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To have a good food is always a bonus and satisfying. The catch is, good food is always hidden some where and needed to be hunt. That is why we always we love to hunt for hidden food. Let me introduce you another great restaurant which is a hidden gem in Bukit Damansara that serve Aria Traditional Italian Dining.

Aria (1)

Aria (2)

Interior of the restaurant is pretty straight foward that offer cozy ambiance that suits for your business, family and friends hang out spot.

Aria (3)

Seems like the owner is a big fan of Macallan that is also one of my favourite.  :D, found out that he loves single malt alot~

Aria (4)

Aria (5)

If you are looking to host small functions or towards more private session with friends and family, they do have this room to offer with cozy sofa and a tv build in with sliding wooden door to close up.

Aria (6)

For this session, we were given the opportunity to sample some food and we were hosted right upstairs that usually they host for private business function.

Aria (7)

In Italian dining, Bruchetta will always be in the menu as its a very simple and delightful starter to start off with. Simple freshly cut tomato season along with their special dressing that just makes this perfect.

Aria (8)

This is a must order if you do visit this restaurant. Mushroom Bruchetta that cook till perfection and season correctly with their own special sauce and dressing that makes the mushroom taste stand out. – recommended

Aria (9)

as the night starting, we were pamper with Processo Vento is actually champange in Italian version. A champange that easy to go down as its Light and bubbly

Aria (13)

Aria (10)

Lamb Kebab with Aria’s Special Mint Sauce @ RM28

Aria (11)

It looks simple that filled with many skewers as Minced lamb in flavourful onion, bird eye chili, lemon grass, ginger, coriander seed, salt and pepper covered in Aria’s special spicy mint sauce. The sauce is a bomb! By dipping along with the sauce just makes the mince lamb perfect. I dip till to the last drop.

Aria (12)

I love my Italian pizza in thin crust that turns out this Hawaiian Pizzeta @ RM26. A simple pizza that serve along with turkey ham, pineapple, mozarella & oregano and I enjoy it just plainly like that without adding any sauce.

Aria (14)

I have been looking for nice Risotto since after I have been back from overseas. Not many places can actually cook this dish to my liking and I am suprise to find Seafood Risotto in here is just perfect. The risotto cook till its soft and a bit sticky, along with mix seafood that makes it a bit sweet in taste and sour tomato taste just blends in well RM36

Aria (15)

Aglio-Olio Smoke Duck Pasta @ RM36

Aria (16)

This is actually one of their signature in da house and there is no doubt that we were told must sample this, and after we tried it out, we only realize why its a must to try out. Spaghetti was cook till al dante and springy with hint of light olive oil and the taste of salty smoke duck just bring’s up the taste. – Recommended!

Aria (17)

Grilled Tenderloin @  RM70

Aria (19)

For those who loves steak, Medium rare is always my preference as to get the tenderloin remains juicy on every bite. Even better with the first cut and you can see the blood ooze out, as his find piece serve along with sauteed vege, roasted potatoes and a choice of garlic rosemary, black pepper and brown sauce.

Aria (18)

Super smooth fish meat that nears to melting in your mouth when you put it in as this Merluzzo Canadese Atlantico (Canadian Cod Fish)  topped with olive tapenade, vegetables and laden with Mediterranean sauce serve it light and yet very flavourful.  RM65

Aria (20)

As the owner is a big fan of single malt and he let us sample different types of single malt and those 2 are very new to me as I have never heard before for Bruichladdich  and Auchentoshan 18 years old, anything that you hit on with 18 years old would be a bomb. Yamazaki definately need not to explain as its not a stranger to many single malt lover which is the first choice in my list.

Aria (21)

This 10 years old taste very good as the taste is impressive, not too spicy, yet very smooth easy to down with on the rock. Perfect to pair with seafood as it will bring out the freshness taste of the food as we pair it with the cod. Just perfect! Definitely would love to have one bottle of this to keep for my collection. As i have never seen this in the air port.

