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It is not easy to find a nice pastry in KL. If you do find one, you have to dig into your pocket. Croisserie Artisan Bakery at Damansara Heights is indeed one of the cafe in Bukit Damansara to pay a visit. To warn all of you first, where it is a dangerous shop. At first to buy 2 pastries and walk out with 7 pastries.

Croisserie Artisan Bakery

With more than 50 choices of fresh pastry for you to choose from. From Sandwich, to cakes to pastries. As you walk into the pastry shop, the aroma of freshly bake item it smells so good.

Croisserie Artisan Bakery Damansara


Just look at some of the selection that I have capture. Does it gives you the feeling of like when you are at oversea. Those famous for pastries and the item is stacked on top.  Almond Croissant.

bukit damansara

Chocolate almond, cream tart, Salted caramel, Blueberr



Croisserie Artisan Bakery damansara heights


cakes in kl

Not only with pastries. Just look at their cakes too. It is too pretty and per slice I think it is still reasonable. Gonna come back to try out their cake next.

Croisserie Artisan Bakery (3)

Croisserie Artisan Bakery (2)

best pastries in kl

Croisserie Artisan Bakery in Bukit Damansara is definitely one of the pastry shop in KL that you would want to pay a visit. I certainly dont mind to come back when I feel I am generous to spend. It is on the high side.

Where will be your favourite pastry shop? do share with me too

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, love it full with variety!!!~Recommended-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Croisserie Artisan Bakery
14, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 7.30am – 8pm

Tel: 012-564 4154

Just would want to say, it is not good to put your expectation up before dining. One of a reason because of their background. Playte Contemporary Dining is one of the new kids on the block in Bukit Damansara, ,KL that is run by 3 young prominent chef with their establishment started since Aug 2019.

Playte (2)

Run by 3 young culinary chef are Brendon Chen, Kae Huey and Sharina Aidid, who first met while studying in Le Cordon Bleu six years ago. With the talent Brendon, had staged at Taipei’s Mume (ranked seventh this year on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants) and honed his craft at KL’s own Nadodi (which CNN recently described as potentially being the world’s next great Indian restaurant) – this is the part that lifted up my expectation.

Playte (3)

A dining place that is set up in modern interior casual dining space. Divided into 2 dining seating area. My preference is always on the bar bench as you get to enjoy chef in action. If you need some private space, then hit for their floor seating area.

Playte (4)

Playte (5)

I believe this is not their permanent menu, as like any other modern dining, their menu is seasonal.

Playte (6)

Playte (7)

Looking at the menu, decided to try out

Playte (8)

Playte (9)

Next is Squid – king oyster mushroom, mushroom broth, thyme @ RM 34. Squid cut to perfection in slices and in the same order of sizes. Broth is fragrant yet I find that the flavour do not match. Freshness of squid and the broth is quite separated.

Playte (10)

Playte (11)

Service here is definitely not top notch as I do have expectation that each plate to be cleared upon arrival of each dish.  However my first 2 dishes plate still sits right next to me before arrival of mains. This is even I am seated at the bench and right in front of the chef’s.

Playte (12)

Playte (13)

Playte (14)

I did not order the fish, guessing this is Threadfin @ RM 56. – thouchu butter & charred greens. It does looks good though, as the fish looks done to perfect.

Playte (16)

My original order was Waygu Triptip and after seeing the first order went out on the Duck, we decided to go on this instead. The duck believe is sous vide as to keep the colour and the meat cook just right. I just wish the skin is pan seared to crisp. The sauce that comes along is quite interesting, bitter and sourness of it does pairs a little well. The char-grilled cauliflower do give the taste a little lift.

Playte (18)

Duck is a tricky dish, should have stick back to my original order Wagyu as it does look much promising as below when they prep on it.

Playte (19)

Playte (20)

For dessert, we try on the recommendation from the floor staff that Gula Melaka Ice Cream is their signature. – warm chocolate mouse and roselle. Warm chocolate nicely done, warm and punch with bitterness. A ring of chocolate biscuti covered ontop to support on the ice cream. However, there is no hint of gula melaka.

