before, but just not my taste which the mango doesn’t go along with cendul and gula Melaka. RM3.50
I would say that the service was prompt as the dad were seated next to us which is the cashier, and the dad got quite surprise that 3 person of us eating so much, which is me and another 2 girl.

As overall, I don think I know how to enjoy eating Nyonya food but I would surely return for the Penang Hawker food.

Remarks: please go there early to avoid disappointment which is the signature like Hokkien Mee and Curry mee already finish. Be there b4 8.30

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 6.5/10, Okay Lah~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
The Wok Cafe
26-G, Jalan Pju 5/21,
The Strand Damansara,
Kota Damansara
47810 P.J Selangor
Tel: 012-2750396

Last weekend were shopping around then thought of eating Penang food and always go to Little Penang Café, then I just remembered on whose blog that I have read, giving good review on this restaurant, so fast fast ask them change place to Gurney Drive.

When I reached there, I am quite surprise to see the crowd as it is not many. Can count with your 5 fingers but then what the heck, just trust that person’s taste. Never try never know!

They also bring in the ‘Beca’ to add in more feel on it.

This is what I mean, seriously not many people. The were like only 4-6 stalls operating ~

Just love the cover of the menu. Take closed up, makes you feel like you are row row row your boat.
Then the manager came by to greet us and also to take up our order. The best part is, he also know how to speak HOKKIEN. Kaki lang ah~ friendly person~
As usual, drink order first, so I decided to order the special promo drink of the day. ‘Barley Ice’ RM 1 (usual price RM3.80). Just by looking at it is just a mere normal bali ais loh~ but when I get to drink it that time, I am just falling in love with the drink. Not sweet, rich with barley taste which I like it thick compare the one offer in the kopitiam which is quite diluted or sweet. Highly Recommend!

Penang food, which one of the famous food to crave for is ‘Penang Rojak’. The ‘Hae Ko’ just feel that it is lacking of some taste. Although the paste is quite sticky and thick but couldn’t tell what is it missing to make the extra umph in it~RM8.80

This ‘Loh Bak Set Big’ was this highly recommended by a blogger(which I forgot whom).The har peng is goring to crispy, which is very nice, loh bak – is rich with filling, when you even pick it up the compactness of the meat wouldn’t fall off easily. Goreng perfectly which doesn’t makes the skin over goring. Taufu and egg noting much to comment about as it taste normal. With the price RM16 which I thought pretty expensive, but turn out to be reasonable with the quality they are serving.

Usual hawker food which normally ppl wont miss is the ‘Char Koey Teow’. I was abit disappointed when it got served because of the portion. I said, fine dining meh~…plate so big, portion so small, then my friend kacau me, want me to take soy sauce and sambal to help you conteng to look more perfect boh… ??

But after trying out, you will be surprise of the taste. It was fried to perfect, with the wok hei is there, quite dry and spiciness lvl just ngam.. We had not enough of it. Just finish within seconds. Highly Recommended! RM8.80

As I always never miss one of my favourite ‘Curry Mee’, before with the chili paste was put in, the taste of the soup is pretty pale, and santan taste is just abit.

After putting in a spoonful of chili paste, the whole bowl had turn to fiery red and it is not even spicy at all, just the colour but the taste had changed. It taste much better but still not the best. RM 8.80

Next item not to be miss ‘Hokkien Mee’. The soup is quite rich in taste which is the most important thing in prawn mee. They gave generous amount of mee and bee hoon. It also comes with a few big pieces of prawns. With the charges of RM8.80 is pretty decent.

