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Hennessy Launches Renewal of Hope for this year of Rat 2020. A kick start of Chinese New Year with a renowned Chinese artist, Zhang Huan, to honour the beauty of nature’s perpetual cycles of renewal through distinctive artwork portraying the brand’s eaux-de-vie as a metaphor for the New Year. The event took place at Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City.


Titled “Spheres of Hope”, the artwork – which will be featured throughout the campaign and on limited edition bottles specially designed for this New Year season – takes the form of a resonant dreamscape which exudes glittering radiance and a masterful interpretation of the infinite cycle of nature.


“Every year, the world’s cities shine with red lanterns celebrating the start of the Lunar New Year. It is a celebration of promising new beginnings and of a perpetual movement that Hennessy embraces generously. This is what we wanted to embody in this especially meaningful celebration. It exudes glittering radiance and a masterful interpretation of this infinite cycle of nature,” explained Thomas Bouleuc, Managing Director of MHD Malaysia.

Limited Edition Chinese New Year Hennessy V.S.O.P

Lim In Chong

For this launch, Hennessy also collaborated with renowned Malaysian landscape designer Lim In Chong, popularly known as Inch, to create the “Garden of Hope”. The tree installation, specially designed and built by Inch for Hennessy, is a realisation of twelve trees, holding individual coloured spheres inspired by shades of Zhang Huan’s artwork.

Ushering in the New Year with Yam Seng, a Chinese Tradition

Visitors to Plaza Arkadia will be able to experience both Zhang Huan’s artwork and the “Garden of Hope” throughout the campaign duration, which will end on 8 February 2020. Huan’s artworks will also feature on Hennessy’s promotions and publicity throughout the campaign and on a microsite specially developed by Hennessy for the festivities.


At the microsite, users can find out more about the ongoing events, create their own New Year greetings to share on social media with friends, and play games to collect Kam points. With these points, users can redeem exclusive Hennessy bottles, free dinners and free drinks at participating restaurants and clubs.

The “Renewal of Hope” will also take on another benevolent facet which will see Hennessy fulfilling the hopes of eight people in the New Year – one from each of eight different categories – health, wealth, relationships, career, self, business, home and travel. In the true spirit of giving back, Hennessy has specially curated a gift for each category, which will amount to a total giveaway worth RM38,888. More details about this very special initiative can be found on the microsite.


On the night itself, we also get to enjoy a special crafted drinks that pairs with Hennessy.


More information about Hennessy’s “Renewal of Hope” can be found on the microsite which can be accessed by visiting http://innercirclevip.club/cny2020

Ushering the year 2020 with double prosperity, Carlsberg unveiled its Chinese New Year (CNY) campaign ‘Double Cheers. Double Winnings.’ offering consumers chances to double-up their rewards to win a Carlsberg Limited-edition gigantic 3-litre Carlsberg bottle, Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar and many other interesting prizes this festivity!

Carlsberg (1)

Inspired by the Chinese saying that good things come in pairs and following the unique occurrence of the year 2020, Carlsberg craftily illustrates the art of red paper cutting featuring ‘fish’ to symbolise abundance and ‘lion dance’ for prosperity on all Carlsberg and Carlsberg Smooth Draught CNY festive cans and bottles.

Carlsberg (3)


Carlsberg (6)

Only available in Malaysia, Carlsberg is giving away more than 2,000 units of the 3-litre Carlsberg bottle this CNY. To date, more than 600 lucky winners have emerged following their purchases at participating supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, e-commerce sites; and for those who enjoyed our beers at participating bars, restaurants, coffee shops and food courts!

One of the lucky winners who will be doubling the happiness with his friends this CNY is 37- year-old Ernest Hoh who hails from KL. “I was out celebrating the New Year with a group of friends at Brewhouse Kuchai Lama enjoying Carlsberg. What a surprise that I won the 3-litre Carlsberg CNY bottle! I’ll be celebrating CNY at my friends’ place where we will pop the bottle to celebrate the winning,” said Hoh.

Invited guests and members of the public also had chances to take home the limited-edition 3- litre Carlsberg bottle via an interactive digital engagement game. Want to be a winner and bring home your very own Carlsberg bottle to double up the festivities this CNY? Head to participating coffee shops or food courts and check underneath the bottle caps for purchases of Carlsberg (640ml) or Carlsberg Smooth Draught (580ml) big bottles.

Carlsberg (7)

Carlsberg (8)

Carlsberg (9)

Carlsberg (10)

Carlsberg (11)

Carlsberg (12)

Carlsberg (13)

Carlsberg (15)


Held at Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City, Carlsberg brought to life ‘Double Cheers. Double Winnings.’ in true festive spirit to more than 350 media and trade partners by a lively acrobatic lion dance performance and Probably The Best Yee Sang toss as they paired quality brews of Carlsberg Malaysia with a variety of steamboat and grilled BBQ skewers. To elevate the concept of double, Managing Director Stefano Clini said in an opening speech, “Carlsberg wishes our beer lovers double prosperity in this Lunar New Year with our rewarding ‘Double Cheers. Double Winnings.’ promotion. Exciting and awesome prizes are up for grabs including the limited-edition gigantic 3-litre Carlsberg bottle and the 3-in-1 multi-function Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar, the perfect addition to CNY reunions and celebrations which will even double the happiness with your family and loved ones!”

