Put put put your hands up, put your hands up. Who is a craft beer fan over here? I am one of them as craft beer is certainly a unique beer. Before year ends, Carlsberg took the opportunity to strike a strategic partnership with Brooklyn Brewery which an award-winning craft beer brew house in New York. Bringing us their signature brews Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn East IPA.

Brooklyn Brewery (1)

The announcement took place at MEJA Kitchen and Bar at TREC, where we get a chance to sample this beer and also along with food pairing, which I am excited about. This would be my first time having beer food pairing.

Brooklyn Brewery (2)

Brooklyn Brewery (3)

There are two bottles with distinctive flavours profile and lets start off with :

Brooklyn Lager, in 5.2% ABV, is amber-gold in colour and displays a firm malt centre supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma. The aromatic qualities of the beer are enhanced by “dry-hopping”, the centuries-old practice of steeping beer with fresh hops as it undergoes a long, cold maturation.

Brooklyn Brewery (4)

Its flavourful liquid was accentuated when paired with mini beef pepperoni bruschetta, oven roast leg of lamb with mini yogurt and fried “wu xiang” (Chinese five spice powder) chicken at the tasting. Very interesting food pairing combination as the food pairing flavours, opens up the beer profile even more prominent. It lifted the aroma of floral hop all over your mouth yet the mint gives it a light refreshing touch that it needed.  Wu Xiang or 5 spices totally opens up the flavour profile. The best combination among it where you can enjoy the fragrant of lager more.

Brooklyn Brewery (5)

Brooklyn Brewery (9)

Next,  Brooklyn East IPA, in 6.9% ABV, is a clean, drinkable pale ale that offers a bold balance, with a bright piney aroma, and the taste of stone fruits yet a firm bitterness from IPA’s ancestral  British home. It was best paired with spicy food when guests had it with spicy grilled tiger prawn, Vietnamese-style asam laksa and extra spicy, breaded, deep fried, stuffed, cheesy jalapeno poppers.

I would rate this is the best pairing for the night. Who would have thought beer and laksa could go so well. I must say if you do have a chance to dine at MEJA, do order this combination. Fragrant, gives you the slight bitter punch it needed yet laksa profile is spicy push it to have sweet bitterness. Another challenge if you love spicy stuff, pair it with cheesy Jalapeno. This 2 are the best combination for the night.

Brooklyn Brewery (10)

Nutshell, pair with SPICY food to get the best flavour profile of the beer.

Brooklyn Brewery (11)

For this beer, it is now available in selected Bars and going to be more readily available in most of the drinking bars and pub in year 2018 onwards. With Brooklyn Brewery Malaysia & Singapore Ambassador.

Personally, I felt that for easy drinking without any pairing Lager would be a good start but it seems I could only take 3 max.

IPA on the other end, is much easier to drink for longer chill out nights with friends. Bitter floral taste and easy to pair with any bar snacks you tend to have.

Carlsberg – Probably the Best Year of Golden Opportunities. Back before alarm clocks jolted us awake to greet the dawn, rooster perched on the rooftop with its symbolic cock-a-doodle-doo. Always the early bird filled with positivity, joyfulness and gratitude, the rooster claims his place, welcoming a brand-new day – a day filled with opportunities. Taking inspiration from the mandarin pronunciation of rooster(鸡 jī), which bears the same pronunciation as ‘Opportunity’(机 jī ),  Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world, wishes all a year filled with golden opportunities!

Carlsberg (2)

Opportunities start from this little booth from chicken laying eggs and guess which prize you will get to walk away. Also taking this opportunity to introduce their latest product innovation, Carlsberg Smooth Draught.

Carlsberg (3)

At the event we were amazed with the 6 feet tall ‘Golden Rooster’ icon formed by auspicious four Chinese characters处处生机 [chù chù sheng jī]. Upon the tapping of Carlsberg Smooth Draught beer by Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Lars Lehmann, the brand’s iconic hop leaf lighted up, spinning its weather vane at 360 degrees as confetti burst to usher in the year of opportunities.

“Chinese New Year is a festive period that runs through our veins at Carlsberg Malaysia. With the , that offers consumers the smooth sensation of a freshly tapped beer, we are sure that this brew will complement “Probably the Best Beer in the World – Carlsberg this festive season. Cheers to a year filled with golden opportunities,” shared Lehmann in his opening address.


