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De local is one of a hidden gem in Damansara Perdana. Why I said so is because they are offering Halal Chinese Food. (do note that they are in the midst of getting Halal certification as all their products are from HALAL supplier).

It is very rare to get nice Halal Chinese food and indeed this will be top in my list at the moment.

De Local (1)

De Local (2)

De Local (3)

De Local (4)

De Local (6)

This outlet specialty is more on grill as the owner purposely customize a pressure grill to manage on the food by using charcoal as the burning base.


De Local (9)

Marmite Chicken is pretty spot on with caramlise inside out and the sauce is thick enough to my liking yet the chicken is juicy. @ RM 20

De Local (10)

Steam Tilapia Fish – Nyonya sauce is one of their siganture sauce. Fish is fresh, nyonya sauce have a well balance of taste from spicy to sourness. A plate of rice is a perfect combination for this.

De Local (11)

Fried Grouper with Petai . those of you love petai, this is quite a unique this as the sambal is not too spicy yet balance it out with fragrant of petai. Fish is fried crispy on the outside yet fish meat is still juicy in it.

De Local (12)

Kam Heong Chicken is pretty good too. Well coated and deep fried. @ RM 20

De Local (13)

Golden Egg prawn

De Local (15)

For their grills series, it is done to perfection. Chargrill Squid is not over cook and dip with their chef special sambal is just awesome! @ RM 39

De Local (17)

Golden Tofu @ RM 15

De Local (18)

De Local (20)

Pop Corn cheese chicken (by using cheese powder)

De Local (21)

Chargrill broiler chicken is one of the best dish. Love the marination and it is a bit of Indonesian chinese style. It is a must to go along with the sambal @ RM 29.80.

De Local (25)

Salt baked fish.

De Local (26)

Deep fried fish with special sauce.

De Local (30)

Well, this is definately one of a better Halal chinese food that you can find. So for this month of puasa and raya, do beramai ramai drop by.

de Local
No. 6-1, Jalan PJU 8/5C,
Perdana Business Centre, Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours: 11Am – 10pm

tel: 03-7731 6698

Epic Fit Meals and Co

Epic As usual (1)

Run by passion and inspired with concept from Melbourne, that is how Epic Fit Meals and Co came about with this 3 young chap gather their strength and passion to provide our local community healthy inspired comfort food. Do not get their concept wrong as they bent their menu towards slightly on healthy eating. Carefully curated with heavy R&D over 6 months before they open its door in Dec 2014 had now made an impact to folks in Damansara Perdana area.

Their business concept is run on a quick delivery service platform to provide all of us urban folks that rarely have time to cook yet look for some comfort food to satisfy. Their delivery service is run on 45 minutes upon ordering time to your door step. (at the moment they are covering selecting neighborhood area only)

Epic As usual (2)

They do have a physical outlet at Damansara Perdana as there is where their main central is. I have been here twice and surely their food quality do impress me alot.

Epic As usual (3)
Epic As usual (4)

On this special occasion, they do create out some seasonal food to cater on the mood as you can see they have Epic Pasta Raya Meals.

Epic As usual (5)

How is it healthy as the ingredients are design carefully and each of the item listed in the menu do tell you on the calories that they have.

Epic As usual (6)

Epic Signature drinks (left to right): Aqua Mello smoothie (61kcal) @ RM8.80 – Rich in vitamins A, B6 and C and has anti-inflammatory + hydration properties Classic Trifecta (78kcal) @ RM7.80 – A nutritious juice madeof carrot, apple, and pear rich in vitamin A & C and beta-carotene. Aids in detoxifying, digestion and energy boosting. Red apply honey smoothie (79kcal) @ RM8.80 Contains vitamin C, aids digestion and de-stressing Coolie Beauty (41kcal) @ RM7.80 A cool appetizing juice containing cucumber, apple, ginger, celery and lemon. Good for nourishing skin and hair, and alkalising your body. It’s a beauty edible tonic in a bottle. Love all their juices as its pretty solid in taste and refreshing. 

Epic As usual (7)

Epic Grill Chicken (249 kcal)  + Ezeki Sauce (70 kcal) @ RM 12.80. Love the greek sauce salad on top as it do balance out the creamy aromatic grill chicken at the bottom and the mash as the side compliments it so well that they do have special ingredient in it. (recommended)

Epic As usual (8)

For girls, this would be another option for you as Epic Grill Chicken (249 kcal)  + Apple Salsa (25 kcal) which is one of the lowest of calorie in the list, something simple with mild sourish spicy end that hit your taste bud instantly.

Epic As usual (9)

If you prefer something gravy and fried, then Epic Chicken  Schnitzel (249 kcal)  + Country Gravy (52 kcal). Just as simple as chicken chop where chicken is fried to perfection yet soft and juicy on the meat and gravy just nice to add into the aroma of it.