If you’re stocking up on beers for that double cheers moment with friends and family, get rewarded with instant prizes including Carlsberg’s elegant and sleek glassware and more! Grab your chances for a doubled winning when you Snap and Win your way to proudly own the limited-edition 3-litre Carlsberg bottle. Back by popular demand, “Probably The Best CNY Shopping Experience” activations will be held at participating supermarkets and hypermarkets where Grand Prize winners walk home with groceries worth up to RM800 all paid for by Carlsberg! It was a good start ahead of the Lunar New Year for over 160 Grand Prize winners nationwide for their purchases of Carlsberg Malaysia products on top of their groceries. With only one last weekend to go, spread the good news with your friends and family and head to participating hypermarkets nationwide. 43-year-old Tee Kok Kiong was pleasantly surprised with a stroke of good luck when shopping at AEON BiG Subang. “It was completely unexpected for my wife and I that our grocery purchases of up to RM800 was all paid for by Carlsberg. It’s great that Carlsberg rewards our beer purchases especially during a festive period like CNY,” Tee rejoiced.
Gaining attention for its sleek and modernistic design at participating hypermarkets and convenience stores this CNY period is the Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar that boasts a modernistic design of a table equipped with a built-in fridge and is fitted with Bluetooth speaker and USB charger functionalities. Ease your worries of storing and chilling beer for perfect enjoyment during family reunions or festive open house sessions as the Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar can store almost 150 cans! Want to get your hands on the Smart Mini Bar? Simply purchase 2 cartons of Carlsberg and/or Carlsberg Smooth Draught and 1 carton of 1664 Blanc, Somersby or Asahi at participating hypermarkets or purchase RM20 and above of Carlsberg Malaysia products at participatingconvenience stores to be eligible for the weekly draws with chances to win a Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar or a 1664 Blanc-branded Mini Chiller.

Come celebrate the CNY festivities in great spirit with the limited-edition 3-litre Carlsberg bottle, Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar and more while savouring Probably The Best Brews by Carlsberg Malaysia. You’ve heard and seen from these lucky winners, so what are you waiting for? With only one more weekend to go, spread the word and seize this last opportunity where ‘You Shop, Carlsberg Pays’ this CNY! Join us at the following locations this weekend:

Date Outlet Time
12-JAN-2020, SUN AEON MID VALLEY 1-3pm

Date Outlet Time

10 January 2020
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Date Outlet Time

Date Outlet Time
11-JAN-2020, SAT CKS Hypermarket (Menggatal) 1-3pm

Date Outlet Time

For more information on all ongoing CNY promotions or events, visit www.probablythebest.com.my or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CarlsbergMY.

Plaza Arkadia is slowly gaining its momentum for F&B hub. Lamei Mala Hot Pot in Plaza Arkadia is one of the latest addition to the latest malat trend in KL. We were craving for mala and was on the way to another outlet till saw this new shop operating and it was pre-opening promo with 15% off.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (1)

The outlet interior is filled with trees that gives you the effect like sakura season.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (2)

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (3)

Some photo op area

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (4)

Condiments for you and is addtional RM 5 per charges if I am not mistaken.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (5)

The outlet concept here is pretty unique as they are using Sushi method. Each of the colour plate comes with different pricing and they capped it at:

1) Cylinder Shaped @ RM 6.80
2) Purple @ RM 9.80
3) Green @ RM 13.80
4) Sky Blue @ RM 16.80
5) Yellow @ RM 19.80
6) Red @ RM 29.80

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (6)

You can either pick the item at the fridge nearby yourself or the waiter/ waitress can serve it to you.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (7)


Lamei Mala Hot Pot (8)

We find that there is a huge problem with the menu as each of the item indicate there do not comes with a sticker pricing. So you will be guessing how much will that be.

Then we pity the waiter/waitress as when the bring the item to you, then you check the pricing of the item. Too expensive then you ask them to return. (as what table next to us did)

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (10)

There are a few variety of soup for you to choose from:

1) Mix Soup @ RM 39
2) Tomato Soup @ RM 39
3) Pork Bone Soup @ RM 36
4) Beauty Soup @ RM 42
5) Mala @ RM 39

For Mix soup we choose – Mala (level 2) – as was told if it is not spicy enough then we can request to add on spicy, which we did after that. and Beauty Soup.

Mala soup is certainly not for me. There is no numb nor spicy as the usual traditional hotpot is. (even added spicy after that). Beauty Soup is quite bland in taste.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (11)

Ingredients are normal and meat are quite expensive as most of the meat are in red means RM 29.80

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (12)

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (13)

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (14)

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (15)

We did not order alot for 2 pax.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (16)

The bill turn out to be RM 189.70 after 15% discount for the ingredient we took, it is definitely not worth it.

