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Bocosan Izakaya is a new hidden gem in Bangsar South. It certainly transport me back to one a contemporary modern Japanese restaurant that serve classic food when I was in Tokyo. A restaurant that you need to pass by a small dark ally to reach this new classy Restaurant. From the folks who brings you one of a crowd favourite instagramable place – Botanica + co and Botanica Deli, they are presenting this new restaurant with a design by an award winning Interior designer all the way from Singapore for this new concept that just open its door about a month ago.

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Before you walk into this restaurant, I am pretty sure many of you felt just like me that a meal in this restaurant will cost a bomb. I am suprise they are not! Decent pricing instead.

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For the high sushi bar seating, they gonna present you omakase set soon.

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Private room for business occasions or private family/friends gathering.

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Soon they are going to activate their Japanese Bar counter which is sitting right outside of the restaurant.

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The dining concept is base on a Japanese Tavern that lifted it up with modern context yet remain the harmony of traditional food presentation. As the kitchen is lead by Chef Mitsugu Iwashiro hail all the way from Hiroshima.

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This is indeed one of my favourite table and regreted should have this dinner at lunch to take better pictures at such a nice ambiance.

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“Hey There” I am your first dish of the night. Presenting myself, Bocosan Maki @ RM 38 which is a maki roll
with deep fried yabby lobster.

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Simple and elegantly presented in their signature black plate with edible flowers.

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When it was serve, I thought there must be a gimmick in this dish as it is just too pretty and alot of effort to put up for this “so called Flower Pot of Greens”. This is “Bonsai Salad” or “Bocosan Izakaya’s Bonsai Salad”@ RM 29 that suits the naming perfectly. Especially for healthy folks, this will be your gold pot. Filled with variety of greens, potato salad as their base to hold it and Japanese herbs to top the colour and flavour profile.  Simple and refreshing vegetable with tangy sourish end with chef special sauce. Best of all, this is not available most of the time. Depending on your luck as it is constructed base on the ingredient of the day to bring you the freshness of ingredient.

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Saba no Shioyaki @ RM 42 is one of their signature and also one of their top seller. Order can be made either for Saba No Shioyaki and Gindara Saikyo Miso Yaki – char grilled saikyo miso-marinated cod fillet.  Whole Norwegian mackeral, lightly rubbed with sea salt and put to charcoal-grill. Love the presentation of the curve fish, simple, and love the slightly burn taste of char grilled and best of all, the fish is fresh and moist. Indeed one of a recommended dish for such pricing!

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Ramen lover like me, will never say no to Ramen. This is one of their signature too. Bone in Short Rib Ramen @ RM 75 is carefully crafted by chef from soup base that cook for hours to bring the thick flavourful base along with Short Rib had been slow cook for more than 8 hours to bring you the softness, pack with flavour of soy base that is not oversalty yet so fragrant. A perfect bowl for me and best to hit along with sake! Just too good.

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If you are craving for sashimi, then you can request for Chef Sashimi. Chef will prepare you the best fish for the day on the table for you.

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Some of my friends that need rice, then Bocosan Wagyu Don @ RM 85 is for you to dig in. Serve with perfectly cook wagyu and onsen egg on top that you need to break it the yolk will ooze out then you mix it all up. A simple delicious bowl .

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In such ambiance, Sake is a great addtion and their house pouring is pretty good! Easy to drink, smooth with slight rice fragrant and very minimal alcohol taste.

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Alot of my friend love Chawanmushi. If you are in Bocosan, then do have some slight budget, Truffle Chawanmushi is a must order @ RM 29. A bowl that is pack with generous ingredient. Filled with their silky smooth egg that near melt in your mouth, scallop, crab meat and truffle oil that is just night to lift the taste of the whole fresh seafood base.

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For drinks, matcha soda is one of my favourite. In our pippin hot weather, this is a refreshing glass for me.

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For dessert there are:

  1. Fruits Amitsu @ RM 27


2. Rain Drop Jelly @ RM 27. Jelly which chewy and love their black sugar and fragrant peanut powder.

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As the restaurant is still rather new, currently they are serving all day lunch set. Dinner menu will be serving soon. Year end is coming where alot of festivity and date to impress is coming up. I certainly would recommend this place for your special occasion.

Bocosan Izakaya
Unit G-2A & Ground Floor,
Vertical Podium, Avenue 3, Bangsar South City
No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact: +603 – 2242 2316

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat (11.30AM – 3.00PM) **Last Call at 2:30 PM**
Mon – Sat (5.30PM–10.00 PM) **Last Call at 9:30 PM**
Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday
WAZE – Bocosan Izakaya

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