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Some of you did see my previous article that weird light invaded Stuttgart follow by Abduction that aliens going after the cars. . Petronas

Now finally the answer had revealed. With the collaboration with Mercedes-AMG, Petronas has finally reveal their latest commercial featuring  2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-powered AMG fueled by Petronas Syntium 7000.

The 2 minutes video is quite interesting with touch screen technology being used in there showing a janitor at a MERCEDES AMG-PETRONAS lab has his eyes on a sleek new AMG machine and the lubricant powering it. Without any hesitation he just satisfy his curiosity by pouring the PETRONAS SYNTIUM 7000, into the engine of AMG 2.0-litre four-cylinder. Automatically the  turbo-powered car response and he took a ride.

Then only realise that its a little alien controlling the guy as it was blown away by the power and performance when he returns to the lab standing unevenly showing the sign of the intensity he just experience. Not being able to fathom the human technology that gave birth to this new species, he quickly gets beamed back to the mothership, grabbing a bottle of PETRONAS SYNTIUM with him.
The technology is so advanced that other planets are willing to do anything to get their extraterrestrial hands on it.
Lets hope On and take THE RIDE as below

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There are one product that I blog on last week on technology how it made simple for all of us. One of a product by Western Digital that I blog last week about Digital Cloud Storage (click here) is certainly something new to me.

When I read on the details, it got me curious how this whole thing work. As last weekend, we get to meet the sales rep as he further shower us more info on the product itself.

wd (7)

Sales rep from WD is very friendly as he all our questions that we bombard to him based on our curiosity that most of us had.

wd (9)

Further explain on the details on how user friendly of this installer and easy to navigate around. Compatible with many devices that are in the market now.

wd (8)

For gadget freak i-PAds or android you can dowload those app to be used any where anytime in this world. I am totally impress with the streaming of the movie while it was store in WD headquaters in PJ while we are staring at this.

pictures credit to Seraphsam.com

 We are totally impress at it. As storage its always been an issue for most of us that filled with many devices especially on hardisk. After staring at it, I know that it is one of a easy device to be connected any where at anytime, that we can even retreive any files in this drive that sitting at our home while we are at another side of the globe. Only one important thing, that you are needed to be connected to the internet.

Since it can be downloaded or access just like that, we are worried will our data be access by strangers, and we were told that we can create a few admin along with multiple password. For instance I bought this hardisk and since 2 Tera is too much and share it with my brother, we can create 2 admin/ user, upload files into the hardisk and create multiple password, there fore my files could not be acces without password even though sitting in the same device.

The only way to retrieve the files/documents is that you need to key in all password that you have set yourself. IF you wish to share with your friends, simple, just give them all sets of password you have set or create another folder with a simple password, more like a public folder.

wd (1)

Now, we are getting more in dept of this product.

My Book Live comes in 2TB & 3TB follow by heavy weight The My Book Live Duo comes in 4TB & 6TB

For product like this, it doesnt come cheap by kicking off at My Book Live from RM499 and My Book Live Duo from RM999

wd (6)

Samual, Carmen and me are getting more curious about the product and found out that the product is pretty small. . .

wd (2)

On the left slim little tower is My Book Live and a bit more heavy weight is My Book Live Duo

wd (3)

What are the difference? My Book Life is more like a personal storage that you have to upload most of the files thru software that are provided for your convenience. Of course product are price on different level surely have its own advantages and lets see what’s so special about My Book Life Duo.

wd (4)

This is something that most user would go after as we worry about hardisk crash or device failure. For My Book Life Duo, you can still retrieve all info from the devices as you can just easily pull out the hardisk and extract.

wd (5)

Besides that, you can even expand your storage capacity easily just by replacing it. Not only that, for file transfer, it is much easier with this device as there is a USB port behind, whereby you can just plug your hardisk and direct transfer into it.

All I can say is, I am totally impress with the technology of this unit and I am aiming to get one personal storage for myself and convenience of it to be able to retrieve file any where anytime. Basically it act as like super huge Dropbox and its build on too. .

why not you pull yourself to these few IT stores to understand further and enjoy the outlet special discount.


Sometimes we just love to peek on something, especially on girls OR when we was a kid, when we trying to prank a guy, we set up a trap on the floor stay behind the tree peek and hope he was going into the trap and when that kid/guy successfully walk into your trap then we will celebrate behind the tree jumping and cheering around or laugh nonstop.

It was not until recently, my friend introduce me to this website really meant for people who love to peek on things especially they cheeky ones, besides peeking on someone, why not peeking on something that you like then purchase it at a very good discounted price till 61% off the original value.


Peepnbuy.com is a portal that allows you to peep as many times as you want especially on the item, if you get serious to buy on that particular item, you can try to peek on the price and if the price is right,  just click on the buy me price and whoolaa… you get your item at the special discounted price.

How it works? It is as simple as saying A,B,C and calculate 1,2,3.


Upon successfully registration, you will given 1 FREE Peep Credit that allows you to peep on any item available on the website. Trust me, it is very tempting and makes the curiosity in me to peep on alot of products available in the list.

