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Bo all day Dining is operating in this cool mini neighborhood mall right in the edge of Golden Triangle, KL. Sitting at the edge of Jalan Ampang, you will pass through this university look alike building but it is actually a new small mall.

Bo All day Dining offers fusion food that focus alot on local infusion.

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a place where you can dine comfortable with its nice ambiance. Service is pretty top notch too.

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cake display is rather interesting as they added in trail of leaves to make the cake pop up.

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If you are here for dinner, then do check out their Gin selection too. Nicely balance up and quite strong finish, just as how I like it.

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This is what happened when your friends take picture of you and you are half ready.

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Starting of with our starters, Chicken Croquetas. Stuff with mash potato and the flavour is mild and not too bad.

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white truffle pumpkin soup @ RM 28 – truffle salsa and a poached egg. This is one of my favourite soup. First time having it as not the usual pumpkin soup. A creamy flavour of pumpkin which is not too overpowering yet the truffle salsa taste just lift the after taste to balance it out. Break the Poach egg make it more creamy. – recommended

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For pizza fans, do check out their pizza series as was told by the waiter it is one of their signature menu. Tried out Yes Sir @ RM 45 – Beef Tartare, Jalapenos, truffle pasta, capers, mozzarella and parmesan. Thin crust base, yet can chew on the dough and ingredients being sprinkle in, is just nice.

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Squid Ink Paella @ RM 72 (can be shared 2-3pax) with aioli, seafood, lemon & parsley garlic oil. I am quite picky over my paella as not many places do cook it good, but here is done to near perfection. Quite addictive in each bite as the little chunks of seafood give you a nice chewy texture, yet the broth being added in is fragrant. Seafood did not overcooked yet some of my friends find it a bit salty after taste but I like it just as it is.

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Pan Seared Red Snapper @ RM 38 – with lemon olive oil mash, citrus salad & poached pears. Very interesting combination as it added poached pears. Give you a kind of soft texture yet with the fish, it goes on very well as the nice lemon olive oil give it a slight acidic taste as it need to balance it off. Quite a good dish.

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Classic Wagyu Beef Cheese burger @ RM 32 – home made broiche bun with cheddar slices. Burger lovers, this is pretty good and at the price tag is like kinda worth it. Love the broiche bun as it is soft, fluffy yet grill on the pan till crips just  make it perfect bread. Beef is cook to medium rare as how I like it.

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I was quite skepticle when I was told that this is a signature dish. Bo’s Signature Rotisserie Roast, premium quality chicken being brined and air-dried for 24 hours before being slowly roasted into the French-built oven. Serve in 3 sizes:

  1. Quater Chicken @ RM28
  2. Half Chicken @ RM42, inclusive of a side salad that evokes a Caesar and a choice of sauce (chicken jus, garlic aioli, or basil mint pesto).
  3. whole chicken @ RM 75
  4. add Chicken Ju, Garlic Aioli, basil mint pesto or Truffle Chicken Jus for addtional RM 8

Well, I guess I am wrong, as chicken is nicely done, both sauce Chicken Ju or Truffle chicken is equally good as we order both to check it out. For more unique taste, I would recommend Basil Mint Pesto. Indeed quite a unique flavour combination.

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Oxtail Assam Pedas @ RM 43 – traditional Malay style braised oxtail in spicy sour gravy with lady fingers & brinjal. this is a mild version of asam pedas or I would say, the recipe had been modernize.

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Fried Chicken Galangal @ RM 28 – Indonesian style spice & herb fried chicken served with sambal sarikei

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Asian Crab Meat Pasta @ RM 28 – angel hair pasta in homemade Kam Heong Sauce with garlic pangrattato

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To end your meal, Texture of Strawberry @ RM 28 – granita, puree, yoghurt ice cream with diced & dehydrated stawberries. Is indeed a pretty good ending. Sourish as what we needed for our stomach to cool it off. Best to mix all the small little ingredient and eat it at one bite. That is where the bursting of flavours and nice buttery crumbs all burst it out.

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Dining over here is pretty good as the ambiance is just right and not too noisy. Yet you can enjoy some drinks before you hit off to your second round.

Apparently, this place is famous for their brunch menu and their weekend is super packed. Was told by the waiter to make my reservation before heading over.

Bo All Day Dining
LINC, LOT 1-10/1-11,
NO 360 THE, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11am – 11pm

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