Bandar Sunway now is filled with alot of cafe and one of the latest addition to the area is Hopp which is located at this new building. Not only that, as Hopp is also one of the latest concept by Papa Rich group as I just realise they have so many different F&B under their arm now. Hopp is a concept where to provide diners with great dining experience with its contemporary set up.

Update : 1st June 2018 [Have close down]

Hopp Cafe (1)

Hopp Cafe (3)

Hopp Cafe (4)

Hopp Cafe (5)

Love the ambiance of the cafe where I believe instagramers will go crazy in this place with so many corners, floors and walls for you to capture your best style. For OOTD you can do it at their common area with a huge wooden wall.

Hopp Cafe (6)

Hopp Cafe (7)

They are offering a great combination with chef learn some receipi from Spanish and Italian family when he was traveling in Europe. Find that their price is quite cheap for such ambiance that they are offering.

Hopp Cafe (8)

Bunga Kantan Mojito is one of my highly recommended drink where it is totally a thirst quencher. So refreshing that I ended up two glass of it. Well balance of taste with a hint of bunga kantan at the end that make it a great twist.

Hopp Cafe (9)

Nearly zero alcohol Sangria where they import halal wine from Middle East to make up this drink. Sour enough and with a little hint of punch is great enough to make it pretty stand out. Halal wine for both Red & White is available for you to make your order too.

Hopp Cafe (10)

Hopp Cafe (11)

Yuzu Mojito @ RM10.90

Hopp Cafe (12)

We start off with their mini tapas Roasted Garlic & Chilli Chicken  Patties – Chardonnay reduction, fresh herbs, lemon cream & Cracked pepper @ RM 9.90, Spicy Little Neck Clams – Fresh Basil, white wine & Garlic @ RM 9.90 & Fresh Garlic Tiger Prawn @ RM 14

Hopp Cafe (13)

Satay PizzaRM14.90 (with grilled chicken satay, mozarella cheese, fresh cucumber, parmesan cheese, crushed peanut & lemon aioli)

Hopp Cafe (14)

Garlic Prawn Pizza @ RM 16.90 – with garlic, butter prawns, tomato coulis, paramesan cheese, rocket salad, shimeji mushroom & oregano

Hopp Cafe (15)

Wok Fried SpaghettiniRM13.90 (with seafood, green capsicum, carrot, shimeji mushrooms & chef’s special sauce). It is a clever dish that use spaghetinni as a subsitute. Love the wok hei of it that makes it a Asian dish with Italian twist.

Hopp Cafe (16)

Blackened Seabass Paella @ RM 16.90 – cajun spice, marinated sea-bass fillet, saffron, lemon garlic aoili, cafe spice, sweet peas, coriander, garlic oil & aroz rice. Quite generous with seabass as it is quite a big piece and it is fresh.

Hopp Cafe (17)

my usual classic and I love it. Fettuccine Carbonara @ RM 17.90 – with smoked duck breast, fresh chives, parmesan cheese, olive oil and shimeji mushroom . Love their wide thick carbonara, not too creamy yet it is a well balance of flavour. I just wish to have some grind black pepper on top to make it even better.

Hopp Cafe (18)

Dessert PlatterRM18.90 (choice of any 2 desserts below)
1 ) Ginger & Lime Cream Brulee @ RM7.90 – (refreshing dessert with vanilla gelato)
2) Over the Moon @ RM11.90 – (classic new york cheese cake served with vanilla gelato) – I like this
3) The Russian Whisker @ RM11.90 (Mango Cheese Cake served with vanilla gelato)
4) The Modern Duke’s Pudding @ RM11.90 (Orea Cheese Cake with vanilla gelato)
5)  Queen of Hearts @ RM11.90 (strawberry cheese cake served with vanilla gelato) – I like this

Hopp Cafe (19)

Hopp Cafe (20)

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake @ RM8.90 (70% cocoa dark chocolate, orange ganache, cocoa soil, tuile & vanilla gelato)

Hopp Cafe (21)

to enjoy that, of course I would need my coffee.

