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Covid-19 indieed is a worldwide pandemic. It had make alot of business closed down. However, it is also a test for many business owners out there. I called it a force transition of business strategy. In Malaysian landscape also facing its own challenges. Especially retail and F&B. The peeps from Urban Daybreak could not operate on their usual cafe hence during this MCO they have created a new brand known as Jeremy’s Chicks in their current URban Daybreak outlet selling Chicken Rice.

chicken rice

Yup, a temporary solution to sail through this storm by just earning enough to covers their rental and pay to their staff. Chicken Rice is their new creation. For menu and price check out their Instagram/

One day pre-order via link below cutt.ly/jeremyschick

Jeremys Chicks (2)

Supporting some local F&B in their new creation, so i purchase a set of half chicken @ RM 35. Comes with :

  1. 4 x rice
  2. 4 x soup
  3. half chicken
  4. add on Bok Choy and 2 drinks

Jeremys Chicks (4)

Rice is pretty good. trust me. If you buy their chicken rice, do get additional rice one or 2 more. Pretty fragrant !

Jeremys Chicks (6)

Jeremys Chicks (11)

Jeremys Chicks (12)

the chicken is smooth and soft.

Jeremys Chicks (18)

urban daybreak

another bomb is their chii. Indeed quite similar to the one in Penang. Punch with flavour, mild spicy and sourish. Goes well with the chicken.

Currently do contact them via instagram: www.instagram.com/jeremys.chicks/ (1day pre order in advance)

One day pre-order via link below cutt.ly/jeremyschick

Jeremy’s Chicks (Urban Daybreak Cafe)
11, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Heard about this place alot when I was still with my ex company and since working around this area, decided to come back to give it a try. Kum Kee Charcoal Roast Pork is actually famous for their roast pork in this neighborhood that operates in this Kedai Kopi & Makanan Mooi Mooi at Taman Continental or off Kuchai Lama. Now they have expended another lot with the red signage, with better seating capacity and cleaner.

Kum Kee (1)

I prefer the ambiance of Mooi Mooi coffee shop with my own perception that all those good Chicken rice or roast pork should be in old classic coffee shop settings.

Kum Kee (3)

When I reach at 12.30 pm, the place is already pack with hungry peeps.

Kum Kee (4)

Kum Kee (6)

The uncle see us take picture and he also took 2 slab his fresh roast pork for us to take picture. Cute uncle. ūüėÄ

Kum Kee (5)

Kum Kee (8)

Kum Kee (9)

Even though their rice is cook with some chicken oil, it lacks the fragrance that chicken rice need to have.

Kum Kee (10)

Their Char Siew is alright, where it is slightly caramelize. I had better one before at my own preference.

Kum Kee (11)

Kum Kee (12)

If you are here, best just to order their chicken and roast pork. chicken is juicy, moist and fragrant.

Kum Kee (14)

Kum Kee (15)

Love their roast pork where I ordered another plate to munch. Crispy skin where it is suppose to be, not too salty, yet the meat is soft and juicy to my liking with a little hint of saltiness from their soy sauce.

Kum Kee (17)

Just order Siew Yuk and chicken is good enough. Our Total bill came to RM 49.50 for 3 pax where I think it is quite decent.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8.5/10 , great little place to be! -Stamped-

-WARNING ‚ÄďThis is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

94, Jalan Rukun 2, Taman Continental,
58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 10am – 3pm (or till finish)

[repost from year 2011] – updated pictures with all broken links.

In this neighborhood, I always thought that the area only I know is on the Food Foundry area that side which only filled with food to hunt. . never did I know that actually there is another small kopitiam area located on another side of it which is quite famous for its lunch crowd among all my colleague and one of the shop that they introduce me which is Hong Seng Kopitiam which is famous for its BBQ Pork (Char Siew) and also their Chicken Rice..

Chicken Rice (1)

Left office around 12.30pm where was told to head there earlier to avoid the crazy queue. When I reach, the queue is already up to the next 2 shop lot.

Chicken Rice (2)

Chicken Rice (3)

Just a simple chicken rice stall like that which is only famous for its BBQ pork can attract many pork lovers out there. Roast pork hanging and the feel and look of it doesn’t attract me much, also decided to give it a try.

