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It seems that Mala hopot in PJ is on da rise. Not only those famous mala hotpot in KL is station in that zone. Latest is Da Long Yi Hotpot 大龙燚火 have been operating in Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara for a few months. Apparently they are a brand that is originated from Chengdu and have expanded their Sichuan Mala Hotpot Restaurant with over 300 branches worldwide.

It is very unique to start in PJ then move into KL where by their next 2 outlet will be 2nd outlet at Johor, 3rd outlet coming soon at Bukit Bintang.

best mala in pj

Dining in hotpot restaurant of course their signature Mala soup base is a must. Was told that their ingredients are mostly  imported directly from China. However if you are craving for Mala Steamboat, you can order from Da Long Yi delivery order with instructions as below:


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Since Chinese New Year is coming soon. you can star to plan your order. The order menu is exactly like what they are serving in restaurant. Just that it is take away format.

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My order for this round are:

  1. Prawn Fish paste @ RM 28
  2. Marble Beef Slice @ RM 46 (180g) – Recommended
  3. New Zealand Lamb Slice @ RM 28 – recommended
  4. Iberico Pork Slice  @ RM 38 – recommended
  5. Thousand Layer Beef Trip @ RM 28
  6. Duck Blood @ RM 8
  7. Handmade mushroom Pork and Meatball @ RM 16
  8. Clayfish (Xiao Long Xia) – 6 pcs @ RM 38

dalongyi 3

dalongyi 4

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have yet try their instant pot

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Soupbase you can pick as I pick:

    1. Famous Mala soup base
    2. Their Winter Melon Chicken soup is very good.- recommended  
    3.  Mushroom Soup
    4. Tomato Soup

Da Long Yi Hotpot (7)

Da Long Yi Hotpot (5)

If you are at home and it just very easy. put in paste. Add in hot water. Then whoola, you can let it boil and dump in al the ingredients.  In order to make your soup more tasty, you can cook pork bone soup or add some pork/chicken stock into it.

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All the ingredients is freshly cut and prepare. Do get it all ready when it reach, its time to pour all in. Because those fresh ingredients that I pick, cant last long outside. Best to put all in within 30 minutes upon reaching your house.

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Da Long Yi Hotpot (9)

Just look at their meat. Their lamb, beef and pork is just pretty amazing. yumzzz..

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Da Long Yi Hotpot (11)

Da Long Yi Hotpot (12)

Da Long Yi Hotpot (15)

chengdu mala kl

If you are in China Chengdu, and this if this is in season. It is must order. The only set back is that, prepare to get oily fingers. Do wear plastic gloves.

kota damansara



Apparently they have Harbin beer. Will try that next round when head to their outlet to dine.

Since the pandemic of MCO started January, they have been doing alot of delivery. You can place your delivery as below:

Da Long Yi Hotpot 大龙燚火
C-GF-01 Sunway Nexis,
No 1, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Time: 12pm – 12am (normal operation hours (NON-Covid)

Tel: +601138633336

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