Epic As usual (10)

One of their signature is their Crunchy Fire Chookies (233 Kcal) where you get an option to choose original or spicy. Its a must order item as love the perfectly fried crumb as dip with a simple sauce or drink it with beer would be a bomb. At RM 5.80,I think they are generous on the portion.

Epic As usual (11)

Mash Sweet Potato (kcal 271) is something to look for too as they have 2-3 other ingredients in it to make  the taste extra umph, not only that as upon biting it, you can bite other finely chopped ingredient in it. RM 5.80
Epic As usual (12)

When this was serve, I thought it is fried rice and upon biting it, I find it weird only realise that its Epic’s Cauli-Rice (134kcal) Their low calorie and Paleo alternative made from fresh cauliflower with Epic’s blend of herbs and spices for those with rice cravings. This got me addicted as the finely chopped cauliflowers and fried with wok hei to make it as good as fried rice. (recommended) @ RM 5.80

Epic As usual (13)

Epic As usual (14)

Apple Ayam & Api Pizza (545 Kcal) @ RM 19.80. Their pizzas are handmade daily and serve in thin crust. Love the paper thin crust base and combination of sweet and spicy do make it addictive where its a combinations of caramelized apples, minced chicken, mozzarella cheese, onions and their fiery sauce.

Epic As usual (15)

Epic As usual (16)

Pollo Suprememo (565 Kcal) – spiced lean chicken, mushroom, green & red bell peppers and real mozzarella cheeze. @ RM 19.80

Epic As usual (18)

Hercules (333kcal) @ RM12.80 Wholesome interpretation of the Greek souvlaki, but served in a wrap instead. Grilled chicken fillet and vegetables with Epic’s unique Eziki sauce wrapped, which is then Panini-pressed for the toasty finishing.
Epic As usual (19)

Good Ol Breakie (415 kcal) @ RM12.80 – Combination of grilled chicken fillet, pico de gallo,  scramble egg and rounded off with Epic Sour Cream

Epic As usual (20)

Its a place that worth to check them out as its a delivery that send till to your door step. Here you go on the menu for you to hunt on. Recommended!


Areas they cover so far:

Damansara Perdana
Mutiara Damansara
Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)
Bandar Utama
Kota Damansara
Damansara Kim

Epic Fit Meals Co.
E105, Block E,
East Wing, Metropolitan Square,
Jalan PJU 8/1,
Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Open daily from 11am to 11pm
Tel: +603 7733 3375 (ORDER) | +6017 938 0000 (WHATSAPP)

People now are taking advantage on online platform, mostly on twitter and Facebook and one of the latest discovery from my colleague was she found this Skippys Pizza on Facebook fanspage that they actually do Pick up and Delivery order only which I assume they are more like a home base business. They specialize in Pork and Vegetarian pizza that their dough and sauce are all home made that caught our serious attention.


Then after my colleague had been planning it for weeks where manage to get the whole office response to her request, finally we had arrange a PORK pizza day for most of the office staff.


With more pricing and choices, you can log onto their website to find out more skippyspizza.com


Hawaiian Pizza @ RM 30 – Pork Ham and Pineapples


Pork Pepperoni @RM 29


Herbivore @ RM 30 – Mushrooms, Bell Peppers and Olives


Ham Pizza


Meat Lover @ RM 32 Pork Bacon, Pork Ham, Pork Pepperoni, Minced Pork and BBQ sauce


Marc’s Special @ RM 32 – Pork Ham, Baby Spinach, Mushrooms, Garlic and Egg


Pork Varurel @ RM 29 Pork Varevul (Indian Curry)

We also tried on Pork Ribs , in 7 sauces (which I forgot to take picture) @ RM 20 although comes in a few pieces of huge ribs but the meat were quite hard and the 7 sauce taste wasnt sticking onto the meat.

Chicken Wingz @ RM 15 were not bad and Lasagna @ RM 15 as I don really like it as the layer of dough were quite thick.

As for a home made pizza, the ingredients added were very generous and quality is there, which is quite out of expectation to all of us. We love the pizza and we are looking for another Pork Pizza day again.

Pizza that I quite like is the Marc’s Special, Meat Lover and Vegetarian pizza. Love the soft cheezy taste even though we left it there for quite a while on the desk, the taste is there and we find that if went to pick up,  eat it while it is pipin hot it would be more delicious. Quite recommending it. . .

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8.5/10, recommended ~ quite good for a home delivery~ ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


We are also strictly a DELIVERY or PICK UP ONLYBusiness.

Delivery Area
Bandar Utama, TTDI, Tropicana, Damansara
Perdana, SS2-4,Mutiara Damansara, Mount Kiara, Hartamas, Bangsar, Subang Jaya.

Other areas on request.

No deliveries during heavy rain & thunderstorms

Minimum order RM 30,00

Just call: +603 7722 3609
[email protected]

website: skippyspizza.com

Operating Hours :

Sunday – Friday : 11:30-23:00
Saturday : 17:00-23:00
Lunch available for pre-order

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