Chicken Rice (4)

Chicken Rice (5)

Then we order the Char Siew of 6 pax, that comes in whole big plate like this with a bit mix of Roast pork and chicken was not in the list cuz they said its not good. BBQ pork is good, with burn end is crisp, soft juicy meat that well coated with their own special sauce and I just cant stop eating it. Roast Pork did not impress me that much as I had better ones before, as here the head is not that crispy as I like and the meat is quite dry  even though the meat with fats are my type just doesn’t give me a kick in it.

Chicken Rice (7)

Ahhh, this sure impress all of us, sour and spicy soup, which is quite sour enough that boiled till a bit messy with the ingredients and just lack of not spicy enough. If it had add a bit more of dry chili then would be perfect but no complain as their version win a lot of places.

Chicken Rice (9)

Then I saw next table order some pig innards then I was wondering where to order that, its located behind section operate by a old uncle that sell s porridge and I order pig intestine which is good! Chewy, and flavorful from the soy sauce he is cooking. RM 8 for this portion which is pretty reasonable. . .

Chicken Rice (8)

Our whole lunch meal comes to a total of RM8 per pax after divided out with 6 pax.. which is a good value and satisfy . . I would say, just attack the BBQ pork here, do try out others too if you like . . Just be there early to avoid the heavy lunch crowd at 1pm.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, quite okay ahh the bbq pork~ ~-Stamped-

‚ÄďWarning‚Äď This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Hong Seng
Jalan 17/29, Section 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya
(same row as Sports Toto and Magnum 4D)

Closed on MONDAY

Operating Days: Closed on Mondays

View Larger Map

Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Hong Seng Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

If any of you do remember there is a famous chicken rice at Genting Kopitiam at Green Lane, Penang which had been operated for very long time till early last year 2014,they no longer in operation and it changed hands as both the uncle auntie are old and heading for retiring.

chicken rice (1)

Well, guess what. Now they are back into the business as their son decided to quit his job and continue his parents signature chicken rice to serve it back to their regulars. Now they are operating so much nearer to my housing area as their shop is located at Farlim (opposite Public Bank).

chicken rice (2) Its no longer a hot operating environment as now they are bringing you cozy environment that sells purely chicken rice. 

chicken rice (3)

Order a simple set which Chicken Rice is at RM 4.50 and add on their homemade loh bak and herbal egg additional another RM4.

chicken rice (4) Rice is fragrant, and taste is still pretty much similar to what they have offered when they operate in Genting Kopitiam.

chicken rice (5)


Papapi & Bubu Chicken Rice (śĶ∑Śćóťł°ť•≠Á≤•)
47A, Lintang Angsana, Bandar Baru Air Itam, 11500 Air Itam, Pulau Pinang

(Opposite Farlim Public Bank)

Contact no: 012-430-0160
Business hours: 10:00am-6:00pm, closed on Mondays

Website: https://www.facebook.com/houseofchickenrice

Coordinates: 5.38879 N, 100.28169 E

[Repost on this blog with minor amendments and add ons as old picture was all gone]
I was on my way driving back and oh hell, forgot to ask the number of my friend, where she just came back from Melbourne and was at Ipoh. Totally forgot about that. Then dropping by at this Ipoh town where every one been talking about the Ipoh Nga Choi Kai at Restaurant Onn Kee. Came here for the 3rd time but the other stall did not open so try up this stall. No Choice. Either this or that. So it is this.

ippoh (1)

onn kee (1)

Trying out at restaurant Ong Kee. It was around 6pm and the tables was nearly fully occupied.¬†This shows how good the business are but of course cannot compare with Murni @ SS 2 or Steven’s Corner @ OUG / Jln Genting Klang. They are crazee. Occupied the whole street.

onn kee (2)

onn kee (3)

 Not only that. They are quite well known for their chicken feet too.

ippoh (2)

As some of them order chicken skin with some spare part like chicken gizzard, none of the people on my table eat it besides me. Smooth chicken skin with soy sauce just make it simple and nice to chew.

ippoh (3)