Lamei Mala Hot Pot (17)

Well, I felt that this mala shop soup base had been localise. The the end of the soup is quite bitter. Certainly not my kind of mala shop I would return.

However if you are looking for a malat hotpot in KL beginner place to be, this could be one of your option. Especially our parents.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 5/10, expensive and not my type of malat !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

H-G-16, Block Hutton,
Plaza Arkadia
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana,
Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
10am–2pm, 5pm–2am

Tel: 03-6261 9505

In hunt for new hang out place during weekend? Well, there is much hype about this new establish place known as Plaza Arkadia located at Desa Park City. One of a new cool place that house many eatery in the area and Harumi 23 Tokyo Cuisine is one of the F&B player in the scene as they serve the latest modern-innovative Tokyo cuisine.

Harumi 23 (2)


“Harumi 23’s authentic Japanese-style cuisine will represent a sensational new dining option for the thousands of families, friends and workers that visit Plaza Arkadia regularly. It will add to the diverse range of cuisines available in Desa ParkCity and we are enthusiastically awaiting to see Malaysians’ reaction to new styles of Japanese food,” said Ms Yeap Hong Lee, owner of Harumi 23.

Harumi 23 (3)

As you are at outside the shop, they have a few mock up set that gives you the perspective of what kind of food that they are serving.

Harumi 23 (4)

Harumi 23 (5)

As a new player in the area, I am rather surprise to see the restaurant is in full house mode at 11am and also found out that they actually serve Japanese Style Breakfast, that had capture alot of the families attention in the area.

Harumi 23 (6)

Some of the item are being char on this pit.

Harumi 23 (7)

This shop indeed serve quite a classic Japanese menu that including breakfast which is quite rare in the market.

Harumi 23 (8)

One to enjoy something classic is by testing out Harumi Dobin Mushi @ RM 15 with prawn, chicken, maitake mushroom in superior clear dashi broth. We were thought on how to eat this is by squeeze a few drops of lime onto the bowl then pour the soup base. I would suggest the other way round where you pour the soup then only drip a few drops onto it, whereby you can control the sourness you need.

Harumi 23 (9)

For tea, there are two types of classic tea to order.

Harumi 23 (10)

Harumi 23 (11)

Harumi 23 (12)

Green Tea Latte is quite mild and fragrant in taste. Yet not too milky.

Harumi 23 (13)

Another classic tradition from Japan is their Tea Ceremony.. Harumi do bring in this form of art over were. We order a portion of  Ceremony Uji Matcha to share. Strong in matcha taste. Hojo Premium Mountain Hojicha from Uji Sencha Jubuzan @ RM11.90

Harumi 23 (14)

Harumi 23 (15)

Thats how you enjoy the matcha.

Harumi 23 (16)

In our crazy hot weather, this is certainly recommended.  Yuzu Freeze @ RM 14.90. Refreshing and thirst quencher.

Harumi 23 (17)

To start off with, we started off with Chef’s Selection (Omakase) Sashimi Moriawase and Mentai Tamago. Fresh Sashimi that air flown from Japan. Love the tamago as it is quite similiar to the taste in Japan. Fresh and slightly sweet at the end.

Harumi 23 (18)

Love their Japanese Omelette as it is prefer fresh and by batches or every 4 hours once depending on the demand. One of my personal favourite.

Harumi 23 (19)

  1. Toro Salmon Shio (Grilled Salmon Belly) @ RM 22
  2. My favourite big and juicy Mentai King Prawn @ RM 28. 
  3. Butakushi (Charcoal Grilled Pork Belly and Asparagus with Salt) @ RM5 per stick. Pork Belly is a perfect pairing with their Suntory fresh beer.

Harumi 23 (20)

Tempura Moriawase (Assorted Prawn and Vegetable Tempura) @ RM 18 – Upon serving, it is quite impressive that the item is fried perfectly and was told that they use better quality Japanese tempura flour and ice-cold water, resulting in crips texture.  

Harumi 23 (21)

For a slight twist, they have this Mentaiko Spaghetti. Cook to al dante, gravy is slightly mild salty to my liking and quite a good dish.

Harumi 23 (22)

There are a few versions of Japanese Curry and as for here, it is cook with a hint of vegetable sweetness end and gravy is thick..

Harumi 23 (23)

Harumi 23 (24)

Harumi 23 (25)

For dessert, we tried The Matcha Kakigori @ RM 23.90 Love the snowy ice texture and has a decent amount of Green Tea in it that gives a nice well balance of sweet and bitter.

Harumi 23 (26)

One if a rare restaurant that serve pancake in Japanese Style. Starting from 8AM to 11AM. We shared a serving of Strawberry & Banana Souffle Pancakes.

Harumi 23 (27)

Another end is Shibuya Honey Toast served with a very generous amount of vanilla ice cream.

Harumi 23 (28)

As the place is pretty pack up and more families are coming in, we decided to chill a while outside by ordering their tap Suntory. It is just so good. Both draft of white and dark is available.

Harumi 23 (29)

Before we head off, we saw their  menu had Single Origin Hand Drip but we were so full and decided just to try out their Cold Brew @ RM 12.90. