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Perth indeed is a wonderful state that I miss to visit long time ago when I was in Australia. Till recently, took the opportunity to visit a few my friends there whom one of them currently own one of a famous Malaysian cuisine that recently made a big hit in the neighborhood known as Lepak Kopitiam.  My Perth adventure will not be complete if I do not visit one of their state best area which is to drive 3 hours down south from Perth City to this well known town Margaret River which house tons of vine yards, olive yards, chocolate yard and beer boutique yard  and of course to take the opportunity to visit one of my favourite wine yard – Cape Mentelle.

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On the sunny winter day, slowly driving thru huge tall tress along the road and saw a small sign Cape Mentelle that make me excited. Upon turning in, you are greeted with this path with both vine tress that sit in between, just head straight about 300 meters into the visitor area.

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Upon parking, for instant moment, it gives me an impression I am visiting a national park, with its lush greens sits in front before the office.

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Every vineyard to have their tour and it cost about AUD 80 for 2 hours session including wine tasting. You have to book it thru their website or send an email to them as the slots are pretty limited.

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By opening the office door, you will be greeted with a rack of Cape Mentelle signature wines and there are a few that only available in this vineyard, not even the regions of Australia.

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Warm and lovely heating area during winter.

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Right behind the registration area, there is another art cellar that house nice paintings on the wall with barrels in between and sits a tall bar table that house only private tasting for special arrangement.

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Cape Mentelle is also known as one of the most successful wine brand in the region and also one of a few Australian brands that made it top world wide.

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Some of the info for you if you need any tour or degustation tasting.

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During winter, its a crazy weather that they have year, as the vineyard sits one of the most prominent soil in Margaret River with its height and landscaping condition that enable the produce grapes enjoy a fantastic weather with strong sea breeze all the way from Indian Ocean.

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A bit of history on Cape Mentelle as David Hohnen and his brothers Mark and Giles established Cape Mentelle Vineyards in 1970 whom made them the first 2-3 families in the region to start off with. Starting off with only 16 hectares of vines planted on what is now referred to as the ‘Wallcliffe Vineyard.

Then made their first flagship Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced primarily from the original Wallcliffe Vineyard. Not long after that, the vineyard won their first awards in 1983. Since then they are getting well known for their strong bold character of wine and won them several more down the years. (read more here)

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Till date, they now own around 200-250 hectares of vineyard around the area. Imagine that, the growth of this brand and also being acquired by LVMH Group.

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Then was told in this area, its their best well known during summer as they have wine pairing with famous chef around the world, a huge cinema screen with bean bags and their winds on your hand sipping thru, chatting with your friends and enjoying some bbq food is just perfect place you would want to be. Summer is coming, they do have tons of line up for you to run thru and its constantly book out! do make your reservations early. Check them out here: Cape Mentelle Movies

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After on the plantation side, then we move to their processing part where winter there are not much movement, as the best time to visit the vineyard is during Summer or Autumm where the process and harvest is.

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After process wine, they are being stored in this huge warehouse for a few months.

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There is this wine expert that do test it randomly on each barrel to ensure it is being process and aged according to their quality and taste.

cape mentelle (25)

This is new, where they have move to a bigger production. . .

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cape mentelle (27)

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The last stage is here where the final tasting and sits a few more weeks before heading into bottling.

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This is the best part of all when it comes to Cape Mentelle wine tasting. Its the whole list that I am tasting that comes to about 12 different types. Only 4-6 bottles are being ship out world wide and another 2-3 bottles around the region and another 2 more is exclusive only in the vineyard.

cape mentelle (30)cape mentelle (32)

I am not a Rose drinker but this bottle of Cape Mentelle 2015 – Rose turn the whole twist around. Its so easy to drink, pack with mild floral flavor and girls would love it. I thought of buying 6 bottles back as they do ship it out to your respective country too. I was then advise that its a bit hard to ship into Malaysia for its complex and complicated kastam clearance. (that’s so disappointing)

cape mentelle (33)

cape mentelle (34)

Next one of their best seller is Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2014 which seems have better quality grapes and flavour and texture came out that suits many peoples palate.

cape mentelle (35)

In the end, at this vineyard I bought 6 bottles, 2 to drink at home, 2 to brought back to Malaysia and 2 for my friend. My personal 2 favorite which is their exclusive bottles which is only available at their vineyard only are Rose & Cape Mentelle – Wilyabrup 2012 – only left limited quantity (only if you love dry wine, strong body, smooth).

Its sad that in this trip I could not meet Cameron Murphy himself whom he is the one that introduce this brand to us during a wine paring lunch as on during that time, as he is on tour at Malaysia. Thanks to Manon for arranging everything for me .

Its a vineyard that you would not want to miss to visit if you are heading there.

Summer is coming and its going to be fun at the vineyard that going to pack with  Cape Mentelle – for the International Cabernet Tasting (21st November) or for the Movies at Cape Mentelle (15th December 2015 until 3rd April 2016).