To be in this town and eat chicken rice, their fatty juicy tauge (bean sprout) is not to be miss, and why is their tauge is thick and juicy. Well, I was being told by my friend that they grow in natural mineral water flowing from moutain. That is why the tauge here is fat, juicy and crunchy.

ippoh (4)

One of my favourite in this stall is their pork ball and fish ball. Something nice to chew and dip onto their chicken meat sauce.

ippoh (5)

Find that Onn Kee¬†‘Ngah¬†Choi¬†Kai’¬†a.k.a¬†‘Tauge¬†Ayam’¬†taste much better than Lou Wong. Simply because of the method that they cook it differently. On my personal opinion i think that the chicken texture here is soft tender and juicy and of course what stood out is their sesame and soy sauce base make them more outstanding. This is because I had lunch on Lou Wong had dinner here. That is how I manage to taste on the difference even though I came here many times.

ippoh (6)

This is the Koay Teow Soup’ that to be eat with the dish. It is either this or rice. Usually all the people that eat here will take Koay Teow but honestly, after you finishing the whole bowl, a little tip. Prepare a bottle of mineral water after that. You will be very thristy with their secret weapon in there. You really need it. That is why with their secret weapon the food will definitely taste nice no matter what. (This was my tip on 2009) ūüėÄ

Looking at the way how I blog last time its funny~ kekekeke

This new edit post is a blend of my 2009 writing style and 2012. Spot the difference~ I find that overall, I like Onn Kee more also just realize that I have not blog about Lou Wong before.
-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7/10 , If compare this shop over Lou Wong-

WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

51, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Opens for lunch and dinner (about 10-11am onwards, until about 1-2am)

Have some of you enjoy your little long weekend over Wesak Day? I did, I had a great party and great dining while I am at Penang. I had lunch with my friend to a place which I have not been since I was a kid. Yap, this shop is quite old already as when I was a kid my grandpa used to bring me here for his favourite plate of chicken rice.

chicken rice (1)

Kedai Makanan & Minuman Hock Seong Choon that located at Penang Road house this famous chicken rice that is quite extra ordinary. A place used to be so famous 20 years ago and till date still standing tall on its business with their very own regular. Offering traditional Chicken Rice in another way, that Dark/Black soy sauce is one of the  main ingredient for the chicken.

chicken rice (2)

chicken rice (4)

 The shop is more well know for their dark chicken instead of the white ones.

chicken rice (5)

chicken rice (6)

Dining in here can be another experience as this is one of a few rare coffee shop that still maintain its classic dining area with wooden cubical at the side and wooden table and plastic chairs in the  middle area, along with cheque titles that remains the heritage look of it.

chicken rice (7)

A normal plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice for single person comes in a side plate of chicken, a bowl of soup and I did order extra herbal egg to go on. @ RM 4-RM 10

chicken rice (8)

Oily rice are used here as they cook the rice with some chicken soup to make it more fragrant. Little ginger is detected.

chicken rice (9)

AS for the special homemade dark soy sauce are added ontop of the roast chicken, to make it more fragrant, not too dry and easy to eat. The taste is little sweet salty and I would prefer my side of chicken is drumstick. Love the chicken texture at that part and my friend whom usually do not eat chicken breast and he would only eat here as the sauce did tone down the hardness and make it nice to chew.

chicken rice (10)

Although the famous one are the roast chicken, I like the white chicken more as the texture of the meat is smooth and cook to perfection along with the sauce added on makes it taste much better.

chicken rice (11)

Herbal egg is a little disappointed as with the term Herbal Egg, there is not much taste of herbal is detected. This herbal egg is ordered separately from the coffee shop owner.

chicken rice (12)

To make the chicken taste more interesting, try to pair with their very own homemade green chili sauce dressing, light spicy with sourish end and you will enjoy all 4 taste in one plate.

This place do bring back alot memories for me and if you are looking for something little different from the rest of Hainanese Chicken Rice, then its good to try it this version here.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, pretty okay -Stamped-

‚ÄďWarning‚Äď This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kedai Makanan & Minuman Hock Seong Choon
Penang Road
(Corner of Lorong Bertam)
Next to Komtar Bus Station

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