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I love hidden eateries. It is like a hidden gem when you discover it. The floup of it is will the business grow? Well, Chez Gaston KL by Rendez-Vous is indeed a hidden gem in Bangsar if you are looking for authentic home-cook style French food in KL.

I have not been to France as did not really know what the original authentic is like but over the years of learning, this is quite good!

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Those who love greens, this is one of my top recommendation. Salade de crottin de chevre @ RM 24 (s). Tossed salad with vinaigrette, pork bacon bits,  and baked with matured goat cheese on baguette stick topped with honey and black pepper.

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One of the simplest salad that I come across. Love the sourness of vinaigrette, smokey taste of pork bacon , and the matured goat cheese is amazing. Creamy, light and pack with punch. Loving it.

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Next is Soup de poissons @ RM 17 – Flo’s father’s recipe of sea fish soup,  blended with fennel, tomato, and serve with rouille sauce, croutons and emmental cheese.

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Indeed one of a very unique soup that I come across. Slight strong on the fish taste yet it gives you a nice after taste. The unique thing is you need to add on the 2 ingredient into the soup base on your taste bud then the soup character changed.

More fragrant, slightly creamy and after taste of it is nicely balance out with freshness of fish and mild saltiness to my liking. Recommended dish.

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Wild boar Pate

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This is rabbit pate, as among both if it, I like this more. The texture of the blended pate, herbs added in, the ingredient in between gives you the air for a nice mouth bite.

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My style of eating pate is, spread with a slice of butter at the bottom, add any of the condiments provided then one full mouth bite to give you the flavour of explosion in your mouth.

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I was one given a classic French style cooking food when I was in Melbourne. This instantly remind me of that taste and I must say, It is spot on as it looks!

Rouget en papillote a la creme de ciboulette @ RM 36. Whole deboned red mullet baked in “papillote” with vegetable julienne and creamy chive sauce. A dish that cook to perfection that I just finish it in minutes. – recommended.

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Confit de canard – duck leg in sea salt, cooked slowly and serve in creamy brandy sauce

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Slow Cooked ribs with blue cheese sauce. A unique combination but I wish the blue cheese sauce to be slightly stronger.


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Each of the mains is serve with sides of the day. It changes according to chef’s menu or ingredient of the day.

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When desserts is served, we are all excited over it.

Tart aus pommes @ RM 12 – French traditional apple tart, made with a cinnamon and green apple compote and served with whipped cream.

Mousse au chocolat  @ RM 12 – 62% ghana dark chocolate mousse. I am not a chocolate fan but this glass might look plain. It had me finish the whole glass by myself. thick in flavour, slight bitterness to my liking airy and sligh foamy as it should be in the best texture. – highly recommended for dessert!

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I read some food article before and realise that this is one of a classic type of French dessert Ile Flottante @ RM 11 – soft meringue floating island on an egg and vanilla custard. Love the custard mix as it is done to perfection. Best to share as some of you might find the meringue too heavy.

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Enjoying my French food with Chef Florian himself. Friendly and humble that he keep walking out to ensure our food is alright and explain the food personally himself to us too.

If you are not sure what to get on the menu: here is my recommended 4 items to start off with.

  1. Salade de crottin de chevre – with goat cheese
  2. Soup de poissons
  3. Rouget en papillote a la creme de ciboulette
  4. Mousse au chocolat

Chez Gaston KL by Rendez-Vous
12, Jalan Bangsar Utama 9,
Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
12pm – 2.30pm / 6pm – 10.30pm

Tel: 011-3993 0036

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