The restaurant also do sell these bottles whiskey Macallan 12 & 18 years, Auchentoshan 12 & 18 years, Clynelish 14 year as well as Japanese whiskey both blended Hakushu 12-year and single malt Yamazaki 12-year. Price is very reasonable.

Aria (23)

Apple strudel with custard sauce @ RM23

Aria (22)

Aria (24)

Tiramisu @ RM20

Aria (25)

Then to close the whole meal up, the floor manager serve us their special coffee.

I would say, this restaurant is in my recommendation list as for the price and the quality of food hidden in the neighborhood, definitely this is worth to hunt for and a recommended restaurant for Valentine’s Day which is just tomorrow and you still have yet to find a restaurant…Try this out. Great food~

44G, Plaza Damansara,
Jalan Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara,
50490, Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours – 12pm to 12am on Monday – Friday

5pm till late on Saturdays.

For reservation : 03-2095 0016
Website : www.aria.my

Chinese New Year, is just around the corner. . . Most of the families will either have their reunion dinner at home, but this round, I have opted to have a early reunion dinner with my friends first at one of my favourite Chinese restaurant in Prince Hotel, Tai Zhi Heen which is located at level 1 of the Hotel.

prince (1)_resize

Salmon Yu Sheng. . .

prince (2)_resize

Salmon that represents ‘Nian Nian You Yu’

prince (3)_resize

Lou Sang says who that have to be chinese, with the modern tradition now, 1 Malaysia concept had evolve and involve all races to enjoy this great joyful event~

prince (4)_resize

Usual dinner with start off with ‘Double boil Shark Fin Soup with Chinese Cabbage’. It is clear and aromatic. . . I just do not mind to have another bowl.

prince (5)_resize

Braised dried oysters with fatt choy, baby abalone, sea cucumber and broccoli, that fatt choi during this festive season is a must have item.

prince (6)_resize

Traditional Style Steam Cod Fish, is another favourite dish that steam till its softe, and the cod are really fresh.

prince (7)_resize

Another signature dish of the restaurant is this Stir Fried Prawns with Pumpkin Sauce, fried to perfection with the sauce well coated by the prawn, and must eat it while its hot.

prince (8)_resize

If you prefer something cool at the end of the meal, then ‘Double boiled hasma with red dates and glutinous sesame dumplings’ is a must not miss desert.

They do have their package for Chinese New Year, as below:

Chinese New Year Prosperity Set
RM 988++ for 10 pax

Chinese New Year Fortune Set
RM 1,288++ for 10 pax

Chinese New Year Wealth Set
RM 1,488 for 10 pax

Tai Zi Heen
Level 2, Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 – 2170 8888 or email : [email protected]

Tai Zhi Heen now had refurbish to  a new look with not just only that, they did a little changes to their ala cart menu to bring new touch in both interior design and also food. With their previous launch on the restaurant (click here) here comes now a proper touch of their new menu.

tai zhi heen

A roast peking duck that just roasted pipping hot from the oven with the skin so shinning and when I was capturing this, I was swallowing my saliva with its aromatic smell that hard to resist.

tai zhi heen (2)

When this lady cut on the duck skin, you can just hear the cracking sound of it, it means so fresh   and I just wish that I could steal one slice to put into my mouth first.

tai zhi heen (3)

tai zhi heen (4)

This is how proffessional this lady cut on the skin, with pure skin that have not much fats that stick along.

Japanese food would be consider one of a food temptation that hard to resist by many people, especially served with fresh sashimi along with sake would be the perfect but fresh sashimi itself would be enough to kill most of us.


One of the latest introductions to us is Japanese Master Chef Heiji Kasuga and we were privilege to get a chance to have him cook for us. He’s 46 years of experience in cooking Japanese Cuisine both traditional and fusion that makes his cooking style unique and more authentic.

