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Keen to try some new places and Bonfire Restaurant & Bar was one of the latest place we hit on. One of the reason choosing this restaurant is also they cook using wood fire which is something quite interesting.

Bon Fire (2)

Bon Fire (3)

Read from some where, that  it is run by Damansara Uptown’s Lou Shang Bar.

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Bon Fire (5)

Menu is only a 2 pager thing.

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While you are waiting for your mains, you will be serve with their hot bread and special home made butter. Indeed their home made butter is awesome. To refill cost you RM 3.

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Bon Fire (9)

Since there are two of us and instead of ordering ala carte, we chose their set – Bon Fire Platter with a choice of 2 meats  @ RM 120. First the promotion do not make sense at all as it is as good as ordering ala carte. On certain combo you do not save money yet you are short change. Best of all, I wanted to order waygu steak and fish, was told that they do not have stock and changing it to sirloin. Too my dissapointment, we just hit for that as it was my friend’s birthday too.

Bon Fire (10)

Whole Red Snapper grilled over wood fire with sweet basil and coconut Beurre blanc @ RM 58. Read a good review on this dish and no doubt that it is pretty good. Fragrant and fresh fish as it is with a little hint of the aroma of salt little dried orange and spread of their sesasoning. Coconut beurre blanc do enhance the taste of the fish with a little milky end. Interesting indeed.

Bon Fire (11)

Next with no pricing is this sirloin that was cook to medium (we ask for medium rare – they do not have it as only medium and above option was available), then we are not too sure how the chef work then. Meat was rather disappointing where it is dry, lack of seasoning and the green beans dressing on the plate was a let down. We only ate half and the mood was not there anymore. This is the first time we did not finish a steak!

Bon Fire (12)

Bon Fire (13)

Coffee was decent.

Food wise, they have alot to improve on. I am not too sure about others.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 5/10, for such pricing, they better buck up.!.-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Bonfire Restaurant & Bar
G-032, Ground Floor, The Starling Mall, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 018-919-8226

Operating Hours: 10am – 11Am

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