Chinese New Year is just around the corner and everyone is already busy shopping. Colleague and friends are busy hunting places for dining and I am saying, Chynna at KL Hilton is definately one of a recommended dining place for Chinese New Year Gathering, as by one of a well known Chef Lam.

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Chynna Chinese New Year 2020 menu by welcoming the year of mouse.

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A classic tradtion to start with definately with Yee Sang. Chynna’s signature Yee Sang for 2020, the Smoky Chicken with Rice Krispies Yee Sang – quite a unique flavours of combination with smoky chicken that gives a nice hint of bitter fragrant and the sweet sauce enhance on the flavour to pair it well.

Remark: rat platting is upon request

Other highlights from the Yee Sang menu include the Strawberry and Macadamia Nuts Yee Sang, Crispy Fish Skin and Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang, Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang with Passion fruit Sauce and Traditional Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang. Price starts from RM128 for half portion and RM238 for full portion.

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Starting off with a bowl of warm soup is indeed perfect. Not the usual that we have as this is Braised tomato puree soup with seafood, vegetarian fins, and crushed almondsmooth,creamy and silky. Punch with flavour of seafood and love the ingredients in it as give you a nice bite.

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Next is a simple dish that is punch with flavour. Perfectly baked, yet not too salty as the taste of salt baked through the chicken that gives every bite aromatic. Eight treasure salt baked chicken Chef Lam styleusing kampung chicken. Of course need to dig in with ginger-spring onion condiment.

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A bit of twist of flavour. Steamed moontail grouper with green lime and garlic chilli sauce Waking up your palate with sourish thai syle flavours. Done to perfection as it is not too sourish yet garlic is not overpowering. Having a Fish on the table also signifies lots of Surplus or abundance. Year year got 魚 (yú).

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Just look at the thickness and silkly texture of the gravy. From this already know that it is made with alot of effort and will be pack with flavour. The creaminess of gravy is indeed flavourful and abalone is cook right. Not to rubbery and a dish that gives you a nice chew and crunch. The cabbage soak on the gravy that gives you  a light burst of flavour when you chew on it. Love it. Sliced abalone with sea cucumber, dried oyster, sea moss, and Chinese cabbage

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Stir fried prawns with kam heong pepper sauce is fresh and love the size of it. Just nice

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We were so stuff when comes to this dish. The fragrant of lotus leaf smells so good. Fried rice is not too dry and preserved duck meat gives the balance of saltiness that it needs and lotus leaf fragrant just soaks in. Fragrant fried rice with preserved duck meat wrapped in lotus leaf

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The perfect ending is with Double Boiled Almond Cream with Gum Tragacanth (also known as peach gum) and premium Musang king dessert. A satisfaction ending indeed. those of you do not like the taste and smell of almond might not like it as I have learn to enjoy this dessert soup over the years. Silky and smooth. Just perfect. Musang King is like top of the cream.

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From 2 January – 8 February 2020, Master Chef Lam Hock Hin and his team will present five set menus :
1. Abundance @ RM2,088
2. Prosperity @ RM2,688
3. Wealth @ RM3,388 per table of 10 persons
4. Grand Fortune @ RM499 per person
5. Auspicious Set @ RM688 per person (min 4 persons).

CNY Menu 2020 Chynna Hilton KL 2

CNY Menu 2020 Chynna Hilton KL 1

Prosperity Buffet Lunch
6 January – 9 February 2020 | Lunch: 12.30 – 2.30pm
RM 148 nett per Adult | RM 68 nett per Child

Prosperity Buffet Dinner
6 January – 9 February 2020 | 6.30pm – 10.30pm
RM 188 nett per Adult | 94 nett per Adult

Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Buffet Dinner
24 January 2020 | 6.30pm – 10.30pm
RM 200 nett per Adult | RM 98 nett per Child (5-11 years)

Chinese New Year Day Lunch &Dinner Buffet
25 & 26 January 2020 | Lunch: 12.30 – 2.30pm | Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Lunch: RM 178 nett per Adult | RM 89 Nett per Child (5-11 years)
Dinner: RM 200 Nett per Adult | RM 98 Nett per Child (5-11 years)

For more information and to reserve a table for your reunion lunch or dinner, please call Hilton Kuala Lumpur at +60 3 2264 2264 or visit www.life.hiltonkl.com

Level 5, Hilton Kuala Lumpur,
3, Jalan Stesen Sentral,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur

MIGF (The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011) had kick off early this month and for many reason, all the best participating restaurant and hotels will showcase best of their craftsmanship in food to ensure most customers will enjoy their special menu which will last for 1 month only, 1st OCT to 31st OCT.

