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Famous Lansi Chicken Rice @ Restaurant Choon Yien, Happy Mansion Apartment, Section 17, PJ

Chicken rice is a very common food in our country. I am sure every one do have their very particular chicken rice stall including my best friend Ken. I found out that whenever his favourite stall is, its sure sardin pack, well hidden and of course expensive. Well, Restaurant Choon Yien or known as James Chicken Rice is no stranger to many foodie and despite I work nearby I did not know this place is famous for chicken rice till…

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Restaurant Soo Kee serve Ipoh Koay Teow Soup @ SeaPark, PJ

Pass here many times, whenever I dine nearby and there is this rustic kopitiam that always draw my attention that tug in the middle of the whole stretch of shop lot. It does not look like a place fully pack with people just that the ambiance and a few chicken that hanging right outside the shop always have the urge to make me go in. You will be suprise on Restaurant Soo Kee. After Google out about this place only…

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Movie Review: Tower Heist

Genre: Comedy If you are having a boring weekend, and your mood is not really there, why not head to the cinema and watch Tower Heist which is a new movie of Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. A comedy flick that a prime and most expensive building workers trying to rob their boss back for what the boss have owe them by seizing the tower for a few hours. A funny movie that will cheer you up. Worth to watch…

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My Galaxy S2 Fav features~

As we know now, Android phones are flooding the market now with more and more devices available, till date with one of the most impressive unit that still stood tall is this unit Samsung Galaxy S2, as I am one of the proud owner of that devices. Most of us know that its superior performance and cutting edge look, Slim, Vivid and Fast is what most user are looking for to blend with our daily live as to be connected…

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Famous Ramlee Burger – OM Burger @ Ampang

I got tempted alot of times when my friends mention to me they found one of the best Ramlee burger stall in KL where some even rate it no.1 in Malaysia. The closest of all devil is Ken! always tell me, kia, lets go tandori chicken which is 2 streets away then go OM Burger, usually already flat out at the Tandori and cant even have space for another burger. It was till this round decided, after Tandori and nan’s…

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Famous Roast Pork – Wong Kee @ off Jalan Pudu, KL

When comes to the word ‘Pork’ a lot of my friend would say, please please, take me to where is the best pork that they can hunt. Then one of the place that I have heard so much which is the best, legendary, caramelize, one of the recommended is this shop that located at off Jalan Pudu, behind Shaw Parade which is known as Wong Kee Roast Pork (siew yuk). This place is always packed. Then my friend told me…

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