Overall, I brought high expectation to this dining experience. A piece of advise is to go in without any and dine accordingly. This place perhaps might suits your palate.

Among other new young chef restaurants that I tried over past 6 months, the 2 below fares better for me.

  1. Little Pig @ The Hub, SS2 – modern Spanish dining
  2. Gooddam @ The Hub, SS2 – modern Italian with local twist
  3. top 3 modern fine dining in KL


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, it is alright! -Stamped- is

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Playte Contemporary Dining
G.01, Republik, Jalan Medan Setia,
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours:
Daily: 11:30am–3pm / 6:30p,–11pm

Tel: 011-2698 5562

I was told that, FLOUR Restaurant is a hidden gem in Bukit Damansara. However, that is not the case anymore as their rising popularity is on the roof. Famous for their northern Indian cuisine with many diners praise and loving the taste of it, which that include myself.

Flour (1)

Well, it is quite interesting also as my friend brought me over here as my birthday dinner and loving it.

Flour (2)

In this restaurant, Mango Lassi @ RM 8 is a must. Love the silkly smooth texture yet punch with flavour.

Flour (3)

the ambiance sure does give you like an “atas” Indian cuisine but the pricing is very reasonable.

Flour (5)

Starting off with one of their signature Hyderabad-origin Lasooni Gosht @ RM 20, that the mutton is cooked in garlic curry for several hours to make it soft juicy and tender. Just spot on! The Sesame garlic roti to dip along is a good pairing.

Flour (6)

Flour (8)

Was recommended by the waitress on their best seller, Mutton Briyani.@ RM 20 Cook to perfection as the rice is fragrant with spices, mutton is juicy and tender and it had been a while since I really had a nice briyani. This top the list.

Flour (9)

Flour (19)

Another way to eat the briyani is by adding yogurt sauce that they serve along. If you like some mild sour sweet flavour to tone down the flavour of it, mix it around and gives you interesting flavour.

Flour (11)

Flour (17)

Papadem is very interesting. Not the usual look I had in banana leaf rice or even nasi kandar place. This is whole new level to me. Cripsy with every bite and dip with mint sauce. Still like it without the sauces.

Flour (12)

Flour (13)

Flour (14)

Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) with Puri @ RM 18. Love the curry, as fragrant with their own spices, not too spicy, creamy and hint of spiciness at the end is just nice. Chicken pieces marinated for several hours, hence the rich flavour of curry is just perfect!

Flour (15)

Flour (16)


Flour (18)

If you have budget about RM 25-RM 50 per pax. Then swing buy here to enjoy one of a seriously good Northen Indian Cuisine in KL or one of the best Indian food in KL. Reservation is highly recommended, however walk in just have to wait about 15-30 minutes as it is full house!

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 ,One of the best Northen Indian cuisine ! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Flour Restaurant
69-71, Jalan Medan Setia 1,
Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara,
Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

Currently open for lunch and dinner,
Wednesdays to Sundays; dinner only on Tuesdays.

Tel: 012-960-0053


One of my favourite authentic Italian food from Penang now have extended another outlet all the way to KL. Via Pre is well know for their great service and ambiance in Penang whereby their KL branch is lead by the brother. Via Pre Ristorante Italiano is operating in Bukit Damanasara. [Click here for Via Pre – Penang] . Came here a few times for special occasions.

Via Pre (2)

It is located quite secluded, there is one row of shop lot in this housing area.

Via Pre (3)

A place that is very simple yet at times could be quite warm.

Via Pre (4)

Via Pre (5)

Tried this Italian Craft beer Menabred and turns out to be good. Filled with fragrat malt barley with mild sweet ending taste. My personal thought, it would be a great pairing for pizza.