Hopp Cafe (22)

Hopp Cafe (23)

With their Head Chef Kok whom is behind all this great food.

This is one of a place to recommend for great food at a cheaper price compare to many cafe and restaurant out there, great ambiance and a great place for gathering or celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

my personal recommendation: Fettuccine Carbonara, Wok Fried Spaghettini, Roasted Garlic & Chilli Chicken  Patties, Seafood paella, bunga kantan mojito

HOPP Cafe (House of Paellas, Pasta & Pizza)
10A, Nadayu 28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11/7,
Bandar Sunway. Subang Jaya

Contact : 03-5613 3366

Operating Hours: 11am-10pm

Hopp Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

When I was doing my research for which cafe to hunt for, Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee is one of a search results that constantly pop out. Asked my friend is it worth to try it and their response was, they were once very good, since then their quality drop. However traveller like me still worth to visit once.

7th Seeds (1)

Oh well, still pay a visit to them after brunch at Three Bags Full. Love all the cafe concept here as it do look like a dead place and upon entering the door, you will be greeted with bustling noises.

7th Seeds (2)

Another impressive interior coffee place. Really love their design and Seven Seeds is actually one of a roasters.

7th Seeds (3)

7th Seeds (4)

Again, waiting in queue is necessary as it easily takes about 10-30 minutes, depending on your luck of arriving on that period of time. We were lucky as we got our spot for less than 10 minutes.


7th Seeds (5)

7th Seeds (6)

Love the little shelf that sits at the cashier area for you to choose from.

7th Seeds (7)

Click here for their food menu 

7th Seeds (9)

Was told that at time they have coffee tasting. .

7th Seeds (10)

Tried out their latte and  long black. Slightly more acidic as not really my type of coffee for me.


7th Seeds (11)

Latte @ AUD 4


7th Seeds (12)

What stood out is their Mork Hot Chocolate @ Aud 4.50 as this is my first time to come across such combination where they add in a long piece of chocolate for it to melt.

7th Seeds (13)

Super full from brunch and still feel like ordering another dish which is their 24 hours slowed cook goat shoulder yellow curry with roasted cauliflower and roti bread. @ Aud 18. Great combination of curry as can taste the spices of it, not too spicy which I think the locals will accept it and its a pretty decent portion too.


7th Seeds (14)

Its great to see some of my friends here after 10 years and also brining me around for great food and cafe hoping.

Like they said, Seven Seeds is worth to visit once as I love their another concept at Docklands.

Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee
106-114 Berkeley St,
Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Phone:+61 3 9347 8664

Operating Hours:
Mon – Sat 7am – 5pm
Sunday 8am – 5pm
Kitchen Closes at 3pm daily

Tug in this quiet neighbourhood of Abbotsford, sits quietly in this tall pretty red brick building actually house one of a pretty well know cafe – Three Bags Full.

3 Bags Full (1)

Finding a carpark spot here is pretty easy as there are plenty of them. It looks pretty quiet around the area as upon entering the door, you will be entering into this bustling cafe.

3 Bags Full (2)

Love the ambiance of this cafe as it do feel like a maze to me as they have another 2 more section to the right upon entering.

3 Bags Full (3)

Another far right end upon entering, they have set up another cafe area which shelves and long table along with bar seating style that facing out. In the middle room, its more like a private section room where a huge table that can easily sits 10 pax.

3 Bags Full (4)

3 Bags Full (5)

3 Bags Full (6)

3 Bags Full (7)

3 Bags Full (8)

They do have merchandise too.

3 Bags Full (9)

Do put your name in the waiting list or through the waiter to get a spot as this is quite a busy cafe.

3 Bags Full (10)

3 Bags Full (11)

Price is pretty decent as per compare to some of the cafe’s that I have visited.

3 Bags Full (12)

Coffee is pretty good as I like coffee which is not too acidic.

