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I am a fan of steamboat, where there are certainly many kinds out there, not to mention Coco Steamboat is well known for their pork bone broth soup base that gives you a kick in their flavor according to many diners out there. This round, we were treated with one of their latest version of steamboat which is really steam from the broth underneath.

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If you are Cheras folks, you might know them as now they have shifted from their old shop to this brand newly renovated restaurant just down the road from where they previously occupied. I am quite impress with them as they do hire a security with weapon equip for safety of diners.

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For their new version of steamboat, they called it Sauna steamboat and they have sets for you to choose or you can pick back their ala carte menu. 

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For a start, their fried home made beancurd and wonton is a must order as both are filled with generous ingredients in it. 

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We got set C where most of the fresh seafood is in it and thinking of sauna, this would be the best combination of all. 

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Original pot will be serve in this version where white cabbage is serve on the top and their superior broth is at the bottom. 

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How this is eaten where all the fresh seafood being place nicely on the top of the cabbage, then cover with the lid and let it steam for 5-15  minutes depending on the ingredients that you ordered. First you get to eat those seafood fresh, secondly all the seafood sweetness of their aroma and steam effect drip into the broth below. Right after you finish all the seafood and take the metal base lid up and enjoy the superior soup base at the bottom, where it is include with special rice to make it a mini porridge too. 

Soup is pack with flavour and I had 4 bowls of soup after that. Their home made chili is a bomb.

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If you are really hungry and ready to eat, then Sauna steamboat is not advisable as it takes you quite a while to finish the ingredients that you order. Still a great new version of steamboat on my encounter.

Coco Steamboat
25, Ground Floor, Jalan 1/119,
Taman Bukit Hijau, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.

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