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Nam Heong Ipoh is actually a well know coffee shop in Ipoh started since 1958, where is one of the place that I would drop by for their coffee. Now you folks out there, you do not need to drive all the way up to Ipoh as they had now open its door of at Da:Men USJ Subang. Serving all authentic Ipoh food with most of the ingredients are transported from Ipoh town itself.

Nam Heong (1)

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For pippin hot tarts or anything serve out from the oven, they have a board up there telling you which batch are they.

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Nam Heong (5)

Like their ambiance too as it is very cozy.

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Their menu is on electronic gadgets that sit right below in a wooden drawer of each table.

Nam Heong (9)

In Nam Heong, of course one of the drink that must not miss is their  signature coffee @ RM 3.80 or tea from the original location which is from Ipoh. Thick enough to my liking and taste exactly like Nam Heong in Ipoh, which later got to know they actually using the same recipe.

Nam Heong (10)

There is a slight twist in their local range as they have added in Sze Chuan Spicy Noodles @ RM 8.90, which their sauce base is slightly different from my usual one. First they use pan mee base noodle and follow by the soup base is slightly thick and starchy, lack of spicy and sourness that I would usually prefer, however there are some that like it.

From the Nasi Ganja, you can order additional Aromatic Indian Fried Chicken @ RM 5.90 if you would want to satisfy another cravings side of you. Well season and fried to perfection.

Nam Heong (11)

Nam Heong Ipoh Nasi Lemak. A pretty decent plate of local nasi lemak where the combination is with pandan rice, luncheon meat, sambal ikan bilis and cockles is spicy enough to my preference and for RM 12.90 at this kind of ambiance, I have no complain on it.


Ipoh Nasi Ganja @ RM 15.90

Nasi Ganja seems like one of a signature dish if you were to visit Ipoh. This nasi Ganja Stall is about 20 minutes drive away from Ipoh town where you have to queue for it. Then now, in this outlet, I am suggesting is one of a must order dish. Love the mild curry fragrant taste, where you can opt for more curry to be added . It is a great combination with, fried lemongrass chicken and salted eggs.

Nam Heong (12)

Besides all those, now they have Dinner menu that consist of Nam Heong Claypot Chicken Rice @ RM 24.90 (Set of Two) and Bak Kut Teh as below.

For their claypot Chicken Rice, they are using different method of cooking where you wont see any burnt rice like the usual, as this version is easier to scoop. I still prefer my claypot rice have those burnt edges and sticky at the base of the pot. Not bad as they have salted fish added up in too. Serve with Ipoh bean Sprout and fish paste soup.

Nam Heong (13)

Nam Heong Bak Kut Teh @ RM 32.90

Bak Kut teh is a very subjective taste preference is one of the widest by far, if you do not like heavy herbs taste, something which is mild and with a hint of little soy sweetness, then this might be your choice, as this bowl serve with pork ribs, and pork belly, mushroom, braised eggs, Ipoh bean sprouts , fried fritters and white rice. It is a perfect dining for bak kut teh lover.

Nam Heong (14)

Other desserts that we tried like Pudding and Ipoh ABC, I like their toufufa the most, that serve along with ginger sugar, and the texture of toufufa is smooth enough to my taste preference.

Nam Heong (15)

Nam Heong (16)

My recommended list would be: Nam Heong Coffee & Nasi Ganja. 


Nam Heong Ipoh
LG 21, Da:Mén, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Operating Hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Phone: +60 3-8011 7330

Web : http://namheongfoodcourt.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/NamHeongIpoh/

GPS Location: 3.0350022,101.5881736

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