Breast Cancer Awareness


This round I am going to write a bit off topic that I am going to write abit on Breast Cancer Awareness as to spread the words around and make women more aware of this . . .:)

Early this month, I have attended Wacoal Malaysia launched which is the month of Pink Day with the event known as ‘Let’s Pink’ , and I was there help to promote breast cancer awareness. As for this factor, this had become a major killer of women in Malaysia. The most obvious question is why am I in this event? especially a guy in breast event. Simple, for the past few weeks, I have assisted in 2 roadshow to colleges to help to spread this major killing factor to women, its just a help to spread awareness. Of course mostly when a girl see me there, their question why am I here. You got breast meh? I would say, for the past few weeks, I have learn a lot on this area, and also get to know that Guys also do get breast cancer, chances of it is rare but it still happen.

wacoal (1)

This wonderful event takes place at Main Entrance of 1-Utama that the whole area was decorated with pink and white balloons as Wacoal want to spread this awareness to public .. . Caroline and Emma. . .

wacoal (2)

Emeryn and me . .. 🙂

wacoal (3)

and of course girls, Early detection is the best protection. What I get to know that, there are alot of women out there, do not do monthly make it yearly check on their breast. There are some cases that women got breast cancer at early stage but because they do not learn how to do self examination at home, and when they found out a year or 2 later which is a bit too late as the lump grow bigger, yet my advice please do yearly check . .

wacoal (21)

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In the event, of course they show you what is the proper way to ware a bra . . .with some check list. . .

wacoal (6)

Know yuur size~

wacoal (7)

and know your shape  . . .

wacoal (4)


As the girls busy getting sign up to get exchange for freebies, then I followed them and reach this Remamma station. Then got to know that, after breast cancer surgery, Prosthesis was develop by Wacoal Japan an original range of Remamma products just for women who undergone operations for breast cancer, which is a speacial brassieres dedicated to assist post breast cancer operative women.

wacoal (8)

Even this little cute girl also come by to support~

wacoal (9)

Then I asked the girls to head to this little dummy set breast that I told them, come, let me teach you how to detect a cancer . .3 of them got lost!!! why? Because they got so lost that how come I know . .:D

wacoal (10)

then teach them by just placing 2 or 3 fingers, gently press it on the breast and move slowly around the breast, and also nearby armpit area. As there are cases that women got cancer around that area. Then show them that, if they manage to detect one, this is how it feels, a small little round shape which is a bit hard like solid sand when it is wet, or like little stone. If it is a male cancer, it will stay in one position, if you got female breast cancer, which is the most dangerous one, cuz it is very hard to detect as it move around. Today might be location A, then few days later might be in location D or C . ..

wacoal (11)

then 3 of them like…oooo and happily molesting the dummy .. 😀

wacoal (12)

The best part is yet to come and just be prepared to take some tissue stuff inside your nose, just incase nose bleed. Wacoal specially engage two of our country’s most inspiring beauty queens turned Artist :

wacoal (13)

Debbie Goh and Elaine Daly for the launch. . .

wacoal (14)

After the launching, there is this fashion walk . .

wacoal (15)

wacoal (16)

wacoal (17)

wacoal (18)

wacoal (19)

wacoal (20)

wacoal (22)

Girls, always please keep this in mind that Early Detection is the Best Protection . .. and I sure do hope that more women will get to learn about this.

of course special thanks to Emeryn for being my photographer for the day and Caroline too . .. 😀

If you miss this Wacoal event, do not be sad as there is another upcoming event that going to take place on the 22nd of October at Jaya One that they are spreading Breast and Cervical cancer awareness, so seal your date up:

One of the main highlights are

1) girls will enjoy free breast check from Assunta Hospital from 12pm-6pm

2) whole day event with professional go cart driver demo, Quacky kart, live band, magician, fashion walk, games stall  and many more. . .

3) those who buy raffles ticket or women do breast check will enjoy free parking.

you can find out more details at www.dontduckit.com and as for a guy I can only do is to Pledge on the website and spread it to all my friends. so share this great event and bring your friends and family to this next event which is happening on Palm Square Jaya One 22nd of October.

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