3 Bags Full (13)

Fresh Juices are pretty solid as one is with Carrot, beetroot, lemon & Ginger –  I find it too healthy for me and Passion Fruit and watermelon is very refreshing. @ AUD 7.50

3 Bags Full (14)

Ricotta Hotcakes is at Aud 16.50, serve in pretty big portion. Orange infused marscapone, mulled wine poached fruit, roasted almon flakes, lemon verbena & crystallised white chocolate. Nicely presented as it top with fresh ingredients, Set back is too many sugar cubes that makes me kinda sugar rush.

3 Bags Full (15)

This is their house special of the day as I could not remember what is the name of it. Its a great selection as we have two portion of this and every one finish it pretty fast.

3 Bags Full (16)

Other interesting combination will be Beetroot Cured Salmon @ AUD 18.50 with corn fritter, avocado, rocket, dill sour cream & lemon. First bite to me is quite weird as never have such flavour combination as a few more bites, it is a pretty interesting and well balance dish. 

3 Bags Full (17)

This Benedict is slightly different as per compare what we have in KL. Poached egg on toast, hollandaise, herbs & ham @ Aud 16.50

Three Bags Full
60 Nicholson St, Abbotsford 3067

Tel: 03 9421 2732

Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri 7am-4pm
Sat-Sun 8am-4pm

On my recent visit to Melbourne, I visited one of a well known cafe known as Kettle Black and now in Penang have another similar version known as Black Kettle. By the name itself, it sure do bring up my expectation with a few fellow bloggers hype over it.

black kettle (1)

Upon walking in, I am certainly impress with their whole interior design which is quite posh, with natural sunlight at the middle seating area and with a wall of green walls behind certainly look very inviting. As you walk further back, it feels like you are walking to another zone, where it feels more like classy European dining area.

black kettle (4)

black kettle (3)

black kettle (5)

black kettle (6)

black kettle (7)

In this bakery cafe, it is also well known for their freshly baked French Bread.

black kettle (8)

On the look of it, it sure do look promising as its being display on a cute basket, however it is quite let down for them to use a clear plastic wrap around it and decided to pick two and give it a try.

black kettle (9)

black kettle (10)

black kettle (11)

black kettle (12)

Choices in the menu are pretty huge menu and could not show the other side as its corrupted.

black kettle (13)

Cafe Latte @ RM 10 is a pretty decent cup of coffee with mild acidic to my liking.

black kettle (14)

Tried two of their pastries with RM 3.50 each. 

black kettle (15)

Egg Benedict @ RM 24 is one of a dish highly recommended by many including their own staff. Ovearall for Penang standard, I would say can be one of the best few in town as its filled with Sauteed Spinach, Smoked Salmon and a carefully poached Egg atop of soft and Brioche is done pretty alright and nicely top with slightly thick buttery Hollandaise sauce. Just that I have eaten better ones before.

black kettle (16)

At the price tag of RM 24 for a Ricotta Cheese Pancake is very steep for many people for such a portion. No doubt I would rate this is star of the dish as its elegantly and nicely presented yet pancake is cook to perfection, slightly crust on the outside and fluffy and soft inside. Top with variety ingredients such as seasonal berries, avocado, roasted nuts & honey butter.

black kettle (17)

Roasted Chicken Sandwich @ RM 26. Nothing to shout about.

black kettle (18)

Another highly recommended dish by many is this British origin, Rhubarb Crumble @ RM 8.50. Indeed Rhubarb is one of a favorite ingredients used by many Aussie cook, however for this version might be quite unique for me. This might be too dry for me or maybe best to recommend to go along with some recommended pairing from them.

black kettle (19)

I guess my expectation was built too high from a few reviews. With those price tag, certainly there are many better options available. However, its a great cafe with nice ambiance and friendly barista.

*Pork Free

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 6.5/10 , nicee, for a stall on the road side Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Black Kettle Cafe
105, Beach Street, 10300, Georgetown, Penang.
** Right Next to the Fire Station
Business Hours: 7: 30 am to 11 pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 251 9270

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