One of the reason, I am cutting my hair short is to try on a few of the Osis texture range which is in gel form. Among so far that I have tried, Gelastic is one of the latest edition to texture group that has a fantastic firm grip and I just love the finishing which is something solid and hard which is Level 4 of their range. Schwarzkopf Professionals


For the past whole week, I have been just using this Osis Gelastic which is ultra strong flex gel and I have been trying on my hair while it is either still a bit damp or dry for myself to test it out. I find the effectiveness during my hair is still damp by pressing a small amount of gel onto my hand and gel my hair accordingly to what I like and within minutes it had dried up quickly and harden the look of it which I love it for my short hair. If you love your hair just to be in one look, strong grip, a bit of wet look then I would recommend Gelastic.


To add in extra spice up on my hair to gain better control of it comes these Osis Finishing range which is the latest product by Schwarzkopf is Osis Shine Duster in silver bottle and for Texture finishing Dust it would be one to look for.

One of the differences that I applied on two occasions by using different product with different ending that I start off with this combination.

Combination 1)

I used Gelastic with its effect of level 4 strong hold firm grip applied on my hair then end it with Dust It . . .


By applying small amount of it onto my palm with soft matt effect that holds my hair texture very well that make it looks like incredible volume.

With my combo 2 I am ready to rumble for my day to hang out with my friends but one thing I realize and feel that it would be much better by this combination 4-Play and Dust It.


With my combo 2 I am ready to rumble for my day to hang out with my friends but one thing I realize and feel that it would be much better by this combination 4-Play and Dust It.


4-Play which have medium texture control which is mouldable that I can reshape my hair anytime and by adding dust it as finishing touch it had created more natural feel by my hair looking more volume, natural and holds on better.

Combination 2)


I used OSIS 2 – Mess UP to gel up my hair to the style I would love it, as with level 2, the effect is softer and my hair looks natural but add on with Shine Duster it had created the effect to another level as I shake gently before I use by sprinkle small amount onto my palm and work onto my hair. Then to my surprise for the finish it add shine onto my hair by more natural look.


Although I would not have the ability to style till like the professionals, but with the product are easy to use with instant end result is something that I have been looking for, no doubt that Schwarzkopf Professionals range is very much of my preferred choice.

For more product info, check out http://www.killroutine.com/.

With the new release range from Schwarzkopf you can get it at :

1) Derrick & Team ( Mid Valley Megamall / Tel: 03-22822788)
2) O’Inno Hair Salon ( TTDI / Tel: 03-77262180)
3) Ivan & Max ( Damansara Perdana / Tel : 03-77105606)
4) 8 Days ( Bukit Bintang / Tel: 03-21424888)
5) Red of Hair ( Setapak / Tel: 03-41496383)

It seems like another the latest hit of 3-D movie debut is on the screen with the latest flick Alice In Wonderland in the company of Jonny Deep as one of the main actor. It had hit the local screen and it had been full house since last Thursday on screen. I still have yet to catch the movie, with people commenting good and bad about it.

And . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To my surprise. . . . . . . . . .I have never thought of Alice in Wonderland would come to live. . . . . . . . with those giant mushroom, big grass key holes, gigantic gate as what is in the fairy tale. . . . . now you can take a lot of pictures at Mid Valley as they have turn their center court to

~mini Alice in Wonderland~


Alice (2)

Alice (3)

Alice (4)

Alice (5)

Alice (6)

Alice (7)

it was good that they control the crowd in there, as I didnt get my chance to go in as I was block by the security guard, well, definately I’ll go next round to take from the inside!

Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Sci-fi

I do not know what is so nice about this movie and till yesterday as the cinema was still quite full and I was seated the first front 4 rows.

It was about Eric Bana who owns an ability to travel through time randomly any time to the past and somewhere near future of its own randomly without having the ability to control it. Just disappear and travel in time just like that and when the wife gave birth to the daughter, the daughter then had the ability to control the time travel where she wants and when she wants.

Not really a romantic movie as I expect it to be. The movie is so so ony. So just grab a DVD to watch it.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 5/10, So so only…~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

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