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Restaurant Zim Sum in Penang is indeed a famous place for Dim Sum. I was told by my dad that they are the old operater that used to operate the kopitiam opposite KDU, over past 2 years they have move to this new premises and they are well known for cheap dim sum in Penang.

One good thing about this dim sum place is that they are pack with variety and I really mean lots of variety.

Zim Sum (3)

I remember that in KDU that time, their dim sum is indeed cheap, starting from RM 1. Now at this new premises, I could not recall the pricing as this was about 9 months ago when I visited this place. Will check it out and update when I am back.

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In this restaurant, there are no push cart that is moving around. this is a self service dim sum place. What you need to do is bring your Dim sum Card and go to the counter which you want to get your dim sum and bring it back to your table.


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They are separate into sections, from steam, stir fried, fried and paus.

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If none of the items suits you, then you can look at their giant wall menu that is filled with stir fried noodles and others.

Zim Sum (15)

Zim Sum (18)

I order quite alot that my parents got shocked.

Zim Sum (19)

this is my order for 4 person.

Zim Sum (20)

Zim Sum (21)

Zim Sum (22)

Their Cantonese stir fried noodle not that fantastic.

Zim Sum (23)

Hong Kong Century Egg Porridge just so so as it is too thick to my liking.

Zim Sum (8)

So remember do pick your tray, queue and get your dim sum.

Zim Sum (13)

Before that, you need to equipped your niece, brother, sister, mother, grandmother to hog around all the tables as the tables are ‘JOM’ on first come first serve basis.

overall the food is just so so. Most of the people are here just for the quantity. Not the quality. If it hits long weekend, this place is like a warzone. Everything have to fight for it. Fight for table, fight for dim sum. Crazy!

For foreigners or travelers that visit Penang, this is one of the stop you would want to consider as local dining scene to enjoy the craziness of it.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, so so nia, price also okay la!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Restoran Zim Sum 点心之家
62, Jalan Macalister,
10450 George Town

Operation hours: 6.30 am – 2 pm

Tel: 012-460 9282

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