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This is a super late post as I visited this place about 18 months ago. Birch at DC Mall is no doubt one of the best cafe to hit on when you are at Damansara, PJ.

Birch (1)

If you know these cafe, Mezze, Huckleberry & Skullduggery, they are the team who have done up this cool cafe up. Cafe by day and night is a cocktail bar.

Birch (10)
Birch (2)
Birch (3)

You will fall in love with this place, especially if you are a instagrammer or a person who loves to take picture. A place filled with natural lighting by day and night lighting is nightly light up.

Birch (4)
Birch (5)
Birch (6)
Birch (7)
Birch (8)
Birch (11)

Was here for brunch, as was told that their brunch menu and burnt cheese cake is to die for too.

Birch (12)

Their pastries looks pretty awesome too.

Birch (16)

Try out the Avocado & Feta Toast @ RM 22 for something simple to start off. Chef homemade toast top with avocado spread and cheese. Nothing to shout out about this.

Birch (13)
Birch (14)
Birch (15)

French Toast is kinda like must have for me. Love the brioche toast as it is done to perfection. sauce is not too sweet yet just nice.

Birch (18)
Birch (21)

of course their Bake Burnt Cheese Cake @ RM 18 is to die for. Fluffy yet soft and moist enough to just melt in your mouth. The skin and is not to bitter from the burnt effect yet is just nice. Indeed one of the best burnt cheese cake in KL to make it into top 3 list of mine.

Many of them compare Lot 10 Burnt cheese cake vs Birch burnt cheese cake. Which will be your preference or which is your best burnt cheese cake place in KL?

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, baked cheese cake is a must!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Birch Damansara
Lot G10-11, Ground Floor,
DC Mall, Jalan Damanlela,
Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

Monday to Thursday: 9am-1am;
Friday to Saturday: 9am-2am; Sunday: 9am-5pm.

Tel: 03-2011-5966

Who goes to DC Mall in Damansara? There are a few reasons to it. One is to eat, work or Hotel stay. I do go there to dine at a few outlets. Recent discovery Mamacina. One of a Beer pong bar in KL that you would not want to miss, their happy hour rate is 50% off before 10pm for the table. So quite a good bargain.

mamacina (3)

A cozy bar that makes up a great place to catch up with friends.

mamacina (7)

Was having beer at the counter while waiting for my friends to arrange then the mixologist then he ask me to try a few of his signature. Flipping through the menu, price quite reasonable and told him to make 3 for us after my friends arrived.

mamacina (4)

Get your ping pong balls ready. . .

mamacina (5)

Usual draft beers – Guinness, Heineken and Tiger.

mamacina (6)

mamacina (16)

These are the 3 signature cocktails from the mixologist.

Mamacina addiction which is quite interesting as you have to use the leave as the stirrer and let the sugar powder mix with it, it will create another layer of flavour. Stilight strong in taste.

mamacina (17)

mamacina (18)

Yuzu blanc would be girls favourite. It is very refreshing, not too sour but can taste the amount of gin and hint of flower yet the bubbly wine is not too gassy. Just the right amount.. Do consume with care as it is too easy to drink.

mamacina (19)

Netfix & chill – What about pop corn for snacking while heading into the cinema. This would be the perfect pop corn snacks. A glass in disguise. This is actually a POP corn Cocktail, with a glass hidden under the bed of pop corn. Very interesting and it taste like a mixture of popcorn base flavour. Pop corn is slightly pale in taste as it is to compliment on the cocktail drink.

mamacina (20)


mamacina (21)

Food, we were introduce to check out a few of the items and since we are not really that hungry we ordered a few.


mamacina (8)

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Fried Rice @ RM 20 – beef bacon, truffle mushroom, egg and paramesan shavings. . A simple dish is always the hardest to cook and this is indeed a great bowl of fried rice. Fried rice, is done to perfection. Fragrant with wok hei, generous amount of fried garlic slices, and bacon. The saltiness and oil give a nice aroma to the rice. Hint of truffle mushroom ends at after taste. A great bowl to share and hit along with beer.

mamacina (12)

OxTail Bakar was the recommended dish and also chef signature. @ RM 58 – 6 hours stout and cider braised oxtail then charred. It is so UMAMI!. Punch with solid strong flavour yet it is caramlise from the sauce reduction. Meat is so soft that it peals off easily from the bone. – Bone licking good. Recommended

mamacina (9)

mamacina (10)

Love these snacks – baby corn with cheese. First impression does look like my favourite ‘Jagung bakar’ (as it have planta, chili powder and cheese) in Indonesia as just replace with baby burnt corn. Taste quite similiar like the street snacks, topped with cheese and instead of the spicy power, it had hint of mix curry herbs that is not too overpowering. A nice twist of flavour. Those of you never try Jagung Bakar in Indonesia, you might find this dish very interesting in flavour. Charred Baby Corn @ RM 12 with coconut cream and sauce.

mamacina (11)

mamacina (13)

Katsu Chicken Sando @ RM 28 – Japanese Milk Bread, crispy chicken breast, red cabbage dress with ponzu sauce. Nicely done up dish as the bread toast nicely, chicken is not to dry yet drench with the sauce is just nice.

mamacina (14)


mamacina (15)

Their Truffle fries is strong in flavour too. @ RM 22. – Gratted Paramesan, morel shavings, truffle oil

mamacina (22)

mamacina (2)

Certainly dont mind to come back again for their beer pong happy hour and also their parking is only RM 1 after 7pm. It turns out that the bar food is better than what I expected. My bill was not too expensive as currently they are running a promotion 30% for all food  till 31st March.


Quite a happening place, as people are flocking in after 10pm.

The outlet is just above Birch.

Level 1 , lot 10 dc mall, 6,
Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

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