One of Penang signature is ‘Penang Laksa’. Turns out to be not the best of all. The soup is quite clear, not rich in taste and fish chunks or fish blended that mix in the soup. It wasn’t serve very warm. By adding in prawn paste just makes it taste weirder. Charging at RM8.80

When comes to Penang desert, ‘Ice Kacang’ would consider as one of the item must try out or order. In this restaurant, I would say just thumbs up for this. We seriously enjoy salivating it. Hard to come across a nice ice kacang which the most important is the ice was blended very soft. Perfectly on it. Overall, wasnt too sweet on it, just a great desert to close the meal with. Highly Recommended RM3.80 ONLY.
Next would be the ‘Teow Chew Cendol’. Again, the ice is soft, the gula melaka is not too sweet or they have just put the right amount on it and the santan feels like eating fresh. The coconut taste is there. I would just say, gone within 60 seconds. Also charge at RM 3.80
Overall, we are very satisfied with the food that they offer here which I feel it taste much better compare to Little Penang Cafe. Was just wondering after that, why the food is so nice, yet the ppl is so little. The pricing which I find it reasonable with the quality of food they are serving. Would surely come for second round.
Just feel that, they don have a QC in Char Koey Teow which we order the second plate, it doesnt taste nice at all compare to the first plate and also the amout of time we have waited is more than 20 minutes which we believe we are the only table ordering extra. Maybe the chef go and tangkap si ham.
~ALREADY CLOSE DOWN~ updated 03/10/2010

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9.5/10 , –Very Good~ Highly Recommend~
–WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Gurney Drive
LotT-201, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City, KL

I don think my stand out post get a chance to win this ticket, guess that I was in luck that I still manage to attend for being the very first few people to blog bout stand out so manage to get the tix. Was so happy that when Rob(if I am not mistaken) rang me and told me I got the tickets to this partie. I have always read alot of blogger how great the partie was and now I stand a chance to attend one.
So, the partie was held at TTDI plaza in HQ NINE which mention to start around 7pm. Let the partie beginnnn……..
Of course for the first time in this kind of event, do not know what to blog about but knowing that camwhore alot and pics alot for this post~ Stand out? dont think I am stand out in this…guess by being tall is one of the advantage.

After grabbing my goodie bags, was told to put my hand there to draw and don know what happen y so limited space is there onli and I am on the last 3 slot.

looking at what ppl write there, I also just follow la~ and the girl helping me was laughing at my blog url…..

After move out from the spot only realise that its early birds. Its EARLY BIRDS again, for being to get invited to this partie and now putting my hand signature there…:)

Was here at 7pm and not much ppl there yet. I thought I came to the wrong event at first but after everything, in my heart like sure boh..will it be happening..like no ppl eh~

So I got the pair of tix and bring my bestie Ellis there~

This is what we were given in the goodies bag. Cards to play when you were drinking to kill boredom, a limited edition bottle of Tiger beer and a T-shirt till now still havent open it up yet~

Before meal and some pic section first~

She is always with lots of pose~

Then saw this very first guy SYIN coming in with Queen Amidala that’s what came accross my mind. They dress in the very french dressing which caught our very much attention when they walk~

8pm, the ppl start pouring in, then partie mode switch on! Alot ppl start to hunt for the booze~

Here comes Osama and the followers, with gun firing onto the ceiling~ and every 1 is welcoming himm~

When I was drinking with Ellis then this guy walk past me and I was thinking, how come this guy look so familiar..cant really recognise him as this is my first time that I saw him then onli suddenly clik in my mind. One of the celebrity and famous blogger KennySia. . . .

After finishing the light meal that they serve, then was in luck that this gurls walk by, Egyptions Coco, Green Fairy Junn and Sexy Nurve – Yvonne.

With camera standing by and lots of flash flashing and my friend thought that how come there were so many media ppl in this event, then only get to realise that it belongs to most of the bloggers. The MC were guy cant remember and the gurl is JoJo. Pumping up the mood in there, I think they did a great job~
While I was eating half way, then saw a cow passby me, faster kidnap him to take pic. Then he ask me, you want to take more unique way I was like har? then he showed me the nen nen of the cow..Me directly squeezing hard to see can get some SUSU….

