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When you are craving for Penang street food in Pj, there are not many choices. However, there is this one particular stall that is super famous among the locals and Penangnites. This Famous Penang Curry Mee at Retaurant  Station 8, SS2, PJ that is also previously known as Restaurant OKay, ss2. I believe change owner already.famous curry mee in kl

This stall runs by both father and son from Penang that operates at very unique hour. This will be the first time in your life that see people operating a business for 60-90 minutes only. Yup, that is correct. Only that window. Worst of all is way early in the morning. from 7am – 8.30am ONLY. They only prepare 1 pot of soup. Finish then finish. Good luck. Previously I try my luck for more than 3 times to get this pippin hot bowl.famous penang curry mee in kl




penang street food in pjpenang curry mee in pjbe prepare to queue for 15- 30 minutes for a bowl as there are many regulars who come by to take away also. penang curry mee ss2best penang curry mee in kl

now one bowl is also cost about RM 9 for small and RM 10 for big. Big actually is quite big but now cause of inflation, food is getting very expensive. most important ingredient for Penang Curry mee is pork blood and taupok. 

best penang curry mee in pjthey maintain their quality as the last I had this bowl was like 6 years ago. One of the main reason is I could not wake up. Weekend I would just prefer to sleep. however the soup is still sweet and the most important is the chili paste. Fragrant and punch with mild chili spices. Perfect!


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9.5/10, as good as Penang – !! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Famous Penang Curry Mee

Restaurant Station 8, Chow Yang SS2
Jalan SS2/6, 47300 Petaling Jaya
Business hours: 7.30am – 9.30am, closed on Mondays and rainy days (sometimes)

Foodies the name itself already shows you are a food lover. When it comes to some exotic food, I am a bit skeptical on certain selection of meat. Crocodile meat certainly falls into that category  I invited a few to join me for this food hunting and all of their reaction are, “Bok.. are you serious or are you pulling our leg?” my response was of course serious.

There is a new outlet that recently open in SS2, Chow Yang area that is same row as Original Nasi Kandar which is Krockies seafood. With a cute crocodile logo as their main logo and many people might thing that its chinese herbal shop or some shop that sell crocodile stuff.

Many ponders that is it legal or illegal. Well . .. . .

Croc (1)

Though the skins were harvested for leather goods, the meats were sold for consumption. It is actually sent to PJ Krocies Seafood Restaurant to promote and sell it. Krocies restaurant specialises in crocodile cuisine. When they initially started, it is pretty controversial where all the environmentalist as questioning their legality. Currently they are in the business for more than 50 years. They have farms in Sandakan, Tuaran and Langkawi. All the crocs were farm grown and fed on chickens and fish.

Croc (2)

I bet many of you heard from your parents that asthma patient can recover by taking crocodile skins? Its not just only ordinary restaurant. YOu also can buy crocodile meat and some special pre-mix ingredient ready to boil from this shop too.

Croc (3)

I will say that, with the right combination of Chinese medication will makes you recover. I am one of them. As when I was a kid, I had quite a bad asthma and my old neighbor share with us the Chinese ingredient to my mom that have to boil in 8 hours with 4 bowls of water boil to one bowl kinda of thing. After taking it daily for 3 years, I have recover from asthma back about 20 years ago.

Croc (4)

Crocodile meat is actually filled with nutrient that with different types mixture of Chinese herbs ingredient gives you different effect..

Croc (5)

here are some of the facts.


Croc (7)

Croc (8)

They have special set dinner for family available too.

Croc (9)

If you find that crocodile meat is too adventurous for you, then you can opt for their normal food item, with Pork, Chicken, Fish and many more available on the menu too.

Croc (10)

Axiety starts to kick in when 3-Variety BBQ
Per dish cost RM35

Croc (11)

Braised Croc with Yam (芋头焖鳄鱼)

Croc (12)

Braised Croc Palm with Sea Cucumber (海参焖鳄鱼掌)RM120

Croc (14)

The feet looks pretty scary huh? It just taste like chicken feet, soft skin that being braised for quite a while to make it jelly soft, meat is so soft that nearly plug out itself when hold up. Gravy is absolutely amazing that caught all of us out from our expectation. A perfect dish to go with rice.

Croc (13)

Something more classic is Tofu Croc Meat With Fish Maw @ RM25

Croc (15)

This dish Croc Meat with Spring Onion & Ginger being fried to perfection that every bite been fried evenly with ‘wok hei’ that its aromatic and the meat is not overcook. @ RM15

Croc (16)

From left to right: Roast Croc Rib with Bbq Sauce 妈蜜鳄鱼骨 & Croc Tongue with Garlic , both are equally good and unique in its own way in texture.

Croc (17)

Tofo with mince pork.

Croc (18)

Bahhh.. Y are you eating me???

Croc (19)

Special 5 Croc Meat Combination @ RM120

in the middle is – Salted egg yolk coated long beans.

Croc (20)

From left n clock wise: Croc internal mixed organ loh-bak, Crocodile Meat Spring Roll (龙凤鳄鱼肉卷), Deep fried Croc meat and ginger.

Croc (21)

The best part of crocodile is this part. This soup actually need to pre-book. This is the first time I have seen such a huge pot of soup. Its not easy as chef takes alot of efford to do it. A soup that typically takes 12 hours to prepare through 3 different double-boiling processes. Combination of Chinese herbs and special skill in preparing it are required in order to bring the full potential of its nutritious value.

Croc (22)

Croc Head Soup @ RM350 

Looks exactly like a crocodile waiting for its prey on the dining table.

Croc (23)

Looks scrary? Its actually a soup filled with alot of nutritions. A clear soup that you know you will whack a few bowls. I ended up drinking 4 bowls. This huge pot can feed easily 12-14 pax. There are no salt, MSG added in.

Croc (24)

Top Grade Light Soya Sauce Pan Fried Noodle is another great dish not to be miss. A special type of noodle that they friend to perfection. Not too dry, yet accompany by a bit of sambal makes it a perfect combination.

Croc (26)

Your meal will end with a complemantary ice cream which is a special classic type of home made commercial ice cream that I have been eating since I was a kid. Something that I have been looking to hunt for long long time.

Overall, the taste of crocodile meat taste like a bit of pork and chicken (in between) to me. I am amazed on how the chef able to cook this dish so cook and pair all the taste so well.

If you are up for something different from your daily consumption, I am highly recommending this shop for you to try.

They do sell Chinese Medicine Crocodile Herb which is good for asthma especially along with frozen croc meat, croc ribs, croc tail and other parts for those who wants to cook at home.

Do contact Andrew 0123233728 KL & PG and Jimmy 0127870087 JB.

Krocies Seafood Restaurant
40 Jalan SS2/10
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel/fax: 03-78773229
(Same Row as Nasi Kandar Kayu)

Website: www.krocies.com

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