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This little camera had follow me for many days now and by far most of the pictures I am taking starting to improve as getting to understand more of the functions in many area. If you have miss out the first 2 part of the camera, then you can read this wi-fi function (click here)  follow by Premium Metal Body (click here). Since I have gotten to know more of its function, then I set my camera setting my camera to take shots at 20.3MP APS-C sensor since first few days. Not only offering of NX210’s 20.3 Mp APS-C CMOS sensor, it also offer much finer detail in images, and features super-sonic dust reduction.

I have tested the camera in a few formats. . . .


These cakes are just colourfull and the middle Happy Birthday wordings look 3-D


Then saw this craft zone that children created out items base on recycle item.


Not only that, as I went over to wine tasting, I am impress with this AIX French wine and it turns out to be good. Its more like a desert wine actually and just love the simple colour combination.


Went to restaurant with dim lights and it still manage to balance the lighting in the area very well.


As few days back, it was weekend whereby I have attended Jim Liaw’s photography and its amazingly good. Then went in to take picture with my Samsung unit that makes me impress to take such gown  details which is very visible. Shooting portrait is good tho ..


A interior of the whole ambiance setting. Just soothing and nice.


Last but not least, I find this bar counter is very interesting. All sorts of tea  and minor coffee to place on your order..


Last but not least, to take the camera to slightly dark room which is filled with macaroons colours.

I even have blog accordingly with the camera as you can check out these few post. . .

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Overall, I am happy with the unit so far as it had produce nice pictures to my blog  ..  🙂

You can find out how’s video quality by clicking here

all shots taken with Samsung NX 210

Once in a life time, every women dreams to be a Princess for the day yet femine with confident wearing a gown with their love of their live.

I was lucky to get invited by Shirley, Director of Marketing at Prince Hotel to get an opportunity for this very first look at one of our very local fashion designer’s in line with MIGF’09, as Carven Ong Malaysia Most Prominent Designer, that we stand a chance to preview of his latest collection Cheongsam with a modern twist called ‘Oriental Flower’.

An inspiration from the Chinese tradition cluture with the weight of flower symbol keeping the Chinese legacy of a dream come true in the modern world. Combination of taffeta and Thai silk material with sparkling diamonds and the beads with rich embroidery work brings love, adoration and unity to those who wear it.

With the model’s wearing and portraying his latest collection.

By monochrome, surely gives you the feel of a classic choice. By being shot during the actual day, surely it will be lovely.

Of course I must be in there also ma..

That’s Carvan Ong with his 2 models. A person who is very warm yet humble and a good chat will leads you to be a good friend soon.

Jessica just got impress on his collection and trying out turns out to be bride wanna be. 🙂

One of his many collections with classic white.

Feeling colour could match your mood on the day itself. What you need to do is just tell him the details of your idea, concept or design, he will surely comes out with your ideal piece.

I do not know, but so far I really love this piece, because of its colour combination and also the design of it. I was thinking of photoshots in this dress even though I have not tried taking shots before but was dreaming of it on that moment.

Girls with cheongsam sure does look good.

Even Jessica got jealous and decided to tried on this time. She was so scared to come out as all of us are ready to rape her with our camera.

After a short time spending on his boutique, we are heading to the next arrangement and while walking there, we thought of asking the models to stand on the spiral stair case for some shots.
Award winning Tai Zi Heen which is one of the restaurant in Prince Hotel is exclusively will be presenting ‘A Hong Kong Encouter’ at this year Malaysia International Gourmet Festival featuring Chinese Master Chef Ricky uThein Yiew Ming’s Signature Cantonese cuisine dishes.
To florish the theme, special arrangment of a drink to accompany the Chef festive menu, while with award winning Carven Ong has specially design and created the ‘Oriental Flower’ showcased by models from Diva Productions is one of the way to make a combination art of fashion, food and wine together to celebrate this event.
Exclusive interior and spacious area are able to hold many special occasions.
Being there early, they are still preparing and making sure everything is in the right progress as it will be attended but media’s, bloggers and selected guest.
A decoration table like this, will be sure are able to hold wedding occasions.
Of course with wine glass around the table, wine with great dishes will not be miss.
Pernod Ricard Malaysia has introduces one of its fine wine selections of Jacob’s Creek Reserve to accompany the Chef festive menu and brining up the ambiance.

A selection of:
Jacob’s Creek Reserve Riesling (White) will be start off with starters and Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz (Red) for mains will be accompanied with the dinner.
A fresh lovely rosess to be given for the sweetest smile. Hee…no la, a design of the table cloth.