Carlsberg (4)

Ushering into the Chinese New Year (CNY) 2017, Carlsberg encourages consumers to see opportunities in all directions,striving for the best and never give up to seize all the world can offer. Carlsberg wishes those in the business world to venture into various business opportunities and prosper. Executives climbing the corporate ladder, now’s your time to prove you deserve that promotion. Students should seize the opportunity to pursue further education for self-enrichment. In love, may the cupid tug at your heartstrings in your search for the one and embrace greater bonds with your friends and family. Cheers to greater prospects in business, career, education, love, health and wealth in the year of the Rooster.

Carlsberg (5)

“In conjunction with the CNY campaign, Carlsberg is rewarding our consumers more golden opportunities by offering shoppers with “Probably the Best CNY Shopping Experience’ where consumers shop, Carlsberg pay”

Shoppers who purchase Carlsberg Malaysia’s products worth RM200 and above at 8 participating AEON and AEON Big outlets on 7, 8, 14 and 15 January 2017, from 12pm to 3pm will be able to participate in the “Weather Vane Digital Spin” and stand a chance to have their CNY groceries paid by Carlsberg, or walk home with other fabulous prizes.

The activation held over the weekend on 7 and 8 January 2017 received overwhelming participation of more than 670 shoppers over a 6-hour period in 2 days. Lucky 160 shoppers had their groceries paid for courtesy of Carlsberg. So, do not miss the last 2-day activation this weekend on 14 and 15 January 2017 should you wish to win this golden opportunity that Carlsberg pays your CNY shopping bill.

Adding more opportunies to win prizes this CNY, Carlsberg is also running a nationwide consumer promotion across hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops and food courts from 3 January to 28 February 2017. Beer lovers who purchase three (3) big bottles of Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught will receive a deck of playing cards and stand a chance to win attractive bonus prizes such as Samsung Home Theatre System, Ogawa Handheld massager and many more!

Carlsberg (6)

In the event, you also get to try this classic pulled candy.

Carlsberg (7)

Also standing here, wishing everyone in advance – Gong Hei Fatt Dai Choy and San Tai Kin Hong.

Check out Carlsberg CNY’s activations and promotions at www.facebook.com/CarlsbergMY

Not a fan of beer? Fret not – Somersby Cider, the country’s fastest growing cider celebrates the CNY festivities with the Somersby ‘a twist of luck’ promotion. Using light hearted ways, Somersby Cider engages cider lovers who purchase any two (2x) 4-bottle pack or 6-can pack of Somersby Cider with ‘a twist of luck’ from the Somersby vending machine to capture a prosperous egg capsule and stand a chance to walk away with a branded camera worth RM 1,200, cash prizes or limited edition Somersby merchandises. And that’s not all, consumers who purchase any 4-bottle pack or 6-can pack of Somersby will also receive a Somersby Ang Pow pack. This activation runs on 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 and 22 January 2017.

For more information on Somersby Cider’s a twist of luck promotion, please visit www.facebook.com/SomersbyMY

Year of the Monkey, just another prosperous year? As a beer brand that strives to deliver the finest in everything it does, Carlsberg proposed a toast to Lunar New Year 2016 being “Probably The Best Year” (20一流–堪称最佳新年). Playing on the Mandarin and Cantonese pronunciation of the number ‘16’ [Yī Liú] with the Chinese character “一流”, refers to excellence, top notch or simply the best.

Carlsberg CNY (1)

Carlsberg CNY (4)

Carlsberg CNY (5)

Bringing to life the CNY campaign tagline – “Probably The Best Year” (20一流), Carlsberg, for the first time ever launched seven limited edition designs with the seven icons across its cans and big bottles available nationwide during this festive period. Definitely collectable items! It’s also a meaningful way to share a drink which bestows best wishes to family and friends.

Carlsberg CNY (2)

Tonight, at Ruyi & Lyn, their menu is infuse with Carlsberg. Starting off with Carlsberg “Yi Liu” Salmon Yee Sang.

Carlsberg CNY (6)


Carlsberg CNY (8)

Follow by Braised Fish Maw & crab Meat Broth.

