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My food hunt indeed went to an interesting range that originally wanted to make a reservation at Estelle (now had change to Estelle Bistro) which the kitchen this young chap is part of the team by Young Chef of the Year 2015 – Josh Pelham, also was one of the guest chef in Masterchef Australia 2015 and did not even realise that my best friend Enmi found out that they have new section which is Estelle by Scott Pickett (another new section which establish not that long that lead by chef Scott Pickett himself which he got nominated as Chef of the Year 2014). What got her excited is that they got degustation menu under his belt.

The seven-course degustation-only menu is $130 with an option Wine Pairing. . I am not going to elaborate much about the food as their menu do change from time to time (which I realise the menu I dine and now – September and I look at their website, the menu had changed.)

Estelle (2)

Estelle is more like a casual modern dining in Northcote neighbourhood and neither did I know that Scott Pickett by Estelle is just next door that totally will transport you into whole new dimension.

Estelle (1)

Walking into a fine dining restaurant that you do feel it is a contemporary fine dining restaurant with its dim lighting and best of all they have open concept kitchen with bar seating. 

Estelle (3)

Estelle (4)

Estelle (5)

Estelle (6)

For starter, you will be serve with 2 version of their homemade bread that is serve fresh from the oven along with their homemade butter. 

Estelle (7)

Estelle (8)

Their ham bread is amazing, aromatic, warm and I do not mind to have a few more. 

Estelle (9)

Estelle (11)

Chef Scott Pickett leading the kitchen for tonight degustation menu and also surprise to see Chef Josh Pelham along in this kitchen. To me it is like 2 super star in one kitchen and what can you expect? Good food to come along the night.

Estelle (10)

Estelle (12)

Estelle (13)

Estelle (14)

Was told that they specially crafted their cutleries with an E in their utensils. 

Estelle (15)

Estelle (16)

Estelle (17)

Estelle (18)

All the chef that pay attention to each details of the meals is quite impressive by using different kind of cutleries to do all the necessary platting. 

Estelle (19)

Then for each dish, the chef in charge will introduce the dish to us and explain what is in it.

Estelle (20)

Estelle (21)

Estelle (22)

Estelle (23)

I am not too sure if this blue cheeze platter with poached pear is offer in the degustation new menu and however this is a bomb. Love their cheeze which is aromatic, not too thick cut yet the middle is with blue cheeze which is not that strong in taste to pair along with their fresh home made biscuiti .

Estelle (24)

Estelle (25)

Estelle (26)

Estelle (27)

Palate cleanser with a hint of chili at the end. Indeed refreshing and interesting flavours.

Estelle (28)

One of the best desserts in my Melbourne trip by far. 

Estelle (29)

Estelle (30)

Estelle (31)

Estelle (32)

Estelle (34)

Manage to take picture with Chef Josh Pelham

It was exciting to see both chef in action and got serve by Chef Josh Pelham himself is indeed amazing. Glad that my best friend book this place which I have to thank her.

Its a great restaurant to hunt for and indeed lift my expectation on both of them with amazing presentation of food and food quality is there. I wish that their bar seating dining could be slightly more spacious as it was too tight and hard to eat at times with the server need to pour drinks that I literally have to squeeze myself some space for them.

However AUD130 is well spent and if got the chance I would certainly love to be back.

Estelle by Scott Pickett (ESP)
245 High Street, Northcote, VIC
Website: http://estellebysp.com
Contact: (03) 9489 4609
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday evenings from 6pm til late; Friday noon-3pm.

Inspired by Masterchef Australia 2015 to land myself in Australia and also into this restaurant, with one of the celebrity judges George Calambaris who owns Press Club is now running a special series next to their kitchen of degustation menu known as Press Club Project Experimental Kitchen.