The chef signature menu for the night.
Let me present you, Chef Ricky Thein Yiew Ming’s that will be presenting us his signature Cantanese Cuisine.
We were given a glimps of the Starters and mains.
Launching of with Appetisers Top middle (clock Wise)
Crispy yam puf with foie gras and minced chicken
– Crispy on the inside out, filled with yam and the taste of foie grass just melts in it.
Shredded beef with dried tangerine peel
– a very soft and tender piece of beef being covered and the taste of it just travels.
Wok-fried prawn with Asian tomato and black sesame dressing
-something very normal but it had cook to the best quality of it. I like the taste of it. simple and nice.
Wok-fried prawn with Asian tomato and black sesame dressing
-something unique which I have not tried before.
Follow with starter :
A duo of duckling and organic yin choy broths with sun-dried seafood, prawn and hairy gourd.
– The best of the best I have tasted. Mild thickness yet excellent soup taste that gives you the feeling of it had been cook for hours before it was served. I just walap within seconds to finish it.
Jeng Jeng Jengggg…commercial break. heee..It was the time that most of us stand up and get busy with our gadgets by aim and shot.
Main Course is someothing that we are aiming on.
Citrus marinated rack of lamb roasted with white sesame seeds, wok-fried bby cabbage, fresh lily bulbs and a spicy minted plum sauce.
– the meat is soft yet juicy from inside out. Was cook medium rare which I preffered it the most and spicy minted sauce just added the extra kick in it.
Main Course is someothing that we are aiming on:
Honey and soya baked salmon with fragrant crab roe, soya beans, bored beans, honshimeji mushrooms and wolfberry sauce.
– very soft and fresh piece of salmon, cook with perfection and we were looking for another piece.
Noodle is what it came next. Dan mee with soy braised beef carrot, raddish and leak topped with a spalsh of red wine.
– I got a bit shock when got to know that spoon is wine which I tought it was vinegar. Doutb to try it at the moment but once try, you are just eating the whole thing within seconds. Great combination of taste that makes the wine bubbling in your mouth.
To make a great memorable night, of course desert is a must ‘Tai Zi Heen Desert Tim Sum’
Chocolate whisky siew mai – very unique in taste, yet soft in the inside and roll it with the chocolate syrup add the kicks in.
Vanilla Ice cream with fresh mango puree, sago and pomelo – something not so sweet yet refreshing.
Crispy water chesnut spring roll – something simple with the extra touch.
A great dinner, of course we have to ask the Chef to take pic, a person who is really camera shy till most of us force him.
Hhehehe..I am not what from HohChiak channel or Ahxian…but I am ahBok..:P
Camwhore session begins……A chance to take pic with the Head Chef, DJ and Jessica.

A collaboration that they are doing with the art of fashion, wine, and food is a blast. Surely its gonna be a great showcase at MIGF’09.

A night to be remembered for me, with great food and wine and new found friends. Surely a thanks to Shirley and Sidney. Guess now I have to come up with another team letter. Double S’s.. which I already have double K’s.


With the festival menu on the run, priced from RM80++ to RM180++ is surely a way to enjoy the night with the person you are thinking off.
Prince Hotel also throw in a RM50 voucher for the Mandara Spa and RM50 (Can be used if you spend RM150 and above in a single receipt) food voucher for either Tai Zi Heen, ENJU or Eccucino, if you choose the full Festival Menu with wine ordered.

Then festival diners will receive a 30% discount on food at Tai Zi Heen when you produce the festival lunch or dinner receipt. Valid for dining in from 1 to 30 Nov 2009.
If you book 6 pax and above for the festival menu, you get 10% discount.
Some more you are entitled for Tai Zi Heen Lucky Draw when you spend a minimum of RM160++ and above in a single receipt at Tai Zi Heen inclusive of the Festival Menu and you will be entitled for a chance to win a one night stay at their Executive Suite with buffet breakfast at Eccucino and a set dinner at Tai Zi Heen for two persons.
For more information please click here.
Tai Zi Heen Restaurant
Lvl 2 Price Hotel & Residence KL,
Jalan Conlay, 50450 KL.
Tel(DID) 03-2170 3259
Carven Ong
Prince Hotel & Residence KL
Jalan Conlay, 50450 KL Malaysia.
Tel : 603-2162 8232
Fax : 603-2162 7232


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