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Covid-19 in Malaysia is on the rise again. Many have now embark on new layer of protection whenever traveling out from house. there are now with some face equipment’s. To protect yourself during Covid-19, Antah Wellness comes with 1 set of their convenience kit with Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Spray. You are also further protected with their FREE Covid-19 Insurance with every purchase.

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A set of this comes in handy. Some people are quite worry whenever they travel out. Making it like a covid safety pack whenever they bring a set out together.

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One of their best seller product is Antah Defend.

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You can buy this Covid 19 protection kit at:

Lazada: www.bit.ly/AxxessLazada
Shopee: www.bit.ly/AxxessShopee


Defend Tag Antah Wellness

This is useful whenever you travel or work in close proximity with people.  Open the little sache and put into the tag. The protection tag that releases anti-microbial chlorine dioxide for prevention against air-borne diseases. Antah Wellness A+ defend within a space of 1 cubic meter around the bearer.

It can last for 45 days


While you on the way to work. you can use it like I do. A tag to protect you and a protect spray to further enhance your touch moments.

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Protect Nanosilver Spray Antah Wellness

For Antah Wellness A+ Protect is non irritant and alcohol free. Natural and safe nanosilver-based disinfectant that eliminates and prevents microorganisms.

Contains deionized water infused with active nanosilver <10ppm . Suitable for all wound types as a cleansing and antiseptic agent . Effectively disinfects and sanitizes in less than a minute. Non-irritant and Alcohol-free.

Quick dry and do not feel sticky. Totally no smell at all. I do see other user spray on the face as it can be also used as wound protector or wound healing.

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Lazada: www.bit.ly/AxxessLazada
Shopee: www.bit.ly/AxxessShopee

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