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If you are a frequent diner at Yut Kee, you will not miss this brick exterior and beautiful facade which is the new home for Hotel Stripes.  It is one of the flagship YTL’s latest luxury hotel in downtown KL. In the hotel, Brasserie 25 which is a French dining restaurant is also one of the restaurant to bring your love ones to dine in as I find it perfectly fit for couples.

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This hotel is design and position to suits the business surroundings and their service is top notch for such a young service team that is running the place.

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  1. The Montrarnasse – Calvados, Elderflower, Sauvignon Blanc  @ RM 30
  2. Mocktail
  3.  French Blonde – Carpano Bianco, Gin, Elderflower & Grapefruit @ RM 30

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One of the classic dish in French cuisine that I learn (or I might be wrong) is to hit on their BouillabaisseTraditional Provencal Fish Soup @ RM 50. This is one awesome soup. Looks very simple yet pack with flavours. Filled with seafood and fresh fish fragrant, sweetness of fish bones and the soup is strained till clear. A hearty warm soup that must order in my list.

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If you have a glass of white wine on your table, then Salade de TomatesCherey and vine ripen tomato and feta cheese with vanilla Scented Vinaigrette @ RM 30 is a next dish to hit on. Or do have some lemon chilled water on the able to enjoy this simple dish. The tomato is to hit on and do grab abit of everything and bite it at one go to enjoy the pleasure of flavour especially vinaigrette.

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To tone down our palate, we hit on Salade NicoiseMesculun Salad, Tuna Flakes, Anchovies, Black olives, Hard Boil egg, Green Bean Bell Pepper @ RM 30

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White wine adventure continues with Escargots – Baked Burgundy Escargots with garlic Herbs Butter (6pcs) @ RM 40. Do not expect much as escargot is really base on the range that they have. Some is fantastic and some will be decent. However, the garlic herb butter is thumbs up!

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Here comes the mains as Confit de CannardDuck Leg Confit Truffle Mash potato and Mesclun Salad. Duck Confit is cook to perfection especially on the deep fried skin, which is crips yet not too dry and duck meat is moist. the gravy enhance the flavour with its sourish acidic taste. Mash is silky smooth and to die for. @ RM 60

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One of the restaurant main signature is Jarret D’Agneau Braise Slow Cooked Lamb Shank, Roasted Vine RipenTomato Steak Fries. The bone is French cut till very clean where you can hold it easily and love my red meat to cook in medium rare.

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If you have a feel to hit on a glass for pairing, not a bottle then their house wine is pretty good. I ordered a glass Bordeux which is like a shiraz that pairs really well with my red meat. slightly dry with a hint of spiciness that enhance the flavour of gravy.

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A dish that had been braised for long hours, Joue de Boeuf Braisee – Braised Beef Cheek, Red Wine Carrot and mushroom Pearl – Onion Mashed Potato is a dish that the meat will near melt in your mouth. Best advise to share this dish for maximum satisfaction . @ RM 120

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For our dessert, we hit on the classic order where Grand MArnier Souffle with Vanilla Ice Cream that is soft, fluffy and fragrant with egg white. Loving it. Simple and with a cup of long black is a perfect combo. @ RM 30

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To finish of a great night, I order another cocktail to end. La Rose Noire – Volda @ RM 30 – be careful on this dangerous drink, as it is so easy to drink. Drink with care.

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As a modern dining area and price tag, I am rating this as one of a recommended place for both on their excellent in food and service.

Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpunr
25, Jalan Kamunting, Chow Kit,
50300 Kuala Lumpur,

Phone: +60 3-2038 0000

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