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This is a super late post as I visited this place about 18 months ago. Birch at DC Mall is no doubt one of the best cafe to hit on when you are at Damansara, PJ.

Birch (1)

If you know these cafe, Mezze, Huckleberry & Skullduggery, they are the team who have done up this cool cafe up. Cafe by day and night is a cocktail bar.

Birch (10)
Birch (2)
Birch (3)

You will fall in love with this place, especially if you are a instagrammer or a person who loves to take picture. A place filled with natural lighting by day and night lighting is nightly light up.

Birch (4)
Birch (5)
Birch (6)
Birch (7)
Birch (8)
Birch (11)

Was here for brunch, as was told that their brunch menu and burnt cheese cake is to die for too.

Birch (12)

Their pastries looks pretty awesome too.

Birch (16)

Try out the Avocado & Feta Toast @ RM 22 for something simple to start off. Chef homemade toast top with avocado spread and cheese. Nothing to shout out about this.

Birch (13)
Birch (14)
Birch (15)

French Toast is kinda like must have for me. Love the brioche toast as it is done to perfection. sauce is not too sweet yet just nice.

Birch (18)
Birch (21)

of course their Bake Burnt Cheese Cake @ RM 18 is to die for. Fluffy yet soft and moist enough to just melt in your mouth. The skin and is not to bitter from the burnt effect yet is just nice. Indeed one of the best burnt cheese cake in KL to make it into top 3 list of mine.

Many of them compare Lot 10 Burnt cheese cake vs Birch burnt cheese cake. Which will be your preference or which is your best burnt cheese cake place in KL?

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, baked cheese cake is a must!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Birch Damansara
Lot G10-11, Ground Floor,
DC Mall, Jalan Damanlela,
Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

Monday to Thursday: 9am-1am;
Friday to Saturday: 9am-2am; Sunday: 9am-5pm.

Tel: 03-2011-5966

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