Enju (2)

The California and Ebi Tempura Maki was good as the rice is more sticky yet not too wet  which is just perfect to make a sushi roll, with the ingredient in it makes it simple and nice dish to start off with.

Enju (3)

Assorted Makimono

Enju (4)

ENJU Dynamite Roll was made from fresh salmon, cucumber, flying fish roe, tempura flakes, avocado and sushi rice wrapped in dry seaweed. One of the best I had so far as the really use pure ingredient with minimal of rice and the salmon is very fresh. RM22

Enju (5)

Sashimi Fuji @ RM140

If you are looking for something fresh to tantalize your mouth, this platter would be something you would not want to miss, with variety of fresh sashimi are served in one plate, I surely do not mind having the whole plate by myself if I can. Most pieces of the sashimi are quite juicy and dipping it with wasabi is just heaven.

Enju (6)

Murugai Yaki @ RM32

Grilled Mussel is grilled perfectly that manage to make the meat still soft and juicy, by topping up with a bit of cheese on it and by putting it in your mouth, it is burst with flavors.

Enju (7)

Maguro Yamakake @ RM29

Cod fish was grilled to perfect by the small chunk of fish able to spread into slices when put it in our mouth in it is soft and fragrant

Enju (8)

Soft Shell Crab Karaage @ RM28

When this was served, the smell of it get us eager to try it out and goodness, it was crispy that served along with potato salad that I can just finish the whole scoop by myself  

Enju (9)

Curry Udon  @ RM28

One of the classic taste that I miss a lot as I was not able to find many places that can cook nice curry Udon, and I would say this is one of the best curry udon that I have had so far with mild and sweet curry flavor that is a bit thick and creamy in taste yet the udon was cook wholly that its not too soft yet not too hard.

If you love something homecook or authentic Japanese food, Enju is one of the place you would want to dine in and with their new promotions, its worth trying out.

Japanese Power Set Lunch
Monday to Friday (12noon -2.30pm)

Power Set Lunch is a great choice for quick business dining! Varieties of choice are available from Tempura, Sushi, Sashimi, and Soba set.

The Power Set Lunch will be an ideal meal with colleagues or friends and it is also perfect over a business discussion with your business partners.

Available from RM45++ per person onwards

Unlimited Sushi Weekends (for Dinner)
Every Friday & Saturday (Dinner from 6.30pm – 10.30pm)

Indulge in Japanese favourites in abundance on Friday and Saturday nights! Discover ENJU’s Unlimited Sushi Weekends for dinner. Every sushi dinner consists of miso soup, a choice of main course and dessert and unlimited selections of Nigiri, Makimono and Temaki Sushi.

Priced at RM65++ per person

ENJU Japanese Restaurant
Prince Hotel and Residence KL
Jalan Conlay
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603-2170 8888 ext 8203

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.princehotelkl.com
Business hours: Lunch 12-2.30pm (Mon-Fri),
Dinner 6.30-10.30pm (Mon-Fri) & 6.30-11pm (Sat)

To usher the upcoming year of Tiger, for Chinese traditions, most of the working or business people will usually head for a close meal dinner (Sau Gong Chou) to end with the year great effort and best of all and also after during the Chinese New Year will have another dinner Open Dinner (Hoi Gong Chou) to wish every 1 had a prosperous new and great year ahead and of course this is one of the Halal Chinese Restaurant.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (2)

For me, this year would be the very first time I lou sang in such a early mood and with the Chinese new Year music background really stir up the mood in such a modern Chinese classic contemporary restaurant.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (3)

When I look at the menu, I got all excited about the dish that going to get serve. In Tai Zhe Heen, the food here had always been in top notch with their quality of serving and the taste of it.


‘Master Chef Ricky Thein’ is the person behind the curtain to ensure you have a satisfaction meal at the restaurant. (curi this pic from sloppychic)

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (4)

Of This would be my very very first time lou sang in such a early mood (1 month earlier) that starts our meal of the night with ‘Ying-Yang Yee Sang’ (Tuna and Salmon Roulade).

