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On one side I am proud of being a Malaysian which is, Malaysia have a lot of local talents. In cooking shows or local famous celebrity chef Chef Wan is definitely a no stranger to all of us but one of the local chef that had makes it mark at the shores away from Malaysia by promoting hard on our local cuisine and culture at the European countries. Chef Norman Musa, A kampong boy from upbringing, that born from Butterworth, Penang had step its foot to UK on the year 1994 as Quantity Surveyor and since then by hosting alot of friends from Malaysia he had made himself a self thought cook, till date his restaurant was nominated Restaurant of the Year award in 2009, nominated for Manchester’s Chef of the Year Award and a Chef to the Lotus Racing Formula One Team.


An International star Chef had landed in Kuala Lumpur recently and would be his virgin trip. A person who starts to cook at a tender age of 12 and have more than 30 years of experience in cooking show and host more than 1500 episodes in his career is here to give a live cook show. He is Chef Martin Yan who is quite well known to most of us during back in the early days as alot of people are aftering his show YanCanCook if you still do remember. He is also one of the pioneer for a Chinese to penetrate into US market in cooking shows that have now make him internationally recognise.

I have always watch cooking shows on TV but never in my dream that I was privilege to attend this exclusive event that host at GE Monogram Kollektion.

The kitchen utilities is impressive and specially set up just for the show.

A simple ingredient that prepared and ready to be used for the chef and just by this ingredient just sit back and see what the chef can surprise you with it.

Another sponsor Lee Kum Kee and others for the event that Chef use for cooking.

and a friendly Emcee that introduce all the sponsors and the event flow of the day.

Being a local favourites, Chef Sun is his assistant for the day. During the introduction, I am very amazed and very into Chef Martin Yan with his energy and with his great sense of humour that keep making all of us to laugh. I am also impress with his passion in cooking that he is so into it that, what I think a chef must have.
With his age, and his vase experience, his culinary skills is still so impressive especially on slicing a green peper. He can just use one slice of it and slice it into many many thin slice.

Then he thought most of us how to prepare a simple dish yet easy to prepare and fast at home. While Chef Sun was cooking, I am already hungry and waiting eagerly what had the chef is cooking.

The two simple dish of the day was ‘Prawn in Salsa Sauce’ and ‘Black Cod Fish in Salsa sauce’. The taste is amazingly good. Something simple yet unique in taste and still preserve the freshness of the ingredient.

Then the chef tell about his experience and what are the do and dont’s which he keep mentioning If Chef Yan can do, you can do it too..If Chef Yan can’t do it, then you better don even think of trying.

At the end of the show, me, Sunny and Xin trying to be the chef wanna be also…trying to get the feel of it..keke

With Chef Sun and Chef Martin Yan

Then proceed with the lucky draw, I just did not know why for the very first time I am quite disappointed that did not get it.

It is a marvelous event to see him how he spread his love in cooking to public that I must thank to Sidney and GE Monogram for the invites without you guys, I could not witness this great cooking show.

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