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One of the new kids in the block is this new Japanese Restaurant in Sri Petaling. JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining is the new dare devil that is currently operating 3 levels of corner shoplot. You will not miss them as them as they are in bright orange building.

JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining

JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining sri petaling

There are 3 differently levels in total. Juugatsu Ten Is only operating level 1 and Level 2.  Family Izakaya and currently pandemic situation, their private room is one in high demand. Do make a reservation in advance for this. Level 2 is also hosting another of a private dining – Omakase by this young Malaysian Chef that had undergo apprentice from Japanese Chef in Singapore.

Juugatsu omakase

juugatsu japanese omakase

This is the Omakase private dining area, that is able to host only 10 seating.

Juugatsu (44)

Usually when comes to Omakese, you are sure to expect a Japanese Chef However in Juugatsu Ten Japanese Dining, this area is helm by this superb young chef, Chef Jxian as he is only in his early 30’s, I am totally impress by his food journey experience that he had planned out for the night.

Omakese set are usually will set by chef and he will use the best fresh ingredient of the day. What you see in my posting could be slightly different to what you will have or serve upon.

For this Omakese Menu is set at 7 course dinner.

juugatsu japanese restaurant

The first dish Sakizuke – 3 kinds of seasonal appetizer. Serve with :

  1. sea snails as a cold dish: well marinated. soy taste is light yet very fragrant and it is light chill

great start of appetizer.

japanese food in sri pelaling

  1. Premium quality abalone. Chewy and thick.
  2. special marinated tofu is chef signature.

juugatsu sri petaling

omakase in kl

Otsukuri – 3 kind of seasonal item. It was catch of the day and chef share with us that it was best fish that just arrive in the morning. He even he share with is this is the sea water fish from Japan. Little did I know that this fish can be eaten and the meat is fresh, sweet and juicy.

Juugatsu (16)

Juugatsu (10)

We went thru a great dining experience as each dish are explain detailly from chef.  How do we eat it, which sequence, where are the fish from and why this cut of fish he is taking.

Juugatsu (11)

Unique dish that serve with dry ice with its serving effect.  Fish meat is well mixture. Each of the meat gives different mouth bite texture. Certainly it is all sweet and fresh.

Juugatsu (13)


juugatsu private dining

Next we are moving to Chef cooked dish – chef Specials Grill Dishes & fried dishes.

Juugatsu (17)

This is one of my highlight for the night. This is actually octopus tentacles from a huge octopus. only serve 3 dot of the tentacles and imagine how big will this be. Just lightly quick char grill, dip with chef special soy sauce. Omigod! texture is near to a bit rubberish, chewy, fragrant of light soy with hint of charred is just perfect. If you pair it with Sake this is going to be a bomb!

Juugatsu (18)

I have seen hairy crab, but I certainly have not seen such a “yeng” hairy crab. Freshly flown in in the morning and still alive and kicking. Usually this live flown in hairy crab have to consume within 2 days to enjoy its best meat quality.

Juugatsu (19)

Juugatsu (20)

This is how the meat is being prepared. Chef mention that the meat is so fresh, pure and sweet. Maintaining its freshness of this crab by quick boil for the meat then mix with its roe.  I am enjoying every bite of it. Never knew with crab roe you can give such a nice sweetness, and fragrant. The crab claw is just good!

Juugatsu (21)

Juugatsu (22)

Juugatsu (23)

Just look at the waygu. Being carefully handle with layers of special leaves from Japan. Using A5 premium wagyu.

Juugatsu (24)

Quick torch burnt to bring its waygu oil.

Juugatsu (26)

This dish is my super highlight for the night. serve with 2 piece wagyu and each bite is burst with flavours.

  1. Both are filled with foie gras as the base, wrapped with A5 wagyu.
    1. 1 x piece is topped with sea urchin
    2. 1 x piece is topped with freshly slice truffle, and caviar, then topped with gold leaves

Juugatsu (27)

Juugatsu (29)

Wagyu oil blends so well with foie gras, and creamy uni just melts in your mouth. another piece with truffle and caviar, with nice balance of truffle and saltiness of caviar just goes well with it.

foie gras

fresh truffle

Chef show us what kind of Japanese truffle he is slicing for us.


Chawanmushi, this is pack with like seafood flavour. seamegg is silky smooth, and with scallop


Juugatsu (31)

Juugatsu (34)

8 pieces sushi : This is another unique seasonal fish that is currently available from Japan.

Juugatsu (35)

this Japanese clams also freshly flown in from Japan and I have never seen such a big one. It is as nearly as big as my palm. Chef sprinkle a bit of salt to wake it up.

Juugatsu (36)

Juugatsu (37)

Look at this. Upon serving, chef will just clap twice to wake the clam up and we are enjoying it fresh. light crispy, sweet, sea water fragrant and hint of special soy sauce just make this one of the best sushi piece!

Juugatsu (38)

Juugatsu (33)

For sushi, we are all enjoying premium ingredient, with toro, nice cut of tuna, mixture of other fish. The best part of this sushi is how chef cook its rice. Different grains, short yet abit like wheat but each bite of rice you can just seperate it easily in your mouth and nice bite.

Juugatsu (39)

Another 2 is this premium sea urchin which is different from the one serve in the first 2 dish. You can tell by its colour and texture. Follow by one generous big Hokkaido scallop. I try to bite it in one bite, unfortunately my mouth does not fit. Lightly grill and this satisfying.

Juugatsu (40)

Mini palate washer as special marinated. Crispy bite with abit of spicy end.

Juugatsu (41)

Before we end, served with Futamono – a type of soup. As it look simple but this is prep and steam for 2 hours. just look at the clarity of it. As we drink the soup it turns more oily from ingredient that is use, this is the magic, Look oily but does not taste oily

Juugatsu (42)

Love the dessert. Simple and spot on. Very unique kind of grape that we need to suck out the flesh. Then will left its skin perfectly. Follow by ice cream puff and sourish drink.

Juugatsu (43)

Chef share with us on his knife set as each of the knife engraving indicates that he have succesfully master station skillset. Like sushi cutting and others. It is not easy to get this awarded from him Japanese mentor in Singpore with strict perfection guide. Certainly impressive that how the Japanese Chef making this is like part of the graduation program.

I must say as a Malaysian, Chef Jxian is certainly impressive as he is only at his early 30’s.

Best recommended to visit this restaurant on Tuesday/ Friday as where all the fresh ingredient are flown in and you can enjoy maximum quality of it.

JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining
Jln Radin Bagus 3,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11.30am – 9pm

Tel: 014-550 0010

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