I would say this year is a great start for me. Good things been pouring like craze and been doing things nonstop since after Chinese New Year. Friends coming over, food review but not until recently that I have got an email from Mei Yee asking to do an Advertorial. I have seen a lot of people blog an advertorial but not me. I got even more excited when I read through the email it mention that we will be sponsor all the way down to Singapore to cover Xacti Lauching event! Ding Ding Ding..for me I seldom say no and this would be a great opportunity to learn and go down.

Waiting the day to cover this event is killing me by putting a countdown of 2 weeks but time really flies with lots of things to do and here am I already back and writing on this post.


I was very energetic, in the early morning yet excited like a little small kid enjoying my 50 mins flight with Air Asia. I was one of the lucky person that the flight I took under Air Asia never got delayed not until the flight back because of tight flight schedule that Changi Air port have.

xacti (2)

We reached and quickly hurried to the exit area as we have a tight schedule for the first session with Coco showcase her latest bling bling camera.

xacti (3)

Not until we are about to walk off the exit and we felt like celebrity, so many fans of don know what celebrity were waiting for their idol.

xacti (5)

We were standing there waiting for Nick to get clearence from the custome and this guy came off, and all the girls shouting, shooting and filiming him like crazee but, they should just get the new Xacti camcorder which is slim, comes with Dual Camera (photo & video) which need not them jumping around and take a peek. What they need to do is put their hands up and move the screen of that device.

xacti (6)

Then we head to our bunk house.

xacti (7)

All the imported media from Malaysia, with Stuff, Click, NST and others are here to cover the event.

xacti (8)

This is their grand stand area for their F1 grand prix that I would most likely to come for this year that will be held around end of Aug.

xacti (9)

We were pampered by the organiser to stay such a great place, Grand Park City Hall which is located strategically in the heart of the city.

xacti (10)

xacti (11)

With their interior of a bit English cross over with Italian feel.

xacti (12)

and we were seriously pampered that I did not expect we get room each by ourself as I thought we would be sharing.

xacti (13)

As we are running late and we were given a short period of time to grab our lunch. The lunch is good!

xacti (14)

Then we rush to the location of the event which is now one of the signature place in Singapore, Genting World Resort area as is held at Resort World Convention Center. Seriously, this convention is hugeeeeeee, we got lost in finding the room that we suppose to go. There are like, ermmm…just many rooms that we came accross, up and downs.

In this event, Sanyo which is one of the leading Japanese companies for energy and environment, providing solutions for energy to its brand vision Think GAIA’. With their innovations and creativity to go long in electronic world, they have launch a new product to provide customers with holistic solutions in capturing both photo and video as like saw your idol in airport, daily life in high quality video to cater for the growing market of camera users.

xacti (15)

Kick start with speech of their CEO, Mr. Yoshinori Nakatani which had been with SANYO many many years. With the new launch of their new range is not only about slim and stylish design but also to tab on the fashionable consumers they have come out with colors like hot pink and silver which they are lauching 5 new sleek Xacti models offering tech-savvy users the best both image-capturing worlds and easy to use functions of compact cameras and advanced capabilities of Full-HD camcorders.

The new collection series with aim to go with convenience and portable that comes in handy, you can point and shoot anytime, anywhere! The portability and user friendly of Dual Cameras Xacti makes filming in HD as easy as 1,2,3 and video format that highly compatible with most of the computer and internet that allows most of the people to show it to their love ones even from far by sharing online portal.

xacti (16)

and for being first time in the official press conference hall, all of us trying to capture the best moment with our gear.

xacti (21)

With all the media and the management of SANYO company presence.

xacti (22)

Followed by a brief speech by Mr.Vishinu Metharam which is the Director of Emjay Enterprises Pte Ltd and Emjay Enterprises Sdn Bhd which is responsible for both Singapore and Malaysia market by bringing in the latest electronic lifestyle products.

xacti (23)

Follow by a Q&A section.

xacti (24)

Moments after the Q&A, here comes the model parade with the latest gadets by SANYO.

xacti (25)

We were really impress how slim this gadget is under the slim hand of the model.

xacti (26)

xacti (27)

xacti (28)

A group picture of the Model, CEO and Product manager International Sales & Marketing.

xacti (30)