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (5)

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (6)

Then start mixing every of the ingrediant into the plate.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (7)
Lastly of top on the salmon.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (8)
and its ready to rumble (ready to be lou)

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (9)

For Chinese tradition that, during the process of lou sang you have to wish something you want and the higher you lou, the chances of your dreams or wish will come true on that year or more like prosperity, health and wealth for the year as that is what I have been thought.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (10)

‘Braised Pearl Shark Fin’s with Fish Maw in Supreme Golden Broth’

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (11)

I just love the soup and it was awesome that with the thick soup base that rich with flavor eat a whole slab of sharfin, fish moe and mushroom is in it. I would happily to ask for another bowl if I do have the chance.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (12)

Awwww….. it has been a while since I had eaten ‘Steamed Cod Fish with Pickled Radish and Garlic in Supreme Soy Sauce’.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (13)

As this dish came, we were asking Ricky (the person that serve us) keep saying, I want big big portion 1 ah, I want to be special abit, all of us were fighting for bigger piece of it and of course he being the gentleman, girls get bigger piece~ and after finish our portion we were aiming on next table wonder could tax on their portion a not…

The texture of the fish meat is absolutely soft, yet it will melt into pieces when put into your mouth, sign of freshness and the soy sauce is just perfect to go along with it which is not very salty. (only get to know that its imported cod)

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (14)

In Chinese custom, fatt choy is often use in the dishes as Fatt means prosperity.. so that makes ‘Braised Dried Oysters with Fatt Choy, Mexican Soy Clams, Sea Cucumber and Wok Fried Greens’.CNY Tai Zhi Heen (16)
‘Braised Duck with Dried Fish Maw and Scallops’ Cook to soft succulent duck meat top with my favorite scallop as I can just wallap this whole plate by myself.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (19)

One of my favorite of the night ‘Deep-fried Batter-dipped Prawns Tossed with Fresh Lime Dressing’.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (20)

Sweet, chewy, big prawns that cook to perfection left with the shell on the tail for you to take as I keep licking the sauce of out the skin and ate it with satisfaction with the sauce abit salty egg taste with butter and lime is just something I wish I have the whole basket.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (15)

‘Fried Rice with Seafood and Baby Abalone’ filled with wok hei and baby abalone is rich in taste. Something for the first time I ate with baby abalone(chewy and delicious which is not too dry after fried.)

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (17)

Usually in such environment, a desert is a must, to end with ‘Double-boiled Hasma with Red Dates and Glutinous Rice Dumplings’. Not too sweet filled with softness of the rice ball which is chewy that will melt after a while to swallow and with the meaning of reunion (as what tong yuen means)

We were all very satisfied with the Chinese New Year menu and it is absolutely great for those corporate people to host the end year dinner here with such a nice ambiance and good foood.

Tai Zhe Heen offer Chinese New Year Package with:

1. Chinese New Year Prosperity Set

Salmon yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Tuna yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Snow per yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing

Braised shark’s fin with dried scallops and sea cucumbers in superior broth
Braised dried oysters with fatt choy, black mushrooms and shell fish
Steamed sea bass with a sweet and spicy prosperous sauce
Wok-fried tiger prawns with butter and Taiwanese bread crumbs
Tai Zi Heen crispy roasted chicken with plum sauce and fragrant salt
Fried rice with scallops, prawns and spicy homemade dried shrimp paste
Glutinous rice dumplings with sea coconut in iced lemon syrup
Crispy fried Chinese brown sugar cake

RM988++ per table of 10 persons

2. Chinese New Year Fortune Set

Salmon yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Tuna yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Snow pear yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing

