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Kuchai Lama seem like an upcoming place for China cuisine with a few shop serve pretty good China food. Recently went back again to CQB China Cusine to try out their CQB ChongQing SiChuan Spicy Steamboat. You can find many diners in here are from China as the authenticity is pretty much on par with the one in China.

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Last visit, we had their dry sze chuan pot and it turns out to be very good. After finish the dry version, they will add in their soup base and turn it into hotpot version. Do prepare to queue for at least 20 – 30 minutes if you come on the peak dinner time . 7.30pm – 8.30pm.

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Fried potato still remain one of our top dish to order whenever we are in this Sze Chuan cuisine restaurant.

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If you love noodle, then do order their Mi xian which is also their signature

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Beef slices is not to bad as it is thinly cut out.

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as my friend is always there for their food, so we got a complimentary duck slices from the boss.

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One of their signature item. Duck blood is also a must order item as it is so fresh and good! Cooking method for this is quite direct where you just put everything into the hotpot, and let it cook.

How to know if it is cook, is when the duck blood floating on the surface, that is when you can start to fish it out.

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Besides that, lamb slices is this shop signature. Love they gammy taste of lamb yet not too strong but nice enough.

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Frozen tofu is also my favourite and do beware that this tofo will soak all the soup in it sponge. AS you bite it, do beware of the bursting soup .

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Do not overcook the pork slices to enjoy the best texture of it. Take a slice and just swing your chopstick for about 10-15 secondsĀ  as it is easily cooked.

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Soup base we order their signature, Chong Qing Malat soup and Salted Duck soup base. They do have other soup base available too.

The sichuan soup base is strong in mixture of spices and oily enough to my liking. The soup base is definately only for cooking meat as it is not drinkable.

Salted duck soup base is strong in flavour with hint of many hours cooking and it is top in my recommended soup base.

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There you go on the cooked duck blood. Just awesome! Also my quick cook of pork slices.

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Currently this CQB steamboat or CQB Sichuan steamboat is one of my favourite place. Fresh ingredients, and soup base is both on my liking side. Price is not too expensive too.

Other restaurant that I have tried in the area:

Restaurant De Hunan

CQB Steamboat Kuchai Lama
42, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

Operation Hours: 11pm – 10pm

tel: 03-7972 3533

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