One of the device that idea for point and shoot photograph which is the Xacti VPC-CS1 consider as Daily Uber Chic Dual Camera, comes in handy that can just slide in our pocket with the design measuring slim 27mm in thickness and weighing just 142grams ready for on-the-go photographers that gives them outstanding performance.

xacti (31)

The world’s smallest, thinnest and lightest Dual Camera fully equipped with Full-HD capabilities, ultra wide angle lens, 8 megapixel resolutions and 2.7-inch wide LCD screen also comes with Sound Zoom function for clear sound recording.

xacti (32)

Chicks in style would definitely love their new vibrant colors as in comes in Silver and Hot Pink.

xacti (33)

If you are a person who loves capturing all moment on video, create your own movie then Xacti VPC-SH1, would be your latest wish list. The world’s first Dual Camera featuring SANYO’s original high power 30x Advance zoom, 35mm wide-angle lens to give the user experience their shot in Full-HD. The incredible zoom gives the advantage in close-up shot in or far that still gives you the clear images.

The new Xacti comes in handy functions that the original Double Sub REC button is on the upper-front part of the camera to ensure the user are able to achieve easily capture low-angle images giving you the freedom of view.

xacti (34)

With their new video format that had been design to be compatible with most of the format had comes in handy for most of the media, easily import and share in the net to ensure every one can enjoy it.

Available in 2 colours, Stylish Black and Red.

xacti (36)

In the launch, comes with VPC-CG100, VPC-GH1, VPC-CG20 Xacti Full-HD Dual Cameras combine both of the functionality and style into one sleekly gadget that give you high-quality performance. With its small in size, able to chuck in your handbag even your pocket that enable you to capture in full photographic with its resolution of 14 megapixels. With a touch of a button the user can switch to landscape mode even a zoom of Double zoom 12x can be recorded impressively.

xacti (37)

xacti (38)

xacti (39)

If you are looking for something small, VPC-CG 100 shots at 1080i HD that had takes SANYO pistol look gadget packs in better and nicer imaging compare than before, also shot in 14 megapixel, with packs of 5x optical zoom, comes with various shooting modes, digital filters and CMos center on its images.

xacti (40)

What I feel it looks more like a mobile phone.

xacti (41)

xacti (42)

xacti (43)

xacti (44)

Their VPC-CG 20 series is the midrange in their series. That containts Image Stabalizer (IS) that enable to low-noise, low blur pictures and video captures, it is also easily play back on the HDTV and comes in the mode of :

– 1080i HD video, 60 fps
– MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format
– 10 megapixel still photos
– 5x optical zoom
– 2.7-inch LCD monitor
– Burst shooting
– Optical image stabilization
– Mini HDMI output
– Captures to SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards
– Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

xacti (45)

xacti (29)

xacti (46)

If you are a MP3 lover, SANYO had released a new stylish-designed Xacti Sound Recorder, with its ultra slim design, only 9.1mm in depth that makes them the world thinnest recorder. Had a touch panel control, operation time of 40 hours, touch sensor switch function, WMA/MP3 data playback with FM tuner comes in very handy who travels a lot.

xacti (47)

xacti (48)

If you need to blast some of your favourite music, then you can get their slim cradle active speaker which is design to be a perfect combination.

xacti (52)

We also trying to be model wanna be with the sleekly product. Me and the Models. . . .

xacti (53)

Me, Witch and Saucer.

Through the whole launching, now, the people out there can expect the gadget to be out on the market on 20th March 2010. Get a glimpse of yourself in your nearest electronic store. For further details, you can log on to www.sanyo.com/xacti.

It was a great experience and of course thanks to Witch for the invitation, great hospitality provided by Nick and his company Emjay Enterprises.

Just wait patiently for more post on this~

After so many years I did not go for the Chinese New Year street heritage trail and this Chinese New Year I went with my parents as I am quite free on that time, then also take the opportunity to do some street photography as I never do before. It was burning hot in the afternoon and my parents plan to go in the evening. This event had attracted more than 100,000 people around the region.

This event is held yearly during the 6th or 7th day of Chinese New Year or mostly on that weekend to ensure everyone from the north side can enjoy this street thing. All of us that went there will be entertain by a lot of street performance as in the later photo will trail through what is going on. To a lot of photographers, this would consider a great for photoshoot. This post would be alot of photo’s.

CNY Heritage Trail

The first stop for the day.