Carlsberg CNY (9)

I called this one of the main signature as it is done to perfection – Steamed River Prawn with Carlsberg Infuse Egg

Carlsberg CNY (10)

In between the meals, we were pamper by this awesome band where they sure do give me the vibe of Hong Kong Band. Great voice and talent. 

Carlsberg CNY (11)

BBQ Sauce Chicken & Crispy Lotus Root

Carlsberg CNY (12)

Stuffed “Fatt Choy” with sea cucumber roll on Charcoal Bean curd. 

Carlsberg CNY (13)

Stir Fried Ostrich in Black Pepper sauce.

Carlsberg CNY (14)

Soon Hock Noodles.

Carlsberg CNY (3)

End with Lots and lots of refreshing Carlsberg.

Carlsberg CNY (15)

On that night, they do give away lucky draw by drawing out 2 category out from 

Fortune, Health, Bonus, Luck, Business and Friendship.

For the year of Monkey to start with is Fortune & Friendship. Good combination.

Carlsberg CNY (7)

And wishing everyone Gong Hei Fatt Choy in advance.

Finally, after so many miss out of their previous 3 Where’s the party event and I manage to go on their secret party place this round. As usual, we werent inform where will be the secret place be and all we have to do is follow on their mailer pack, prepare what is given in the details 2 days before the event, head to their assign destination then hop onto their bus without knowing where we are heading. What is actually Carlsberg Where’s the Party about 2012? Its action packed with a marathon of games, assembly of international music maestro’s and ice cold Carlsberg beer, and the event was a rally of energetic vibes from beginning to end.

The distinct party series offers young party-goers the ultimate party experience. The mystery event hones in on consumers’ natural fascination with the unknown and challenges the curiosity of those who are bold enough to step out of their comfort zone for greater excitement and rewards.

carlsberg (1)

Gathering point this round is at Carlsberg Brewery itself with all early birds are there and cant wait to leave and get our anticipation cured.

carlsberg (2)

As The journey begin, then only announce that we are heading to Penang as the main destination. The actual location is still unknown till we arrive. Wheeee~

carlsberg (3)

On the way up north, we are all taken care off in the media bus with lunch box being provided.

carlsberg (4)

After 6 hours of journey up north as that weekend it was a long weeknd and many cars were on highway. Registration area for all is located at Queensbay Shopping Mall Car park.

carlsberg (5)

Best part of all, our media bus which is 4 busses from KL went all the way up and right after registration, we have police escort us to make way.. Whee.. really feel #likeaboss or likealousai~ kekek

carlsberg (6)

This is the first time I felt so VIP that we arrive in style and warm welcome by all the pretty chicks.

carlsberg (7)

Proceed with registration as we are all house in Bayview Beach Resort then only found out that the actual event location is at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang which is located next to it. . .

carlsberg (8)

Its been so long since I last came to this place as often brought by my dad to this area when I was a kid.

carlsberg (9)

I have this huge room by myself that can easily fit 4. Huge King size bed and facilities are pretty okay. As I get change and change to my attire, quickly heading to Hard Rock to check out the event space.

carlsberg (10)

Before that, we head to Press conference first.

carlsberg (11)

Some of my friends are at the scene as early as 4pm and already sipping Carlsberg all the way.

carlsberg (12)

This is what we gonna down for the rest of the night and best of all is free flow.. Wheee~

carlsberg (13)

With the emcee getting ready to rumble. .

carlsberg (14)

With more and more media coming in, and cant wait for them to reveal who are the full line up for the event. This year the event is bigger as entering its third wave this year, the first ever 3-Nation party saw 1,200 guests from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore finding themselves on the shores of Hard Rock Hotel’s beachfront.

carlsberg (15)

First to appear is DJ Mayumi from Japan

carlsberg (16)

Follow by Mad August, Rubberband,  Dubstep, DJ Inquisitive,  DJ Norman Doray

carlsberg (17)

Cutie hot Koreans Love Cubic

carlsberg (18)

and of course Kelis Rogers. I am sure many of you heard of her songs before.

carlsberg (19)

No doubht with these artist introduction line up, its gonna be a great night to party on.

carlsberg (20)

Heading down to the main arena as i am already getting excited to see their main entrance and staging that are in place. Decked with a massive LED paneled stage, the central zone was outlined with a flow of streaking, spinning colours and a dance ‘cage’ in the middle of it all.