Right after one of the challenge in the reality show that happen in this kitchen, instantly I Google up and find out what is it all about and to my surprise is a cool concept and after reading the menu, instantly text my friend to book a place for this experimental kitchen. At first was suppose to book for George session and it was fully book with more than 30 people in waiting list. Disappointed and choose the next session which is hosted by Press Club Head Chef – Luke Croston and his assistant Declan which were very lucky as during our reservation it was already last two spot. Booked a month before the event.

experimental (1)

Upon checking in at Press Club, we were then lead to a building next to it with this neon light purple with mini plants at the bottom and red door at the side which looks like a fish shop to me on my first impression (as this reflects to some of fish shop in Malaysia).

experimental (2)

Apparently this plants are being tested and grown in here for their own consumption and cooking. Interesting.

experimental (3)

Love the whole setting of this mysterious kitchen as instead of kitchen it looks more like an operating theater to me with those two huge lights shinning towards the silver table.

experimental (4)

Its a very intimate session where the chef get to talk to everyone and at its maximum capacity, this kitchen can only host up to 12 diners.

experimental (5)

This looks more like a science lab rather than a kitchen but welcome to Melbourne as this is a whole new level of cooking method.experimental (6)

All fresh ingredients are being prepared and ready for action in a while. In this degustation menu, they do not repeat it and they do not let you know what are they preparing for you in this 8 course dinner, the only thing you can guess is through their ingredients and wait to be serve dish after dish. .

experimental (7)
experimental (8)

Now thinking, back, I regretted I did not took picture of the drink menu. This is the first time in my life I hold a drink menu as thick as near a dictionary. With so many choices and every one in the room is lost and ended up ask Jass (hopefully I got her name correct) to introduce. One of the cocktail that capture our attention which is a superb well balance of their house special Martini & Olive Oil (right picture) as it has a very unique surprising taste that does not make it weird..

experimental (9)

experimental (10)

Poached Treacle Bread – imagine the texture as its being cook in milk & poached with other ingredients for 4 hours.

experimental (11)
experimental (12)


experimental (13)

experimental (14)

experimental (15)

Celery Stick + Blue Cheese + Caviar + Peanut Butter

experimental (17)

Every dish were explain further before it was served and how it is made.

experimental (18)

experimental (19)

Another of their great chef – Esca to present his creation which is pretty well known with fish dishes..

experimental (20)

experimental (21)

Presenting a combination of fresh ocean trout with his own special ingredient and dip in with their unique and cute metal cutleries.

experimental (22)

experimental (23)

experimental (24)

Next up is a dish from Chef Declan’s

experimental (25)

Presented & platted beautifully.  . .

experimental (26)

This is definitely one of my favorite. Deviled Egg + Paprika + wagyu bresaola (that being aged)

experimental (27)

experimental (28)


experimental (29)

experimental (30)

This have been in the oven for more than 6 hours before took out to be served.

experimental (31)

The aroma just conquer the room when took out from the oven.

experimental (33)

Meat & 5 types of veggies.

experimental (34)

experimental (35)

experimental (36)

Submarine as dessert as this is presented with crystal clear mineral water that being preserve in their special machine at a certain cold temperature and upon pouring and add in some nitro for the effect is simply amazing.

experimental (37)

A pretty decent layer of caramel sauce being added onto the spoon for flavors.

experimental (39)

Last was simply irresistible as Head chef challenge himself to present us this dish by platting all the ingredients onto the plate with the song Zobra The Greek which is around 4 minutes for 12 plates. Indeed it was entertaining and ended up with a big bang by crushing the sugar coat all over like a huge celebration.

experimental (40)

Here you go on both heart warming and entertaning Head Chef Luke Croston and his assistant Declan. Before I left, chef still cheekily ask me to take picture for their next upcoming Press Club Projects. So do book your slots for their upcoming fun experimental Evening.

experimental (43)

To me, it was a great experience with so much information that the chef explains that gives me information overload in their terms, every one is happy and feel warm as more like close up session with every one. Food taste is certainly a whole new level for me, with so much different texture, ingredients are being presented in one single dish and it builds up as it goes. For more info check out their website – www.thepressclub.com.au

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