Christmas Day


Genre: Drama/ Thriller (The Tower)

When I was looking thru at cinema listing on what movie to watch, there is none interesting and starting to check all the trailer. The Tower capture my attention and decided to watch it without any expectation. Guess what?

Its a movie that every Korean celebrate Christmas and like all of us do especially on Christmas eve by throwing party at condo, hotels and restaurant. At this eve, with a grand celebration took place as the owner of the complex, Mr. Jo Sky Tower in Seoul decides to hold a “White Christmas” party for tenants and VIPs on Christmas Day, with helicopters circling above, sprinkling snow onto the party. While the party is in its climax celebration then strong wind blow into the helicopter that makes them out of control and crashes into the building and the building catches fire.

This 120 story luxurious landmark building complex being flame up from top and many VVIP got trap. Fireman to the rescue, people in the building trying to survive and . . . . .

A superb movie that you must watch, a great flow of movie line filled with laughter that will makes you jump out from your seat, heart pumping and tears drop. Never knew Korean production is so good now! At near 1 of the last scene on his act Captain of fire fighter makes me relate back Armageddon (one of my all time favourite movie) where he sacrifise himself for the rest of the team.

This movie also let me know that to be a Captain for fire fighter is not easy, need to understand so many terms, especially physics, think logically, act fast and many more. Respect the captain in this movie.

One of the best Korean movie I have watch so far.

The Tower Highly Recommended!!!!

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 9,5/10, damm good!~

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –

Christmas celebration had made alot people gear up in decorating their place looks nice. Besides that, friends and family do gather, sit and get along also meant to bring joy to many people especially to kids.

To mark this, One World Hotel had invited children’s from underprivileged home , The House of Joy which is located in PJ alongside with their staff for the Hotel’s light up Ceremony.

one world (1)

one world (2)

The hotel will also launch its Grant-A-Wish programme to fulfill the Christmas wish of 30 children from the House of Joy.  The children from the home will be hanging up their wish list on the 20-feet Christmas Tree at the hotel lobby.  The good news is that all the children’s wishes have been fulfilled by the hotel staff itself.

one world (21)

one world (22)

All the children got their wishlist come true which all had been fulfill by the hotel staff itself

one world (23)

one world (24)

one world (25)

one world (26)

one world (27)

one world (28)

One World Hotel is also taking on the Alvin and The Chipmunks theme.  This is in collaboration with FOX’s forthcoming release of the move, Alvin and The Chipmunks 3 Chipwrecked on 15 December

one world (3)

Not only that, lets head to Cinnamom Coffee House what do they have in store to offer for Christmas buffet that offers Western, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and local fare to complete your hunger for the month of December.

one world (4)

Japanese section is one of my favorite section that I always stop by here for the first stop ..

one world (5)

Followed by their Italian range. .

one world (6)

at salad bar

one world (7)

one world (8)

one world (9)

Little Asian corner. . .

one world (10)

Christmas, Turkey of course it is a must whereby to complete a proper Christmas meal . 😀

one world (11)

Roast beef . ..

one world (12)

one world (13)

pancake . .

one world (14)

 You will be pampered with their selection of Christmas desert. . . ..

one world (15)

one world (16)

one world (17)

one world (18)

one world (19)

one world (20)

Till date, the food in Cinnamon Coffee House did not dissapoint as its still good no matter how many times I go there, still if you are a big eater, definitely worth it . .:D One of my favorite bufett restaurant.

Christmas Eve Festive Revelry
24 December
6.30 pm – 10.30 pm
RM108++ per adult (includes one glass of wine)
RM55++ per child aged 4 – 12 years (includes one glass of mocktail)

Christmas Day Gala Buffet
25 December
6.30 pm – 10.30 pm
RM108++ per adult (includes one glass of wine)
RM55++ per child aged 4 – 12 years (includes one glass of mocktail)

Christmas Day Hi-Tea Galore
25 December
12 noon – 4.30 pm
RM65++ per adult
RM33++ per child aged 4 – 12 years

For reservations, please call 03 – 7681 1157

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