For example:


Any Jusco vouchure on sale or in bid, I will always click on it to see what is the price or bid on the price that I want cuz in Jusco with that kind of amount I seriously can get quite alot of things in there. The Buy now figure will appear there for 15 seconds and do not hesitate  alot as it appears not that long. Once over 15 seconds, the price will be different again.

Play with the simple link here: http://www.peepnbuy.com/how-it-works/

There are 2 sections that interest me  which is definitely I will not miss, the food category:


See how many vouchers are available there. Just click and peep yet the best of all that I am in love with is this Hand Held Gadgets cuz my Blackberry just officially certified cannot repair and I stare at the smart phones available in there is so tempting that makes me want to Peep on nearly each of the phone available, not only that, there are GPS, i-Phone (the latest craze in the market), Canon Camera and many more.


For girls, definately you will love this section with Gucci, Burberry hand bags up for you to peep which is cheaper than the market price and more items like watches, perfume, costmetic and others for you to check it out.


I have take my Peep and had found something I like. Do you want to Peep what is the value in there?

To register, just log into their website http://www.peepnbuy.com to Peep.

Quite a number of times that I drive pass through this shop especially on weekend, there will be usually a huge crowd standing at this newly open restaurant about 2 months ago for dim sum Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong. Traffic will be bad around this area as you can see many people standing and hunting for tables.

Thus it gives me the urge to give them a chance to try it out with my curiosity is it that nice?


According to one of my friend, the owner used to have a few shops in this area and now decided to combine up and make a big one which is very eye catchy when you drive through the road on morning at weekend.

timsum (2)

First dish that the guy came over was with ‘Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun’ that served cold instead of hot or warm that turns out to be not that nice.

timsum (3)

‘Pork Pau’ was next its served warm but then the filling in it is cold already (wondering they just steam for a while and took out already), the gravy of is a bit sweet and salty.

timsum (4)

timsum (5)

timsum (6)

‘Siu Mai’

timsum (7)

One of my favourite that I will not miss in tim sum is ‘Pai Kuat’.

timsum (8)

‘Har Kau’ that the skin is quite thick.

timsum (9)

‘Beancurd Skin with fish ball paste’ turns out to be quite good, cripsy on the skin, dipping it with chili and sweet sauce  is just nice.

timsum (10)

‘Fried Prawn’

timsum (11)

‘Fried Lou Pak Gou’ if its served hot then would taste much nicer.

timsum (12)

‘Char Siew Bun’ with butter skin on the top layer is not bad.

timsum (13)

‘Polo Pau’

After had this few, we do not have much of the appetite to continue already and when then bill came into around RM45 and with that kind of pricing, I can go for better options. Crowd is just the matter and the food taste so so only surely doesnt come anything near to Hong Kong taste.

[update 5/5/2016] tried again and still taste normal and it is quite expensive now.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 4/10, below average~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Dim Sum Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong
Kuchai Entrepreneurs’ Park,
A 32, 34, 36, Jalan 1/116B,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs’ Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 012 396 6881
View Tim Sum Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs’ Park, Kuala Lumpur in a larger map

When it comes to weekend, most of us will tend to hang out, finding a nice spot to gather with our friends. One of the café or bistro known as The Library which is no strangers to all of us which is located at The Curve, that is usually pack during weekend especially at night.

[No Longer in Operation]

I have heard a lot of my friends keep mentioning about this place, The Library since last year but not until recently I only visited this place, because of the promotions my friend told me about it which is buy one free one.


On the out look of the interior surely it had attracted alot of attention on what is it about by creating the curiosity out of it which last time when my friend invite me to this place I scolded them for doing what on Friday night in the library until the explain to me. Lol~

Library (2)

Library (3)
I love how the decorated the whole place with simple classic leather library couch place in the middle, with big chairs on all each of the table, with dummy book racks on the wall and all the waiter and waitresses dress like a librarian with a spectacles on them.

Library (4)

On the fridge, the display cake is surely full with temptations that most of them look so good, but what restricted me frrom ordering is the price of it that easily cost RM20++ per piece.

Library (5)

On the open space area it look a bit different, just like normal clubbing scenes with stool and tables.

Library (6)

In the bar, they sure do serve alot of internation beer which is one of their famous signature HoeGaarden.

Library (7)

Library (8)

Besides that they do have a mini DJ deck area also with a stage for live performance on every weekend at night and what I came accross that if you were wanted to sit inside, a minimum order of 2 bottles is required.

Library (9)

Hang out with all my ex colleague which havent seen them in ages after I left my ex company with Looney, Stephanie and Seng Yang till another group of my drinking bestie came over. We had a blast in that afternoon as on that time we were told that the buy 1 free 1 promo is the last day. In total, we ordered around 12 sets which is around 22 pints of Hoegaarden (which I forgot to take pics of it).

Genre: Adventure/ Fantasy

The preview really had created the curiosity in me to catch this movie that how would Zeus the god looks like. I might had been playing too many games last time till I think like that.

The movie is about Zeus god strongest weapon, Lightning Bolt got stolen and Percy is the main suspect. Percy did not know that he is one of the strongest god’s son till one of the creature attack him. Then there he is on the quest to find back the Bolt.

Not a bad movie after all as I did enjoy the movie but if you think logically like my friend, you will find its hard to believe. To me, its a myth that been believe by ancient people and just brining back to life.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 7/10, not bad pun~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

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