carlsberg (21)

With many bar counter setting up around the area, is the sign of getting the party started.

carlsberg (22)

Setting up a pavilion in the middle where party goers can sit on the bean bag and one thing I like the most is their little stoll that glow or lited up n green.

carlsberg (23)

i-darts for people to walk off with goodies.

carlsberg (24)

and as at Penang of course we must enjoy Penang food. As the food are cater from Eden.

carlsberg (26)

carlsberg (27)

ahhh, then I saw Ash there. Another great party people. . . and expect to see more when its getting late.

carlsberg (28)

carlsberg (29)

As time pass by then here comes the grand opening with Soren Ravn, jet-skiing into the party zone; the grand entrance made for a great kick-off introduction, followed by a beat boxing battle between Shawn Lee and the charming MD himself aka Star Rapper.

carlsberg (30)

Shawn Lee the beatboxer

carlsberg (31)

then saw my friend Cheng cheng is there..

carlsberg (32)

I just love the awesome staging that filled with LED panels . Celebrity hosts Joey G and Patricia K took the stage.   Welcoming everyone.

carlsberg (33)

Then performance starting ..  with MAD August which surprise all of us with their superb vocal.

carlsberg (34)

carlsberg (35)

Eevonne and her sister

carlsberg (36)

along with my best friend Nancy

carlsberg (37)

Edmond Leong one of a famous Hong Kong Artist melts many of the girls heart when he dance and sing, especially when he took of his shirt left only with singlet.

carlsberg (38)

along with Ashley and Kelly

carlsberg (39)

when Love Cubic are on stage, every one is dancing and swaying around. . just make the dance floor grooving~

carlsberg (40)

I did a simple recording of them and the effect and staging.. its just awesome. Apologize for the poor audio quality as just realise I have a problem after came back and view it.

carlsberg (41)

carlsberg (42)

Saw Andy Kho and my friend that last seen in Melbourne while studying back in those days.

carlsberg (43)

Indeed it was one of the beach party that I have attended so far for the year and also being first time at Carlsberg Where’s the Party its sure a blast for me with best friends being there to party and drink, all I could say its a crazy night for us bloggers and definitely looking forward for Where’s the Party 2013.

Weeet weet, this is the version 2 of Carlsberg Where’s the Party as I have miss out the first one that happening in Gold Coast which I .. . . . Do not want to mention it any more and as for this round, we were invited for this great party organised by Carlsberg before the year ending 2011. Another great event at secret location and just 2 days before the actual event, I got my giftpack that mention what is the dress code for the event and location to meet up to bring us to the secret location.

As most of us arrive at Shah Alam Stadium to register and take bus to the secret location and was a bit unlucky that its raining on that day. Therefore did not bring my camera along as I do not have the protector to cover it.

carlsberg (1)

Here we are . . a Short journey from the Stadium that this round the secret location is at Carlsberg Brewery itself. They have converted the whole area into fun filled playground.

carlsberg (3)

Here is the map to guide us through and many games were prepared like the Ferris Wheel, Pirate Ship, Adult Carousel and  the Sky Rider spread across the brewery.

carlsberg (4)

One of the first game that we come across, as what attracted us was 2 person race again this small little course by sitting on the ball and bounce to compete. Interesting!

carlsberg (5)

The rules and regulation~

carlsberg (6)

Look pretty simple huh? You got it wrong. I look simple but its challenging yet fun!

carlsberg (8)

Ready, get set . . GO!!!

carlsberg (9)

carlsberg (7)

This is how it looks like bounce around and get around ..

carlsberg (10)

Pic #1

carlsberg (12)

Stage to rock us tonight. .

carlsberg (13)

As we walked around, more and more people are flowing in already . .

carlsberg (14)

Next Game, ride and paddle with 2 legs on the ground. . lol~ its like an adult in a kids bicycle

carlsberg (15)

This is how you paddle  through obstacles. . .kekeke ..

carlsberg (16)

Among so many rides available, this is the longest queue as it took us about 85 minutes to get onto this ride!

carlsberg (17)

carlsberg (18)

carlsberg (19)

Release the Trigger

carlsberg (20)

Yay..we gonna be kids again as we tried to ride this in Genting First World, we got stopped cuz we were an adult and now we get to ride this as many times as we like~

carlsberg (21)

carlsberg (22)

