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Burger was a bit hit last round yet it does not stop people from creating something new. Bulgogi Brothers had came up with an introduction of four new menu items recently that revolutionizes a classic favourite into a Korean barbecue masterpiece.

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For their latest series, there are a few items that are worth to recommend, as knowing that they are Korean version then the first version would be ideal as according to them as instead of  serving it in hot stone pot in a classic way, the come out with this version – Bibimbap Burger   that still  comprises of sautéed vegetables, egg and sliced meat, home-made with their own premium beef patty, topped with sprouts, carrots, zucchinis and to complete the stack of Bibimbap-inspired goodness, a sunny side up.
Taste is pretty strong and its pretty near to the taste of Bibimbap which I am quite impress. Upon serving, let it sink down a while like 3 minutes and it taste more aromatic.

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Derive from another classic dish, that many that do not like Kimchi, the ended up love this burger as its a great mixture of taste and different from the original Kimchi. Kimchi Burger @ RM 22.90- a not-to-be missed or something adventure for your taste bud. Their homemade sauce is pretty strong and well accepted by public and patty is aromatic that makes it evenly, a bit airy yet cook to perfection.

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Among that I have tried, this is my highly recommended burger as there is a great mixture of different taste from sour, spicy, and sweet end is this Spicy Gwangyang Burger @ RM 25.90. Well marinated and season overnight that makes this finely slice beef cook to perfection with their own homemade sauce is something worth for you to hunt and try for.

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Comes in style that it is serve pretty huge. Huge pile of meat that enough to make your stomach overload yet you will continue eating as the meat is good as layered with American cheese, beef brisket in savoury sauce and garnished with crispy shredded potato sandwiched in a toasted charcoal bun, the Unyang Burger do offer a rather unique and nice combination of flavours.

Love their bun also, as its soft and fluffy yet after toast it a bit that make it slight crips and aromatic that fits perfectly with their burger concept.


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