Braised shark’s fin with dried scallops and sea cucumbers in superior broth
Braised dried oysters with fatt choy, black mushrooms and shell fish
Steamed Australian grouper with a sweet and spicy prosperous sauce
Deep-fried battered prawns tossed with fresh lime dressing
Tai Zi Heen garlic marinated roast chicken with plum sauce
Fried rice with spicy homemade seafood paste topped with crispy dried scallops
Double-boiled snow fungus with lotus seeds and glutinous rice dumplings
Crispy fried Chinese brown sugar cake

RM1188++ per table of 10 persons

3. Chinese New Year Wealth Set

Ying-yang yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Shark’s fin yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Snow pear yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing

Double-boiled shark’s fin soup with premium dried seafood and baby cabbage
Braised dried oysters with fatt choy, top shell, sea cucumbers and wok-fried greens
Steamed cod fish with pickled radish and garlic in supreme soy sauce
Stir-fried prawns with butter and fragrant salted eggs
Braised duck with dried fish maw and dried scallops
Steamed glutinous rice with baby abalone wrapped in lotus leaves
Double-boiled hasma with red dates and glutinous rice dumplings
Battered Chinese brown sugar cake layered with yam

RM1388++ per table of 10 persons

Its truely I am recommending this restaurant.
For Chinese New Year Reservations,

Opens daily for lunch from 12 noon – 2.30 daily and dinner is served from 6.30pm-10.30pm daily.

Acrobatic Lion Dance Performance : 21/2/2010 -12 noon at the Hotel’s Grand Lobby.

Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur
Opposite Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel no: +603-2170 8888

Website: www.princehotelkl.com

Nice sauce with fresh vegetable and oyster would just be perfect to eat along with fried rice.

I have heard a lot about this restaurant but never bother to go in, just do not know why. I thought it would be the same as Sushi Zanmai but I guess I was wrong (do not know whether it’s the same or not). Me and my friend was at Sunway and totally out of idea what to eat. Think of it, everything also about the same till my friend ask me what I want to eat and was up on the escalator then saw this place, which I have not dine before and good reviews from it.

As I have lost the receipt, and hopefully the name that I found is the same as the dish.

Pasta Zanmai

Pasta Zanmai (2)

Pasta Zanmai (3)

What caught my friend’s eyes was this tall fruit mock tail I would say, and looks good and known as ‘Heart Mix Fruit Juice’. A bit light in taste but the flavor of the mix fruit is there. Definitely will goes well with my food(in my thought)RM 12

Pasta Zanmai (5)

Next which is this soup, I have been trying to order a lot of times at Sushi Zanmai but most of the time was finish or not available till not in the menu anymore. Then saw this, and it’s a must order for me. The strong miso soup taste is there that taste a bit sweet with the clamps that cook with it. Like it a lot~

Pasta Zanmai (6)

As my friend is a egg lover, what she said was, the egg is just as good as it looks and as soft as baby’s skin. The soy sauce is not salty yet mild which is perfect.
‘Onsen Tamago’ RM3

Pasta Zanmai (7)

All the things in the menu look so tempting, yet in the spaghetti section, white sauce is always my first section that I look into and also my favorite sauce. Then came across this dish ‘Kinoko Tori no Cream Sauce’ soft tender chicken that cook along with the mushroom with the creamy sauce is just something that I could not ask for more. Around RM19

Pasta Zanmai (4)

‘Hotate to Kinoko no Mentaimayo Pizza’ (Grilled Scallop & Mushroom with spicy Cod Fish Roe, Mayonnaise on the Pizza). Gosh, the pizza was serve it smells so good and my friend’s hand was on the way there till I have to stop her from taking it. Then I kena say, fast fast take pic ler..want to eat already. Crispy thin layer of base crust and on with the topping is simply delicious. RM26

As my stomach on that day got a bit problem that I could not even digest the food from the afternoon, and did not really finish the meal for the first time and my friend she say me, yerrrr.. long long time eat once with you also cannot eat finish..heee. Then after that went back lau sai. Stomach need some system clearance after a while which is good for me.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, Good ah~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Pasta Zanmai,
New wing around Maybank area if not mistaken.

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