CNY Heritage Trail (2)

CNY Heritage Trail (3)

CNY Heritage Trail (4)

CNY Heritage Trail (5)

CNY Heritage Trail (6)

a lion dance performance on the street.

CNY Heritage Trail (7)

CNY Heritage Trail (9)

the band of drummers

CNY Heritage Trail (10)

the mini chingay festival

CNY Heritage Trail (11)

CNY Heritage Trail (12)

CNY Heritage Trail (13)

CNY Heritage Trail (14)

CNY Heritage Trail (15)

CNY Heritage Trail (16)

CNY Heritage Trail (17)

I did not know that, there is a hidden temple inside this building.

CNY Heritage Trail (18)

CNY Heritage Trail (19)

CNY Heritage Trail (20)

CNY Heritage Trail (21)

CNY Heritage Trail (22)

CNY Heritage Trail (23)

CNY Heritage Trail (24)

CNY Heritage Trail (25)

Another temple.

CNY Heritage Trail (26)

and another temple.

CNY Heritage Trail (27)

CNY Heritage Trail (28)

This is how the crowd had pour in from all over the place.

CNY Heritage Trail (29)

A very historic building during long long time ago when Sun Yat Sen had a meeting to overturn China empire back in those days. If you do watch Bodyguard and Assassins the story is in it.

CNY Heritage Trail (30)

CNY Heritage Trail (31)

Then there sell the mini opera puppet.

CNY Heritage Trail (35)

Then if for Chinese that do not know what is the custome when comes during certain month of the calender, this streets has it all to help you understand chinese customs. With the ingrediant/item need to prepare and when is it and also with the explanation behind the whole process.
CNY Heritage Trail (34)

CNY Heritage Trail (36)

This is one of the booth that displaying the item of praying the 9th God which is during the 9th day of CNY.

CNY Heritage Trail (37)

CNY Heritage Trail (38)

Further explanation banner is add up on the side of the booth, to help us understand the reason or the story of the whole praying event.

CNY Heritage Trail (39)

CNY Heritage Trail (40)

CNY Heritage Trail (41)

CNY Heritage Trail (42)

CNY Heritage Trail (43)

CNY Heritage Trail (44)

CNY Heritage Trail (45)

CNY Heritage Trail (46)

CNY Heritage Trail (47)

CNY Heritage Trail (48)

CNY Heritage Trail (49)

CNY Heritage Trail (50)

CNY Heritage Trail (51)

To the main area of the night which is consider one as most of the heritage place. Khoo Kongsi.

CNY Heritage Trail (52)

CNY Heritage Trail (53)

On the way walking in, there are a few stalls set up along the path with those who are good in hand craft..

CNY Heritage Trail (54)

The main temple of Khoo Kongsi is beautifully light up on the night.

CNY Heritage Trail (55)

Facing directly of the temple which is this stage.

CNY Heritage Trail (56)

CNY Heritage Trail (57)

One of the very tradition Putu Mayong from indian.

CNY Heritage Trail (58)

One of the thing that track back my classic memory was this little cotton candy stall by this uncle. Modern days, there are not many places that offer this kind of cotton candy machine making already as I remember when I was a little kid, during fun fair my parents would buy me and my bro one stick each. Using a stick and circle around the mini cotton candy web around it to make it very fluffy and its best to eat it fresh!

CNY Heritage Trail (59)

The husband and wife doing it.

CNY Heritage Trail (60)

CNY Heritage Trail (61)

CNY Heritage Trail (62)

If you are looking for a very classic type of item, this shop has it. 47 Armenian street, Pg.

CNY Heritage Trail (63)

CNY Heritage Trail (64)

When I am walking back, the chingay team still there and this round they are performing more daring tricks already with 2 person standing on the back and the front one will kick the whole flag post to let the other guy hold on his teeth.

CNY Heritage Trail (66)

CNY Heritage Trail (67)


CNY Heritage Trail (68)

If you are looking for any firefood Char Koay Kak…add on with more tauge and garlic…its just yummm..

CNY Heritage Trail (69)

went back to the place with Chinese Opera on the stage streets.

CNY Heritage Trail (70)

CNY Heritage Trail (71)

The temple was beautifully light up during the night during my first stop.

CNY Heritage Trail (72)

Am I am very happy with what Penang had held during this festival and surely next year I would return again for more photography. Happy Chinese New Year to all of you again… Huat AH~~~~

Armenian Street, Penang.

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