Classic Teo Chew porridge


Tai Buan Porridge 大满清香粥 at Lebuh Muntri unarguably serve one of the classic Teochew porridge in Penang. I have not been here for the longest time. Most of the time I do not get to enjoy this shop as they only operate on weekdays. Since it was Chinese New Year and I am sick, my parents brought me back here for simple classic comfort food. A kind of Penang Street food to enjoy if you are here on weekdays.

[update 23.2: it is so sad MCO is hitting this outlet of 60 years old to closure. They will be last operating on 26th FEB 2021]

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Operating in heritage area, do prepare to fight with other patrons during peak hours.

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Operate by both husband and wife, with a push cart inside the shop to add on the feel of eating on the street but in more comfort and cleaner environment. Selection of dishes is not huge, but these are their signature dishes. Ranging from their duck spare parts is a must have! Follow by tau kua, kiam chai (salted veggie), Choi Poh egg and cheong which is my personal favourite.

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Dark soy sauce gravy with their special ingredient and herbs to make the gravy a perfect combination to be added into the porridge.

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since we were late, there are not much choices of food left. So go with the usual side dishes.

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My favourite Chai poh egg. A classic teo chew style where chai boh is slightly crispy and chewy in the middle, yet the egg is just fragrant and mild salty.

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Their signature pork meat. Slightly soft and not too bad.

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One of my favourite Pork intestine. Soft, juicy then top with salted veggie into the porridge is just perfect!

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herb egg.

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The most important bowl of the dishes. My grandma used to cook porridge in this texture as it is not easy to cook. Cook till the grain is 3/4 cook like it is going to be fully cook yet it must have a nice bite like cooked barley with its little soft texture. Water in porridge cant be too thick yet it is clear enough to make it a simple classic bowl of white porridge. Love it. Used to eat a bowl of white porridge when I was a kid with Chai Poh egg and homemade soy sauce. Just ass simple as that.

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One of my favourite classic street food in Penang.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, great classic food!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Tai Buan Porridge
173, Jalan Muntri,
10450 George Town, Penang.

Operating Hour:
11:30 a.m.-3.30 p.m.
(Closed on Weekends)

Tel: 012-493 6095

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