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It was Chinese New Year break and on the second day, we do not know where to go then we head into the mall as the weather out there is killing us. We need some place with air conditioned, as was heading to Gurney Paragon for a coffee session then suddenly thought of this place that my friend, Vernice insta about a very nice pancake in this mall.

then quickly make the decision and hunt for it. At first it was pretty confusing as we were walking around 6th floor and could not find it till we realise there is a outside area, and the shop is really located on the outside area that is facing Kelawai Road.

brown pocket (1)

Brown Pocket is one of the new coffee shop that being establish in this mall and it has gain its popularity among younger crowds. As I was told by my friend that this shop is being operate by 2 young lad and true enough to find out that one is 24 and one is 26. I guess that coffee concept industry are now being establish by young blood which is a good thing.

brown pocket (2)

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Brown Pocket offers a simple cozy place to hang out for coffee with friend and family. .

brown pocket (4)

brown pocket (5)

and guess who I saw here. Euniceeeeeeeeeeeee, as she also came back to Penang with her parents.

brown pocket (6)

brown pocket (7)

Interior here is pretty simple with the center area that build like a tree area and table placement is pretty spacious that it does not cramp up.

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 Menu are pretty straight forward as their signature here is coffee and pancakes.

brown pocket (9)

Latte @ RM 9.90

brown pocket (10)

For a start of a business a glass of latte is pretty well done, quite impressive and taste is pretty good, not too robust and just nice.

brown pocket (17)

Affogato turns out to be good too as coffee aroma is there and not too bitter and the ice cream that they use pairs well too. @ RM 8.90

brown pocket (11)

 Mix Berries Yogurt @ RM 11.90 – homemade yogurt layered with berries compote and granola. Is one of my friends favourite that the yogurt is smooth and they end up order another glass.

brown pocket (12)

Cold Matcha Latte @ RM 11.90 is much better than Miam Miam . .

brown pocket (13)

 Ice Blended Oreo @ RM 13.90

brown pocket (14)

Triple Chocolate Liège Waffles @ RM 14.50 serve in one small Waffle, served with 3 different types of Chocolate (White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate)

brown pocket (15)

So you can imagine how small the pancake is as a scoop of ice cream nearly cover the whole top part.

brown pocket (16)

Waffle is not bad as its soft and have certain aroma to it, and if its being bake in the stove for slightly longer, it would then be  a perfect one. Among the three chocolate I find that milk chocolate is very sweet and their dark chocolate is the most perfect one. Not too sweet yet pairs well with the chocolate and waffle. Set back is not being warm enough as when we are trying to pour, it had thicken.

brown pocket (20)

Red Valentine @ RM 12.90 serve with fresh strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream & homemade strawberry sauce.

brown pocket (18)

 Mix Berries Pancake @ RM 13.90 – served with mix berries compote and ice cream. 

brown pocket (19)

Comparing to the waffle, their pancake stood out more as its more fluffy and warm enough yet with a little fragrant in it which is just nice.

Remark: Just 3 months on its opening, their operation is still in a mess and if you do order their waffle and if its in peak hours, do expect a waiting of 60-90 minutes. Service is still pretty bad and best if they do self service which is still much better for drinks.

I am sure they will improve down the road.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, Nice place to hang out in Paragon ~ Recommended~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Level 6, Gurney Paragon Mall, (Outside Area facing Kelawai Road)
Pesiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang.

Business Hours: 10am to 10pm. Opens Daily.

Contact Number: 604- 218 9668

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