For more info, contact them at : http://www.capementelle.com.au/

Neo Tamarind has never been a stranger to me, as the place is pretty well know for its ambiance and food that many occasions I see my friend are there for dinner. Nevertheless, this round we are here for Cape Mentelle wines tasting & pairing. I am lucky to received my first direct wine pairing dinner invitations for this round.

wine (1)

The restaurant is located on the busy street of Jalan Sultan Ismail or next to a huge Merc showroom.

wine (2)

wine (3)

NEO Tamarind is best described as ‘the new zen’. Imaginative NEO Tamarind-cuisine the defies rules, borderless food designs will arouse your palate. Filled with statue, galactic bar with a chic & cosy luxe lounge for lazy weekend afternoons. A place that won many awards that bring you to another dimension.

wine (4)

as we arrive, we are being treated with first bottle of wine which turns out to be me and Cheng Yi’s preferred bottle from this wine range.

wine (5)

Before the dinner, we can enjoy the Blind wine tasting being prepare for us and I won my self a bottle of my favourite wine back –

Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2012

wine (14)

Upon arrival of many guest, I am honour to be in here with the rest famous blogger, KYspeaks, KampungboyCityGirl, Evelyn, Cheng Yi , & another blogger that I love to read when comes to wine & Whisky is Ei Ling (which I forgot to take pic with her)

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A bit on Cape Mentelle as the winery takes its name from the nearby Cape, named by the French ‘Baudin Expedition’ which charted the coast of Western Australia in 1801. They named the Cape after two notable French scientists, geographer Edmund and his cartographer brother Francois-Simon Mentelle, who lived in Paris in the early 1700’s.

In the early years David Hohnen experimented with grape varieties including shiraz, cabernet, zinfandel, sauvignon blanc and semillon. Many of these original plantings are the source of the distinctive wines that have come to characterise Cape Mentelle. The winery’s flagship Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced primarily from the original Wallcliffe Vineyard.

In 1983 Cape Mentelle won the coveted Jimmy Watson Memorial Award for the best one year old dry red wine, and cemented its position as a premium wine maker with another win in 1984. Our Cabernet Sauvignon is now widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading cabernets.

Another great fact finding that I discover is Cloudy Bay, from New Zealand is actually another favourite wine that I enjoy from that vineyard. Cloudy Bay won world recognition with its Sauvignon Blanc. Cape Mentelle meanwhile developed a stylish Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blend that was to become another benchmark of the Margaret River region, and a Chardonnay sourced from vineyards outside the estate.

Today Cape Mentelle, as part of Estates & Wines (owned by Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), continues to build on its solid foundations. There are more than 150 hectares under vine and the winery crushes about 1,700 tonnes of fruit from the estate vineyards and contract-grown fruit sourced from within the region.

wine (7)

We have 5 flavours to test tonight.

wine (11)

The dining area is simply elegant that nicely decorated with white roses, little table lamp and candles.

wine (9)

wine (8)

wine (10)

wine (13)

 Menu for the night is rather simple . .

wine (26)

Best of all, we are dining together with Ashley Wood to enlighten us with his knowledge on the wine that we will be tasting tonight. He is  born and raised in Western Australia, growing up in the Swan Valley and the Perth foothills. He is passionate about the region and in particular the Margaret River terroir. Ash firmly believes that the superb quality of the fruit grown in Margaret River is a unique reflection of this. Ashley travelled extensively overseas and during this time visits to Bordeaux and Alsace fuelled an interest in grape growing. On his return home he enrolled to study for a Bachelor of Viticulture at Charles Sturt University in New South Wales. Ash then spent 12 years working in vineyards in Margaret River before joining the team at Cape Mentelle just in time for the 2007 harvest.

wine (15)

First glass pouring on the table starts off with Chardonnay 2011, on first sip it is filled with fresh youthful palate with flavours of lime, pear and grapefruit, as further drinking it, it leads to lemony and pear flavours

Pairing with first dish, Steam Cod with coconut sauce it sounds weird to me but after a few bite and with a sip of wine, it turns out to be paired very well, with refreshing end. Interesting.

wine (16)



wine (19)

Carbernet Merlot 2010 first smells with tobacco and plum skins. . Find it is medium to full bodied palate with soft and elegant tannins ends with fresh fruit characters. Find it easy to drink for a red.

pairs with

Roasted Chicken served with Garlic Bulb, Whipped Potato, Apple Sauce with Chicken Jus

wine (21)

The roasted chicken is done pretty good, not too dry yet moist and eating along with  the grilled garlic bulb was a bomb and the aftertaste aroma of its is fragrant. On the night itself, the garlic bulb make a highlight on my table as every one is enjoying it.

wine (22)

Next pairing is Roasted Duck Breast served with Red Cabbage Puree & Mustard Sauce and Shiraz 2011

Duck is rather disappointing as its abit overdone and chewy. . Shiraz is always pretty easy for me to recognise with its mild peppery or spices taste as I am not really a fan of this range. However it has light sweet end with spicy finishing.

wine (27)

 Last to pair with meat is Grilled Beef Tenderloin served with Eryngii Mushroom, Scallion Oil & Beef Jus with

Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 

wine (28)

Although the meat looks red and overall I enjoy the wine more than the food, maybe is because I had good steak for past weekend.

wine (29)

Among the red, I like Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 cuz its full bodied and dry end. The taste is strong with mild oak influence. It is best paired with red meat.

wine (30)

For dessert, we were serve Green Tea Creme Brulee 

wine (31)

wine (32)

My favourite wine from this vineyard for white Souvignon Blanc 2012 so easy to drink with light fruity end and can continue drinking non stop, along by recommending Cabernet Sauvignon 2009. I love my red to have dry end as I love dry wine.


Its a great night indeed and fun to learn so many things about wine. Seated along with Cheng Yi and KampungboyCitygirl and Chong (Brand Ambassador for MHD)

Menu for Tamarind Hills A La Carte Menu


NEO Tamarind
19, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
(NEO Tamarind is close on Sundays)

Tel: +603 2148 3700


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