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For this round, me and some friends went to Chynna which they do have MIGF menu too, also is one of the top Chinese restaurant in our list for us to dine and recommend, that so far their food had always maintain in top quality, which we rarely come upon any disappointing or below par or I would say it is very hard for me to say NO when comes to Chynna. The superman behind the kitchen is Chef Lam.

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The restaurant is decorated with more like Shanghai feel with Chinese painted pictures on the plate and big red lantern and classic Chinese herb shop drawer on the wall . .

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Then you will be greeted with the traditional chinese pouring tea onto your cup. The taste from this pouring process is very unique and will end up give you some bubble foam on top of the tea.

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Chilled alaska king crab leg, chili paste seafood skewer & brine momotaro tomato (阿拉斯加帝王蟹配海鲜桃太郎番茄)

Start of with their first dish, that it look rather simple, yet it taste delicious, was first ask to try out the king crab first, which is sweet, a bit chill and the meat is very fresh, just eat it like that is good enough, follow by the tomato – seriously I don take tomato like that, but was persuaded by the chef I have to try, that he did a special way to this tomato. Once bite inside my mouth, the juice really burst inside and so much juice in it. I have never taste so juicy tomato before and I sure do not mind to have another 3 more. Chili paste skewer is just simple and nice.

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Follow by Double boiled snakehead nourishing tonic soup with fresh milk and shark’s fin (滋补生鱼水奶炖翅)

Clear in taste, very mild in milk taste, and it is so appetizing that I just finish this bowl within seconds, and it was a slab of shark fin in it that I just slowly enjoy every bite of it.

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Stewed Short Ribs with Charcoal garlic & Roasted onion potato (壮士琵琶骨)

Among the list, this was the star of the night, just by the look and slight gravy that flow down from the meat makes me swallow my sliver before eating it. I just cut into small pieces and enjoy bit by bits, that it is so soft that nearly melt in my mouth. Really one of the best short ribs that I have come across. The fried onion rings do taste like indian herbs a bit on muruku taste. I just enjoy my pairing of roasted onion potato and the short ribs. Just perfect!

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Salted plum Lime Sorbet (话梅青柠雪葩)

A simple and chill appetizer that I just enjoy, cuz its lime sorbet smooth and soft.

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Duet Deep Sea Grouper – Olive oil blended green spinach sauce & Dragon Fruits sauce (红绿鸳鸯深海星斑)

hilton (12)

in dragon fruit sauce is pretty unique as its a bit sweet sour taste and the fish meat is so soft indicate that its fresh.

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Thick Gruel Japanese Rice with Fresh peeled crab meet in lobster reduction (鲜蟹龙皇汁泡日本饭)

by the time reach this dish, I was pretty filled up already and saw this portion its pretty big. Told myself that I am going to have a few spoon then leave it aside. After the first spoon into my mouth, I just finish the whole plate in the end broth is so sweet and tasty that cook along with the Japanese rice which cook to perfection.

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Black Chocolate Partait with five nuts & sweet potato Chba Cha mousse Yam Ice Cream (五仁黑巧克力蛋糕配摸遮厘)

comes to the choco parfait, I get to bite on some chuncky nuts and the choco itself is thick enough to pair well with the nut.

hilton (15)

and the pudding, I wish I have a bigger scoop of the yam ice-cream as it taste soo nice where I kinda miss the taste of it.

At the end of the meal by paying RM178++ I would say its a value worth for the set. Again, Chynna did not disappoint us. . Recommended MIGF menu by me.

Hurry, as the limited time menu will end on 31st Oct

Full Festival Menu:

RM268++ per person (with wine pairing)
RM178++ per person (without wine pairing)

Chynna, KL Hilton
3 Jalan Stesen Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 – 2264 2592/2696

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