Via Pre (6)

Via Pre (7)

Via Pre (8)


Via Pre (9)

Minestra Di Lenticchie @ RM 19 – healthy lentils “Minestrone” with plenty veggie

Via Pre (10)

Via Pre (11)

Bruschetta Golosa – arthicokes, smoked salamon slices, tomato salad & Black Olives @ RM 23

Via Pre (12)

Bresaola – air dry beef loin slices on fresh mozzarella, mushroom pickles, evo oil & fine balsamic @ RM 29

Via Pre (13)

Via Pre KL Salad – our gourmet “Ceasar” with french creamy goat cheese croutons, crispy duck bacon, sausages & mushroom @ RM 35

Via Pre (14)

Aglio Onlio

Via Pre (15)


Via Pre (16)

Via Pre (17)


Via Pre (18)


Via Pre (19)

Gameri & PEsto – linguine, genovese basil pesto, sea- catch prawns, brandy’s flambeed @ RM 38

Via Pre (21)


Via Pre (22)


  1. Saksuccua & Funghi – sausages, mushroom, toma, mozzarella, pizza sauce @ RM 36
  2. Tonno E Cipolle – onions, tuna, capers, olives, tomato & mozzarella @ RM 32
  3. Vegetariana – margherita with capsicum, mushroom, zucchini, artichokes, mix olives & onions @ RM 32
  4. Prosciutto & Formaggio – turkey ham, tomato, mozzarella & Oregano @ RM 29

Via Pre (23)

Australian Lamb Rack – chilled frenched lamb rack, egg plant paste, goat cheese on roasted veggie and potato @ RM 82

Via Pre (24)

La Salsiccie

Via Pre (25)

Roasted fish – slice of selected imported NZ fresh fish pan roasted with broccoli, potato, olives & Tomato @ RM 56

Via Pre (26)

Frutti Di bosco & Mascarpone – berries, mascarpone and grappa infused savoiardi @ RM 25

Via Pre (27)

Panna Cotta Frutta – balsamic beeries & a low sugar & Cream panna cotta with real madagascar vanilla @ RM 21

Via Pre (28)

Creme Brulee – sour like & Vanilla version with caramelized brown sugar & alcohol flambeed (or not) @ RM 19

Via Pre (29)

Tiramisu – the classic espresson and marsala creamy mascarpone most loved desserts @ RM 22

Via Pre (30)

Overall, this is my kind of Italian food. Something very simple and direct. The only thing that could not really justify is the price of food vs ambiance. No doubht that their service is top notch, how ever would prefer the place slightly more chill.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, pretty good as comparable to Penang– just slightly expensive for such ambiance!! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Via Pre
25 Lorong Setiabistari 2,
Bukit Damansara, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

Open Tues-Sun,
1130am-330pm, 530pm-1030pm.

Tel: 03-2011-2003

When comes to Friday night, it is really indeed no idea where to hit on for drinking area, till I was recommended to this cool new place by my friend. Nomi Tomo Sake Bar is located in the heart of Bukit Damansara, KL. A bit of like speakseasy bar as where it is located on the 3rd floor of a shop lot. Below is one of the famous cafe – Huckleberry.

Nomi Tomo (1)

As the door open, it feels like you are entering into a Japanese bar, that you are greeted with 2 huge Japanese rice wine drum along with unique izakaya setting. As you turn to the right side, you you will see warm lighting, bamboo / wooden table and chairs and an amazing collection of sake available on the wall. .

Nomi Tomo (2)

Nomi Tomo (3)

Nomi Tomo (4)

Nomi Tomo (5)

The collections

Nomi Tomo (6)

Menu is rather small and simple as most of the food are on the grill . ..

Nomi Tomo (7)

Nomi Tomo (8)

And of course there are plenty of sake for you to choose from

Nomi Tomo (9)

Among the 2 bottles, i chose the one on the left which is recommended and of ourse Half Moon whisky would be recommended if you have a group of friends. After you pick sake, then next is for you to pick on your drinking glass.

Nomi Tomo (10)

Nomi Tomo (11)

Nomi Tomo (12)

This bottle will be more suitable for ladies as the taste is slightly more towards floral, smooth, easy to drink and less of the punch of sake alcohol taste. This bottle cost about RM 180 if I remember correctly.

