De Yard Cafe


Last round when I was in Penang, after much disappointment from dinner at Patio Bar De Tapas, we decided to go for second round for coffee. Then I was introduce to this hip chic place by my best friend, De Yard Cafe.

the Yard (1)

From the outlet it looks like a normal shop with not much interesting as at their living area only one table. The trick is you have to head up stairs then you will be surprise.

the Yard (2)


De Yard exudes an almost industrial, rustic-like feel. If you’re into quirky things, this place will certainly appeal. Of late, the café has removed their Phoenix Darts machine, making room for a music performance corner.

the Yard (3)

Its a place for quick bites and get together for lively chats, more like a place for you to express yourself or when you are stress, its great to find a friend to tell them here.

the Yard (4)

the Yard (5)

Along the staircase, its very well decorated with wooden items and wall painting with words. Its like you are entering a new dimension.

the Yard (6)

the Yard (7)

Once you reach up here, there are 2 rooms available as I love this area, that give syou the feeling of so secretive and mysterious with only 2 back light from behind and some tables are lit up with candles. That is why I said its a great place to express yourself. 😀 Besides that, from time to time, they have late nights of indie acoustics, open mic evenings and poetry night sessions. If think you have some talent to show, please do not feel shy as you are able to take over the stage by letting the owner Adelyn know. .

the Yard (8)

Since that room is pretty dim, we decided to conqeer the next area. A place that is filled with wooden tables and chairs with different design and wall are filled with alot of signatures and quote from many people that visit this place.

the Yard (9)

the Yard (10)

Menu are rather straight forward as they are filled with bites as mention and if you need some food to filled in more space, they have something prepare for you.

the Yard (11)

the Yard (12)

 Since they are doing Budweiser promotion, we decided to order 2 bucket for 3 of us guys to drinks . ..

the Yard (13)

The girls got themselves coffee and some even order food. Food was not so impressive so I forgo not to take on it. . 😀

the Yard (14)

 This are all the siau pohs and siau kia’s that every time accompany me when I am back .. 😀

Would be a great hangout place also hidden place. Do discover yourself.

Yard Cafe
70, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling,
10200, Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hour: Tuesday to Thursday, 5pm to 12am;
Friday 5pm to 2am;
Saturday 12pm to 2am;
Sunday 12pm to 12am. Closed on every Monday.

Contact Number: 6010- 232 5163
Yard Cafe Facebook Page

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