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Those of you out there who loves food with something extraordinary, a special collaboration of Hennessy X.O. Odyssey that is taking place from July 18 through August 15 at Darren’s DC Restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. A dinner that will elevate  your palate of both modern cooking along with contrast of cognac by having Darren behind the scene cooked professionally for 14 years & trained in France for two and was handpicked by the House of Hennessy to helm this year’s Malaysian arc of its global X.O. Odyssey campaign, which explores the contours & contrasts of cognac like never before.


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The Hennessy X.O. Odyssey could be 2017’s most rewarding journey, traversing oceans abroad & farms at home, conveying seven courses to caress the senses, each chapter complemented by evolving expressions of France’s original ‘extra old’ cognac, first bottled by Maurice Hennessy for his closest of friends in 1870.

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Hennessey X.O’s seven chapters, characterized by Sweet Notes, Infinite Echo, Wood Crunches, Spicy Edge, Flowing Flame, Rising Heat and Chocolate Lull, provide the culinary platform for Chef Darren’s creative vision to this exquisite menu.

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All guest will be enjoying elegant starter along with Hennessy X.O. Odyssey.. Darren’s prelude to the main Hennessy meal is a reassuring reflection of his skills & artistry, whetting the appetite via Cameron Highlands beefsteak heirloom tomatoes with olive oil & DC’s house-baked bread & croissants, followed by Irish nugget oysters with ikura, umi budo seaweed & ponzu sauce; local sole, ceviche-style, with basil oil, wood sorrels & tempura of curry leaf; & potato croquettes with green gazpacho.


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Carefully prepared with finest local ingredient and culinary skills presents delicious starter to hit on. Oyster is indeed a blast where it is so fresh, and a sip of neat cognac pairs amazingly good. Did not over power the freshness of oyster.

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The culinary equivalent of Homer’s epic poem comes to Kuala Lumpur this month, courtesy of a collaboration between Hennessy & celebrated Malaysian chef Darren Chin: The Hennessy X.O. Odyssey could be 2017’s most rewarding journey, traversing oceans abroad & farms at home, conveying seven courses to caress the senses, each chapter complemented by evolving expressions of France’s original ‘extra old’ cognac, first bottled by Maurice Hennessy for his closest of friends in 1870.

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Menu for this dinner is interesting.

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With great friends in the table and excellent dinner service, what could we ask for more with a glass of cognac to enjoy.

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Love the homemade bread prepared as it is slightly crips on edges and very fragrant inside out.

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Sweet Notes

Starting of with sweet note with savory composition of Botan Ebi with Heirloom Tomato Granita, Konbu, Lemon Basil & Chili Oil led to a great start of the evening, paired with HXO on the Rocks. Love the plating along with the colour combination that gives the vibrancy of it. A simple mouthful of mixture gives you an explosive flavours which is well balance of seafood freshness, eruption of saltiness from salmon roe yet perfume oil enhance it with. Get a sip of HXO and it elevates the aroma mouth and make it stronger. Interesting! S

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Second dish Infinite Echo comes out rather plain and looks a bit dull.  Darren’s signature offering of Ogawa bafun uni from Hokkaido with Takao cold somen & truffle celeriac cream is a mask in disguise as it paired with Hennessy X.O. (with a splash of room-temperature water that opens up the cognac further). The aroma of both dish just sinks in where truffle celeriac did not overpower all the flavour in it yet uni is awesomely fresh, soft and cold somen is a perfection combination. The warm cognac preserve the taste of uni and truffle.

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Wood Crunches

Love the complexity that is being serve. Octopus from Galicia is next. Look at the colour of perfectly caramelize burnt octopus, added with burnt leeks in dark rye crumbs, green papaya & green gazpacho. Wood Crunches, harmonised perfectly with Hennessy X.O. (blended with warm water this time) that flows with bold oak notes interlaced with vanilla, simultaneously & surprisingly rustic & refined. The wood in it compliments well with cognac, okay, substle vanilla as you go for one bite, give you a well balance of bitter, sweetness from crab meat and fragrant from all the elements in there

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Spicy Edge

Love the complexity of this soup yet I wish I have another pot. Snow Crab Consomme infuse with lemon balm. Drink HXO with a splash of water as you get a mild taste of fine cognac’s spicy peppery note.

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This dish feels like a hibiscus to me as in it is filled with Japanese Snow Crab, White Asparagus, Culantro “Nam Jim” & Black Summer Truffle. Snow crab is the hero where the sweetness awesome yet truffle pieces did not overpower it  and  mild sour spicy from culantro with  lime foam & fragrant flowers (again, from DC’s own cultivation).

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Flowing Flame

Flavours of flame brings you Organic Chicken, Bertutu Spice, Vegetables from our Farm & Vegetable Vinaigrettes. The chick is tender, juicy yet love the grill taste on the chicken skin  with some balinese spice with vinaigrette paired with Hennessy X.O. with a splash of cold water & ice. To provide you a full and robust body structure.

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Rising Heat

Italian Veal Fillet Poached in Milk and Lightly Grilled with a Foie Gras Emulsion & Red Kampote Pepper could not have been executed any better. One of the main highlight where the veal fillet was perfectly poached till tender and plush pink before finished with on the grill. Accompanied by tempura battered zucchini flower, crisp snow peas and a foie gras sauce and on a bed of silky smooth mash. Besides that, we were serve with a gorgeous Laguiole steak knives. A perfect dish to enjoy with HXO neat.


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Exciting food journey that comes with a great ending. Luring the finale with 100% Arabica Coffee Ice Cream, Spiced Hairy Banana, M’Hencha & Lemon Chantilly, the intensity of the coffee went surprisingly very well with HXO neat on the earthiness side. Enjoying every bits of what on our top local chef have to offer. I am definately aiming on Chef Darren Chins invitation for dining experience in his kitchen area that fits for 2-3 pax for experimental gastronomy.


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The exclusive Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2017 cognac pairing is priced at RM888++ per guest. This innovative showcase of unrivaled heritage and innovative vision is available from 17 July to 14 August at DC Restaurant. For reservations, kindly contact 03 7731 0502 or 012 223 2991

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