Ahem! so year 2011 is an end now so wish to know what’s coming onto you on 2012, they have this special section I called it mini tarot cards reading as you shuffle on the cards then you can ask what you love to, love, career, family, and others.

carlsberg (23)

A fun filled party without hitting onto their tattoo would be a waste, therefore I choose Crown~

carlsberg (24)

this guy lagi Gung-Ho that tattoo on the face~

carlsberg (25)

After quite along wait on every rides, this is the station we need to pamper our pity legs. . .

carlsberg (26)

As night hit, stage are lit up and every one start to pack the whole area up, they have line up Dennis Lau, Shawn Lee, Lee An from Korea, Crossfire, Paperplane Pursuit, High On Heels, DJ Sophie Sugar and  DJ Hiloco from Japan.

carlsberg (27)

Pic #2

carlsberg (28)

Pic #3

carlsberg (29)

Pic #4

carlsberg (30)

Pic #5

carlsberg (32)

A Great night like this, we must not miss out free flow of Carlsberg that is available since the evening ..

carlsberg (33)

carlsberg (34)

Not long after that we decided to call it a nightb and of course we did drink responsibly and enjoy responsibly. Met many new friends there. . . I have to thank to Carlsberg for the great invites and if not I would get to experience Carlsberg Where’s The PArty?

I am definitely looking forward for Where’s the Party 2012~ Can’t Wait!


Year End is coming and it just left a few more weeks till the end of 2011. Of course when you talked about year end, its always fun filled with parties and festive season. So, for the year 2011 is coming to an end, what is the most memorable party that you have attended so far? Want to make it more memorable with huge mysterious upcoming event?

I am sure that most of you now have heard or seen this in  many places for upcoming Carlsberg Where’s the Party event will be happening very soon. I have got my invites yet time and places still remain mysterious. Out of anticipation, me and my friends guess where this event will take place, we cross our finger and legs by guessing it will take place at :

1) Genting

2) Port Dickson

3) Bukit Tinggi

Any either one of those location, will be a party hard location and sure we are aiming it to be at Genting, imagining holding Carlsberg Beer in such a chill weather and party all day long!

Carlsberg (1)

I guess many of you have join their FB games in order to win invites to this year end party and one good news for all my blog readers, they are giving opportunities to win invites to this party, check out at the end of my blog post!

Before that, let’s rewind back a few months back on what’s Happening at Where’s the Party took place and how happening it is!!!

Carlsberg (2)

As for their secret location, you will be given time and a specific location to board the bus and with excitement, you just board the bus without knowing where you are heading until you reach!

Carlsberg (3)

Well, for last round the event took place at Sepang Gold Coast Resort as they transform the whole place in to a massive party house!

Carlsberg (4)

Carlsberg (5)

This is what they were pampered on last round’s special invites!

Carlsberg (6)

Carlsberg (7)

Carlsberg (8)

Free flow beer all day and night long, as you can get sober and roll around on the floor, beach, room, cushion, sea anywhere you want without need to drive back home, as you can drink crazily and party crazily.

Carlsberg (9)

To make it more interesting, they have prepared alot of games to kill your time off in the afternoon

Carlsberg (10)

Human packman!

Carlsberg (11)


Carlsberg (12)

Carlsberg (13)

as night time proceeds, they have huge stage by inviting local artist along with international DJ  to blast your feet off at this beach font.

Carlsberg (14)

Many of them enjoyed themselves on the whole event and went back happily next day. Yes, NEXT DAY as they were giving a pampering 2days 1 night stay at this resort! Imagine That!

and now, Where the Party’s is happening very soon, arent you excited where is it going to be at and what are the line up going to be there for all of us?

For my blog readers, it is very simple that to win special invites to this event, all you have to do is just like their page and you might stand a chance to get this invites. Time is running short as the event will take place on this Saturday!

So just cepatz ceptaz, just click  LIKE their FB page: www.facebook.com/Carlsberg.MY (have to click thru this link in my blog) to try your luck on winning it~

Those of you who already a fan’s in the Carlsberg page.. are not counted~

Photoz credit to Carlsberg.My

***Lucky Winners will be contacted directly from Carlsberg on 15th Dec,Thursday after 8pm, campaign close on 15th Dec 7pm

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