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Marrybrown Salted Egg Meal is BACK!!!

Slowly I am turning into a fan of Marrybrown. A local brand that had been in our market since 1981. To surprise you, they have 500 restaurants across 16 countries . The group been growing steadily and getting hyped up over their egg-cited Salted egg yolk series. Carefully curated and R&D over the years had make a huge come back with a slight twist on this new Marybrown Salted Egg Meals. Available in two options. Diners can hit on their…

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Big and Juicy Burger, Carl’s Jr @ 1-Utama

Quite some time ago, when I started to work in KL one of the fast food chain, Carl’s Jr caught my attention with their whooping delicious burger pictures that I got seduce into and it was not until recently all of us decided to go for a feast at that fast food outlet. What I feel that their interior portray classic American style concept that decorated walls with burger’s pictures. Founded by industry pioneer, Carl N Karcher, Carl’s Jr. ®…

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Famous Nasi Kandar Line Clear @ Penang Road, Penang

When people mention that its not good to eat in dirty places as not a great place to dine in for hygiene purpose but Penang, there are a few places that should not be miss that with this environment they make a great food. In my thought, I still feel that Penang still has the best Nasi Kandar compare to KL or I still have not come across any nice one yet in KL. This place,hidden in one of a…

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B. Bee Tea House @ Sg Wang Part 1

This restaurant always caught my curiousity to try on the restaurant as the place seems okay and quite crowded occasionally. So it was Saturday and do not know what to eat then thought of this restaurant and need to get someting at Sg.Wang also. It was quite empty when I reached. So chose to sit on the swing area. Usually in a restaurant when I saw there is a ‘Jasmine Green Tea with pearl’ I would just order it. The…

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