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One of a more establish Korean Bingsu player in Malaysia is Caffe Bene which is European inspired. Establish since year 2014 and till date with 10 outlets and growing, they have also grown on their menu.

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Visited the outlet at IOI Mall Puchong, for brunch gathering.

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Also learnt that, Caffe Bene is more than just coffee. It is a place that being created to be shared among friends and families. It is not only a work space but also a place to hang out with joy and happiness.

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Cappuccino @ RM 11.15. Love the silky smooth foam and coffee is just to my liking. Mild yet aromatic of coffee taste.

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little did I know that they do serve hot food. In my perception, they are always a Korean Dessert shop that serve Bingsu.

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Ordered their Spicy Chicken Hot Pressed Toasties. Surprisingly, turns out to be good. Toast is not that thick yet crispy and Spicy Chicken taste a little unique where I believe they use Spicy Korean sauce as the marination. Like the taste tho. Best of all, I looked down on the toasties and I was quite stuffed after finish the piece.

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Honey Bread series is currently my favorite. I love both their Garlic Cheese & Caramel Cinnamon with whipped cream @ RM 14.90. Thick and slightly crips on the edge yet inside is soft, aromatic with butter. – Recommended.

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Their pie turns out to be good too. Curry Chicken & Beef @ RM 14.90 each. Generous in ingredients with nice balance of marination in both pie. Pastry layer on the outside is not too thick yet too thin. Just nice.

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For healthy options, they do have Salad @ RM 14.90. Topped with fried mushrooms and sesame sauce dressing.

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Mushroom Soup at RM 6.90

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Recently, they have just launch their seasonal Melon Smile Menu. It is special melon base with fresh melon flesh which are scooped fresh at each outlet.

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For this series, their Melon Bingsu (Double) size. @ RM 27.35. It is indeed big enough to share. I have seen my friend finish this by herself.

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My personal favorite is their Melon Snowflake @ RM 26.50. The difference is that for this version, they use vanilla ice base to shave it out, that make it silky smooth. However the concentrated puree that they added, is sweet. Some of you might find it too sweet. The difference between bingsu and snowflakes are, one is shaved ice that have rough texture and snowflake is smooth texture. It will be depending on your own preference to choose. Both have the same ingredients.

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If you would want to try smaller version, then Melon Parfait base is ice blended that makes it like a mini version of bingsu. @ RM 15.80 & Melon Latte is quite interesting as it is slightly milky that you might get to enjoy some melon chunks at the bottom [email protected] RM 12.80

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Well, they sure do change my perception now as their quality had changed. Worth to revisit back.

*Their Melon Series is only available til 31st October 2016

Caffe Bene
IOI Puchong Mall (New Wing)
next to Sakae Sushi

Operating Hours:
Daily : 10am – 10pm

Other outlets:
Sunway Pyramid
Solaris, Mont Kiara
Gamuda Walk
Jaya Shopping Mall
Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka
Gurney Mall, Penang
Viva City Megamall – Kuching
Imago Shopping Mall – Sabah

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Caffe Bene when they first started their first outlet in Malaysia, the hype and buzz over social media is crazy and not to mention the queue in the outlet. Caffe Bene is the largest Coffehouse chain in Korea that marks 945 stores in the country itself. Imagine that. Its like Starbucks in our country that Caffe Bene Pop out in ever corner in Korea whenever you walk. You would not miss them.

bene (1)

When I was in Korea, I did not even bother to try it out as I find it too commercialise for me and some of my friend mention that Cafe Bene in Korea taste much better.

bene (2)

After months and the crowd started to died down, only then I decided to pay a visit as previously average waiting time is 30-60 minute wait which is kinda crazy.

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Its a concept that they have combine European cafe concept with traditional Korean culture of “Sarangbang”.

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Bingsu is one of their signature that you can see mostly people would order that.

bene (6)

 Their own Gelato. .

bene (7)

 Outdoor seating area for smokers. ..

bene (8)

 Try out their Strawberry Bingsu and waffle.

bene (9)

Strawberry Bingsu turns out to be quite alright as its top with a scope of Gelato Strawberry, red bean and slices of strawberry. In the ice itself have some strawberry purree to go along. Price at RM 10.80

bene (10)

Banana Caramel  Pancake @ RM14 I find it pretty expensive for such a small piece. Texture is pretty different compare to those traditional ones as its slightly more chewy.

bene (11)

Green Tea is nothing much to shout about. Find that its kinda overrated


Caffe Bene – Solaris @ Mont Kiara Outlet
K-G-04, Solaris Mon’t Kiara, No.2, Jalan Solaris , 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour: 9.30am – 12.00am

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caffebene.asia
Website: http://caffebene.com.my/

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