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I guess we were too free on Sunday and drove all the way for mini food hunting at Klang, but after been to Klang for a few times but I still find it quite a distance to travel. Nevertheless our first stop in the morning breakfast at Klang was at this little kopitiam Chong Kok Kopitiam located nearby one of a famous street which is around Little India.

Chong Kok

A shop that still look classic from inside out that is easily spotted with many people looking for places.

In Penang, there are actually a lot of things to discover. The most recent discover was a Coffee Shop that had its very own signature brew. Although I am not a coffee lover but I can still take it. Coffee Lane is located in one of the classic heritage shop housing in the banking zone of Penang.


It was our casual meeting up with CK, Lingzie and Ken(only realize he is from PG too) had fantastic lunch introduce by CK and she brought us to this shop to be pampered.

coffee (2)

When I walked into the shop, I fell in love with the little yet cozy with heritage feel and filled with the cold of aircon in the room just makes me so comfortable.

coffee (3)

The coffee or tea making area is filled with simple decorations and besides that, he does sell some special coffee making brewing little equipment.

coffee (5)

coffee (6)

Their shop is still very brand new and their specialty serving is more on coffee and as for lunch time, they do have menu for that too with reasonable pricing.

coffee (7)

‘Ice Cream Coffee’ RM8.50

coffee (8)

‘Ice Black Coffee with Sugar’ RM 7.50

coffee (9)

coffee (10)

‘Ice Coffee with Milk(cold)’ RM8

coffee (11)

Since I am a newbie in this turf, CK recommend me to go for ‘Syphon Brewing Coffee’ that I must witness the unique of how the coffee is made with their mini station.

The very first thing when I saw this cart reminds me of high school time during lab class sessions.

The mini cart is equip with, mini tank gas, a build in ‘Penunu Bunsen’(very long never use this word already) and a glass to block on the heat.

coffee (12)

The very first step to start the whole process is to light on the Penunu Bunsen and change the fire light to sky blue which mean the highest burning state.

coffee (13)

Next is to place the glass flask above it to boil the water on it.

coffee (14)

Then place another type of glass flask that has a tube in the middle to connect it with another flask and covers with blended coffee powder.

coffee (15)

Amazingly the boil water starts to pump up to the top flask and mix the water and the coffee power.

coffee (16)

When it reaches the climax. . .

coffee (17)

The second part of the process which is the pure coffee blended taste will flow back to the bottom flask.

coffee (18)

coffee (19)

This is the great man behind the coffee making process full with passion and looking on a lot of coffee tasting and telling you the taste of the bean from different countries; Terry Beh (the owner) of the shop. To me he is like a expert in coffee as in similar to those people in wine tasting.

coffee (20)

When it was pour out, we can smell the strong taste of the coffee covering all around the table, even Ken smells it nice. The taste of the coffee totally taste different, it’s a bit orangy in taste yet very aromatic coffee bean and I enjoy myself with this cup of coffee.

coffee (21)

Then we got serve a ‘Ti Ah Koay’ which I love it very much as I always eat it at New World Park but this homemade version by his mother, I have feel in love deeply with this serving. Its soft and taste a bit like jelly but with the Melaka sugar top on its just very good compare to the one at new world park.

Thanks alot to CK for exposing us such a great place and really had a good times with you guys on that lovely evening over a cup of coffee.Looking out for more. Catch up with you soon.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, Very Good Recommended, for coffee lovers~ ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Coffee Lane
10-B King Street
10200 Penang

Tel : 04 2610625

Business Hours : 11 am – 8 pm

Closed on Thursday

Free Wi-Fi


I could not help but to blog this wonderfull food that I have eaten yesterday as the double K’s brought the whole making gang to this place which they had been talking for quite sometime till ‘yesterday’ only bring us makan.

As I have always mark Kuchai Lama business park as one of my food hunting ground yet neither did I know that, there is another hidden restaurant next area to it. We reach around 12pm and it was already 95% occupied. Left 3 big tables and we occupied one and Karen told us that, usually the place would be very very pack after 12.30pm.

What we order was everything from the wall. The 5 dishes which is their signature dish.

Oder their ‘Longan Leong Sui’ lack of flavor and it would taste very nice if the longan aroma added strong her and also add in some sweetness.
If you are very sleepy in the morning or even lunch and loves something sour.. ‘Lime Juice with Sour Plum’ is something that will make your eyes wide open like a star blinking. Its very sour kam kat and sour plum taste had blended well with it. A perfect combination, recommended.

Another drink not to be miss, their ‘Kopi Peng’ as we ended up ordering 4 extra cups. We love it as it was strong in taste, yet the structure of it its like sticking on the glass, with a bit of burn coffee powder taste not too bitter but suit to our taste. Recommended too.

Our very first dish, ‘Mix Fried Pig Intestine’, the moment the waiter put down the dish, the rest were already taking their chopstick and ready to attack this dish and I have to stop them cuz I have not take a picture. I have to take it fast as I felt the pressure is there, if I do not take it fast the chopstick will ended poking up in my nose.

The moment I said I finish taking pictures, left half of the plate and it was gone within minutes. We love the texture of it, it was something chewy as all of us love it, the sauce is salty enough to eat along and the best part is the intestine is a bit smelly of its taste yet eat along with the fried pig oil and dried shrimps is just something you would not want to miss. We reorder again. Also gone within minutes. Highly recommended.

‘Guinness Stout Chicken Wingz’ I have always heard that cook a dish with Guinness and have not tried it till yesterday. Ohhhh, I can just tell you that I am loving it. By just smelling the dish I already cannot wait to eat it. For the very first bite of the mini drumstick I fell in love with the flavor. Something thick and rich in flavor and the soft chicken meat had just making us wanted to eat more. Andy was like, emm..this is good, emmm. . . this is just so good. Then Andy complain that, nah, see la…told you guys to order big 1.
I have tried quite anumber of places with its very own ‘X.O Claypot Fish Head Noodle’ but this have its taste of its own. There is a bit sour, yet a bit milk creamy, with a bit strong taste of ginger yet the soup is very clear is something that I do not really know how to describe but the taste is definitely unique compare to the one I have tasted before. Its good.
‘Claypot Lou Shi Fun’ caught my attention the most of how they serve it. With a very square wooden box look alike and the claypot was put in the middle of the box. Strong aroma when it was serve and of course it needed to be stir.
The after effect was, it taste not bad with you manage to eat abit of the crunchy burn lou shi and it’s a bit dry as I like it not too dry, with mince meat and the flavor of the burning taste is there. Not a bad dish after all. What is lacking was with an egg.
‘Braised Pork Belly with Man Tou’ I love the taste of the gravy but the meat provided consist of 10% meat and 90% fats. Particularly is like eating fats that makes me geli but then I remember that eating along with the man tou gives it the oomph of it, and here is my very own version of wrapping.

Add on the sauce and wrap and eat along, yet still I cannot eating with the fats oozing out from the bun just makes me geli. If the fats and the meats we given equally, it would be nice to much with the soft warm man tou.

We really did enjoy the meal here and looking forward to revisit. A place I am recommending. The sad thing is they do not open on weekend as they are very busy for catering. Well, that just leaves us an option of weekdays then. Total bills come to RM118 for 7 person which I think the price is okay with the quality of the food but some of them do not like the lou shi fun. It is advisable to go to this place early to avoid dissapointment.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 10/10, Very Good recommended~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Restaurant Goon Wah
G13, Jalan 3/115C
Block KP2, Taman Kuchai Jaya
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur


Tel No: 03 – 7982 0048

Operation hours: 10.30am-3pm
Monday to Friday (closed on weekend for catering purpose

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