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Since Penang gotten the status of Heritage site, F&B is really moving to a new direction where it have attracted more owners to start their operation here. First, one of a good food that came into the town was Via-Pre. A classic authentic Italian restaurant that is located just 5 minutes away from here. China House is one the latest addition of at the heritage site. I am impress with the owner how he convert this whole place into a new dimension. On the outlook itself it does not look appealing. Once you are inside, its another whole new world. Currently mark as one of the best Cafe in Penang.

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This place is bustling with alot of buzz even from my sister and thanks to May Foong for introducing me this lovely place. Then saw my cousins instagram on it and I should have drop by on my next Penang trip, after I am totally impress with the place on other bloggers how they blog about it.

At the rate that they are going and the buzz going on, it had made them one of the busiest cafe around the area and popularity is growing. After I step into the outlet, as I was having dinner on that night, it was a long walk to another end only realise they are occupying three refurbished colonial shop houses with facades facing Beach Street and Victoria Street. They are offering 5 dining areas, as on that night, I made a booking for fine dine area.

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If you step from behind Victoria street entrance, you will be greeted with a mini bar that is absolutely cozy and there will be liveband playing jazz over the weekend, Friday and Saturday. Not only that, Stand up comedy performance is pretty well received here. I am impress~

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This section is known as Canteen & Bar, it was bustling with people when I came in and this whole scene shot was take at 12.30am.

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As you walk pass Canteen you will be greeted with all this cute wall painting.

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Amazed at this whole wall painting that feature all unique places in Penang.

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Further walk along you will reach another new dimension of the area, outdoor Courtyard.

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With a pool that suppose to have light on it that I was late enough to have some lights even on the walls.

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Follow by reading area that serve, breakfast, lunch and dinner along that is well connection to Kopi C.

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This place is the most famous area to many of us because we are spoil by their huge range of deserts. I could not even get a chance to take on the desert as they have already close. I had my great dinner from 8.30pm-12.30pm and we were the last customer to leave the area. All the deserts had been kept in fridge. I will sure be back for second visits on this section, that known as Kopi-C.

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Then in wine Store they have huge collection of wine that is available for you. Nice place to sit and chill too.

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Here am I seated properly at this fine dining area of BTB Restaurant. Reservations are needed if you were to be seated in here as I was told that it is usually fully book on the weekend. The interior is rather simple yet elegant with painted light blue wall, with art painting hanging on the wall with lights shining on it.

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They have a special menu for the day and here are the mains for today.

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Menu is rather small and not much choices to choose as I do have expectation it would not be that little. Not knowing what is good in this fine dine area, I decided to ask the waiter for recommendation. Sadly to say they are not well train for a fine dine area not knowing how to recommend what is nice or even a signature in this menu.

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I decided to go for Mains Special – Oven raosted Lamb Rump, Polenta, Miso Eggplant, Edamame Beans and peach tomato with purple mustard Cress @ RM 62. Lamb was cook near well done, a bit hard on the meat a bit disappointed on that.

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Next came along is Seafood Thermidor of Slipper Lobster, King Prawns and Sea Bass – Serve along Roasted Pumpkin with Fennel and cumin, Braised green peas and Basil Harrisa Yogurt @ RM 52. Overall, roasted pumpkin taste much better than the main as the sizes of ingredient the used in the main  as a let down. After a while as we were busy taking pictures, the sauce turn watery in the end.

On the mains and the pricing they charge, I find that it is pricey along with the charges I have better other options to choose from. I would slight advise not to choose their fine dine area to have your dining. Head back to their normal menu Kopi-C area that they have great response that I have yet to try out.

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On the first look itself, Tiramisu do have the similiar look like Alexis in KL. Covered with nuts on the outer layer.

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The cake is absolutely delicious, that it is one of their signature not to be miss. Slightly sweet on the edge with nuts after a few bites, soft texture in the middle and coffee taste at the end. Recommended piece~ Now at least Penang have one desert place to hunt for, especially for cake lovers.

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Knowing that their coffee is good too, I head for Latte to pair along with my cakes. I must say that, they serve one of the coffee in Penang, smooth froth which is not burnt that is perfectly done. I enjoy my deserts more than my mains.

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This is one of the design of main room in the fine dine area, which makes them one of the main entrance that is facing the main road of Beach Street.

Bare with their service as the are short handed on staff, we enjoy one of the staff service in our area yet along with one unfriend waiter too. We requested to change our table to 4 seater and was told off by it is meant for 4 seater. Minutes after that, he brings 2 couple to be seated on that dining table that piss us off! When I called for him, to question him, he pretend not to see us.

At the end of the night, another waiter that make our night pleasant that we got to know he is from Melacca and move to Penang.

Surely, I will be back to this dining area NOT FINE Dine, I mean another section KOPI-C for more of their food and deserts. Need to bring bigger group next round.

If you are here for coffee and cakes, it is pretty highly recommended.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, so so only. . .for their Fine Dining area.  !

-Stamped- –Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

China House
183B Victoria Street and 153 & 155 Beach Street

Tel: 04-263 7299

website: http://www.chinahouse.com.my/

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