caravan serai


It was a fun weekend that I get to join along with other 5 winners along Tiger White finale online contest  2D1N one-of-a-kind camping trip where the invitation only stated that we have to prepare extra clothes, sports attire and trainers, but “where” and “what” were left to be seen. With the destination not made known, the winners could only guess what Tiger White has in store for them as their personal chauffeur transported them an hour away from the city.


On our media invitation, we were told to meet at a location and a chauffeur will pick us up. To my surprise, never thought our ride would be so exclusive. It was a pleasant journey and our chauffeur keep it cool that did not reveal the location after our numerous try on digging the location throughout the journey.

Tiger White (1)

When the journey to this place recalls that I have en-route to a similiar journey last year till it stopped at this location Caravan Serai, was one of the location I stayed last year with my ex colleague. 

Tiger White (2)

Tiger White (3)

While waiting for others to arrive, we will be pampered with Tiger White during the entire duration, along we check into our glamping style stay. 

Tiger White (4)

A very nice courtesy of them to prepare little toiletries for us.

Tiger White (5)

Tiger White (6)

All 2 single bed camp are at the other side of the and deluxe room are nearby the swimming pool, where the pool water are from the river.

Tiger White (7)

Tiger White (8)

Tiger White (9)

They do have villa lot too. 

Tiger White (10)

Tiger White (11)

Tiger White (12)

When the rest of the winners “Welcome to the fourth and final Tiger White experience,” Tiger Beer brand manager Selene Ong said. “I know you’re all curious as to what we have in store for you but that, I will bring you through the three experiences we’ve had prior to where we are today.”

Winners were recap on this finale exclusive price where during their beginning of contest, starting off The food fiesta was eventually held on a yacht in Port Dickson with the beauty of a setting sun in the background. The second prize surprised fans with an after party with a private stand-up comedy performance by Kuah Jenhan. And the winners of the third experience were treated to a scrumptious three-course meal as well as neck, shoulder and foot massages before they adjourned to the movie hall for one of summer’s biggest blockbusters.

Tiger White (13)

We started off our fun activities  riding ATVs, a barbeque dinner, outdoor movie screening and paintball session on next day, not to be miss by our great companion ice cold Tiger White.

Tiger White (14)

Everyone took a break, enjoying ourselves while waiting for diner.

Tiger White (15)

Roast lamb was the super highlight for the night as was perfectly bbq, juicy,fragrant and pairs well with Tiger White.

Tiger White (16)

Tiger White (17)

Tiger White (18)

And of course with get to see On FM DeeJay shoot from behind the scene.

Tiger White (19)

Our outdoor movie cinema for the night. 

Tiger White (21)

With both very funny On FM Deejay Ethan (Bear Bear) & Dylan

Tiger White (22)

It was a great fun night with all these peeps. Ending our trip with durian. Awesome!

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