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It is not easy to find a nice Chinese Dai Chow in KL. During my birthday this year, I was brought to this place hidden right in a neighbourhood that just smack a row of shophouses. Fatt Hei Leen Restaurant in Taman Taynton View in Cheras is indeed a hidden gem of dai chow.

Fatt Hei Len (1)

A place that is packed with diners for its great food and very affordable pricing. Since this is a special occasion, my friend had pre-order in advance.

Fatt Hei Len (2)

This will be my first time trying out a unique dish which is also the Signature “Pao Heong Rice” @ RM 186. Cooking in a fragrant broth, pack with flavour from big head prawn, sweetnes from bone and also the rice is like pre fried then added in that makes it unique of its kind.

certainly a dish that is worth to order if you have yet to try it out. Prawns were fresh and juicy.

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Fatt Hei Len (4)

Another classic dish that goes well with rice is this Patin Fish in Yellow Wine @ RM 110. Love the aromatic strong taste of yellow wine and the freshness of fish goes veryw ell with it.

Fatt Hei Len (5)

Fatt Hei Len (6)

Fatt Hei Len (7)

A simple dish that cook to perfection is this Pork intestine with dried shrimp. Every bite is filled with wok hei. Just nice @ RM 30

Fatt Hei Len (8)

Fatt Hei Len (9)

Not stingy over their ingredient, each bite of Lala is to max flavour @ RM 20

Fatt Hei Len (10)

It had been a while since I enjoy a Sour and Spicy Crab and the gravy here is worth to order. @ RM 152

Fatt Hei Len (11)

of course you need 6 mantao to dip into the gravy. @ RM 12

Fatt Hei Len (13)

Fried 4 veggie @ RM 30

Fatt Hei Len (14)

Yam Ring is indeed a very classic dish. Not many place can cook this dish well. The way they cook it do give me a taste of my kids chilhood. Yam is soft, aromatic and fragrant with its nice fried pork top on it. @ RM 29

Fatt Hei Len (15)

since we had the fish and now wanted order another one which is Yellow Wine chicken @ RM 38. Never dissapoint.

Fatt Hei Len (12)

If you are looking for a nice or famous dai chow in KL, Fatt Hei Len Restaurant 發囍靓 is definately in on recommended list.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 , well, can give both the burger a try!~ -Stamped-
-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Fatt Hei Len Restaurant 發囍靓
8, Jalan 30a/119, Taman Taynton View,
56000 Batu 9 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Opens everyday 12pm – 11pm

03-9133 8985

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