Then saw the Spartans walking past by to take drinks, and taking pic with Spartans with Boooze~

One of the person that caught my attention was also she is tall, sexy innocent Mandy which having trouble eating with her yeng yeng gloves and only eat sandwich~ because of . . . .
There was a game for that night that for those who go hunt for Nuffnang money, the more you get the higher chance of you bidding your way out of a AX belt. So Doria came by to challange me. She give a damm good deal, you lose you lose no need to give her Nuffnang money if I win I have have it the bid on the table.

So the game she ask me to choose, Arm Wrestle (out as I m guy she is gurl), Thumb Wrestle (intresting) and Scissor, Paper, Stone. The first person to win 3 times win( easy and easy) so challage her for Scissor paper stone. Won it easly. Thanks Doria….for the generous money you give out.

Then not long after Mandy came back, I was rob by her. She took everything~

Mandy came with this Yap Pun Mui, Mei Ni which the Kimono is very nice and of course ori from Jap des ne~

Saw this guy from the very begining of the night. A person which caught my attention from the very begining, the Supperman, Seow aka Simon Seow which turns out to be a very funny guy also~

and I saw Rob is robbing on the sanwich, guess that he havent eat yet by busing all the time. Are you the 1 that call me?hrmm…

Then here comes the saxxy police woman, which she ask ‘Guess who am I first’? I answer Policewoman lah~… ‘NO’ was the asnwer…then I said..come come, we take picture first. After taking she still ask ‘Faster laaaa..guess who am I???’ I was like ermmm….. lady scout? ‘NOO’…Actually I am Cecelia Chung.. I was like har….~ okie~ Standout also, chose to be one of the Skandal character~ Interesting.

Then only get to know that she is Pink Pau’s – Su Ann get to know by reading through Kenny’s blog if not mistaken~

One of the celebrity of the night also which is the C0-founder of Nuffnang, Tim.. A funny and joyfull guy..always laugh all the way~

With Green Fairy, Junn trying to tink her so that she will drink, guess that its fake. She keep saying..cannoooootttt I am driving lei..so cannot drink!

With the famous Kenny, what I know her as Kinky Blue Fairy and of course as the nick I give her is the traveller Cheesie (which she travels alot recently)

On my way to the toilet, manage to take pic with Pricess Amidala know her as PinkPorkChop and the hiong hiong Wild SM girl – Jess (after reading her blog she,only realise her character is Death Angel)

Saw Vivian every where nearby the stage. The funny part is when I called her name, she was like a bit shocked with a look like *who the hell is this guy!

One of the eye catching character, Edward Scissorhand which reminds me of the very old movie, and me trying to use my two finger to poke the nose.

ahhhhh…of course with one of the famous food blogger KY and his lovely gf, Mellisa which came back for holiday.

the nurse ready to kill Yvonne.

The most standout partie started. Hot sexy songs were hitting the room, dancing all the way out.~

The crowd went crazie and flash light keep flashing when Kenny got seducted.

The performing by the Scissor Killer~

After Egyption Coco performing her belly dancing she is still fresh~ geng~
Ladies and Gentleman, this is the after effect if you don drink for the night Green Fairy went Beserk

With a bit of Moulin Rouge style Angela

And of course a pic with all of them b4 I cabut. The F4 of all. Friendy, Crazy, Camwhore, and of course they are my new friend~ Nice to meet you guys lei~
The partie was great, free flow of beer, some of the people really trying to be standout, by being, Cow, Superman, Cleopetra, Spartans, Cecelia Chung and many others.

Thanks nuffnang for showering me this chance. Surely do hope to go again some where in the future~

Today I have learned new things from my friend. She ask me do I know BB cream. As I told her how would I know. I know bust cream. I replied. Lol…..then she ask me to google up what is that.
Found out that it is the most recent hit thing in Asia among girls. For girls out there, you are looking for someting hit on facial product, understand it.(me understand a lil after reading it) can read through this blogger, FashionAsia (found through googling). As conclusion in my understanding, it makes your skins loos smoother. 🙂

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