Nomi Tomo (13)

Then order some grill to hit on. Ordered Butaniku – Pork Belly just with salt and pepper. @ RM 8. A perfect one as tender, juicy and spot on. Next is the Butaniku – Sirloin @ RM 14,

Nomi Tomo (14)

Excited whens ee they have Hitachino Nest Beer on the tap. Ordered one too. Fresh, smooth and frutti as it should be. Better than the bottle.

Nomi Tomo (15)

Drinking Kaki!

Not a bad place to chill, however if more crowd are coming in, the place will be too noisy as it is cover with only simple decor and mostly hard surface in area. So voice bouncing everywhere.

Nomi Tomo Sake Bar
3rd Floor, No. 2 & 4,
Plaza Damansara, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2011-2839

Mon to Sat | 6.30pm till 2am
Closed on Sundays

Tug in this lovely neighborhood, Huckleberry Food & Fare is one of another neighborhood place that known for their coffee and pastries where I did drop by couple of times for it.  that located in the heart of Plaza Damansara. Now, another new born version of Huckleberry is Huckleberry After Dark.

HuckleBerry (2)

So what is Huckleberry After Dark?

From 5.30pm onward, the outlet transforms from a warm & cozy cafe, into a speakeasy, laid-back pub-restaurant-bar. Completly a different vibe and menu are being introduce after that.

HuckleBerry (3)

HuckleBerry (4)

HuckleBerry (5)

HuckleBerry (6)

HuckleBerry (7)

HuckleBerry (10)

  1. Rocky road @ RM 23.90
  2. Salted Caramel *Frill’d up* Milkshake @ RM15.90

HuckleBerry (12)

HuckleBerry (13)

Chilli Con KanyeRM26.90 – chilli dog topped with house made chilli con carne, american cheese and sour cream.


HuckleBerry (14)

Beast Mode @ RM26.90

A meaty burger encompass of Beef Patty, Barbacoa Pulled Beef, Duck Bacon, house made BBQ sauce, lettuce and fresh tomato. All burgers are served with Huckleberry’s house made Brioche Bun & a side of fries.


HuckleBerry (15)

Missed SteakRM25.90

Spicy Magherita pizza served with homemade vegan sambal.”Authentic LA-Style pizza“,Their sourdough pizza base! The pizza dough was crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside – A fresh respite from the usual crispy thin crust pizza.


HuckleBerry (16)

Chuck Norris @ RM21.90 – Beef Barbacoa tacos, served with BBQ Root Beer sauce, pico de gallo, fresh corainder and sour cream

Drop The Bass @ RM19.90 – Battered Sea Bass Taco with house slaw, jalepenos & pico de gallo

HuckleBerry (17)

HuckleBerry (18)

The House GuacRM 13.90 – House special guacamole made with avocados, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, green chillies, jalapenos, lime juice


HuckleBerry (19)

The Bird Waffle @ RM24.90 – House made waffle with Buttermilk-Fried Chicken Thigh, served with house made hot honey sauce.

HuckleBerry (20)

  1. K-Pop Frenzy @ RM19.90 for 6 pieces, RM37.90 for 12 pieces – Korean chicken wings with spicy Gochujang sauce.

HuckleBerry (23)

The Mad Batter @ RM19.90 – Skillet Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Fondant, House Made Marshallows, Cookie Crumbs and Butter Cookies

HuckleBerry (22)


HuckleBerry (8)

  1. Basil Grande @ RM27.90 – Homemade vanilla and cardamom vodka, forest berry puree, basil, black pepper and soda
  2. – –
  3. The apple “Calvados” Sour @ RM24.90. An apple brandy that has a light acidity with a sweet and creamy twist.


HuckleBerry (9)

Moscow Mule @ RM22.90 – Vodka, Lime, Fresh Ginger and Ginger Beer


HuckleBerry (24)

I am impress with their After Dark ambiance as they have great service crew and friendly mixologist. If you are unsure on what you need for the night, you can speak to them and they can even customize the drink out from the menu for you.

Food I like: Missed Steak, K-POP Frenzy & their cocktail range.


Huckleberry After Dark
2G – 4G, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights,
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating  hours: 5:30pm – 12:00am (Closed on Monday)

Tel: 03-2098-7933


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