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Mandarin Oriental KL is moving quite aggressively to promote new culinary experience to many enthusiastic foodie out there. With their most recent completion project with Three Michelin Star – Chef Aziamendi, next line up under their belt is welcoming award winning Executive Chef Wong Wing Keung and his team from Yee Tung Heen Restaurant hail all the way from The Excelsior Hong Kong is here from November 26th to 29th to tempt your taste buds with their special menu for lunch and dinner.

During this period, Master Chef Wong will be presenting you his award winning set dinner menu that he had recently won from Hong Kong Tourism Board 2015.

Master Chef Wong (1)

For their first dish, will be presenting you their Chiu Chow Dumplings in 3 styles. Starting from left (anti clockwise ) with transparent skin is Traditional dumpling with yam served with Chiu Chow chili paste, vegetarian dumpling with mushroom and carrot serve with Chiu Chow tangerine oil and Carrot and crab meat dumpling serve with reserved bean paste.

This 3 have quite a unique combination of taste as their signature Chiu Chow sauce do enhance each dumplings in different ways. My personal favorite would be vegetarian dumpling with mushroom and carrot as its quite a well balance dish and dip gently on the tip to bring the additional kick of flavors into it. Dipping it too much will over power the whole taste of it.

Master Chef Wong (2)

Next is double boiled honey locust fruit soup with matsutake and assorted fungus. To bring the clarity of soup yet a simple taste of aroma been through multiple process. 

Master Chef Wong (3)

Among the dishes, I love this simple presentation as it sure look like mushroom in the while forest. I would call this mushroom in 3 ways. This is actually Twins Mushroom Platter, as the first item is shiitake mushroom stuffed with Matsuteke and Shrimp paste, follow by crispy bits and finally which is their signature mushroom buns with assorted mushroom, as the base is coated with cocoa powder to make it looks like on the ground.

Love the texture of the bun as it is soft, slightly fluffy, with light crips from pan fried and assorted mushroom is not overpowering that pairs well with the bun.

Master Chef Wong (4)

Master Chef Wong (5)

This nicely presented dish which look like a school of Koi swimming in a lake is their

Master Chef Wong (6)

Steamed Grouper Fillet with Crab Meat and Crispy Ginger is done to perfection where fish fillet is soft and fresh where crab meat do add in the sweetness of taste along with crispy ginger to balance it out. 

Master Chef Wong (7)

As palate cleanser, this simmered papaya with brown fungus in chicken broth is pretty interesting. Mini balls which is actually papaya do end up taste very similiar to sweet cherry tomato and after taste of it is with a hint of salty end.

Master Chef Wong (8)

The look of this plate is like a simple dish as in actual fact, it is not simple.  Braised Rice with crab meat and spring onion actually went thru with 3 rounds of cooking. Rice is fragrant and filled with wok hei, yet it is dry enough to create the mini impact taste of it.  Generous kind of ingredient in the gravy is filled with chunky crab meat. 

Master Chef Wong (9)

Ending of this meal, you will be served with Chilled ginger milk  custard, follow by roll of black and white sesame oil and lastly deep fried mini sesame balls with egg custard. 

Ginger milk custard is very interesting, as from their custard is rather soft that is near to jelly yet on the top of dressing is brown sugar with ginger with a hint of spicy end. Sesame ball with egg custard is a bomb!

Master Chef Wong (10)

For this food journey, indeed it do portray to me on classic taste of cantonese cuisine in modern presentation.  For this 7-course award winning set dinner is at RM388 per person nett and RM588 nett per person with wine pairing. However if you are nearby and still keen to try, then you can opt for their lunch set menu at RM 68 nett per person with 2 different menu to choose from.

For reservation  please contact +603-2179 8885 or email to [email protected]

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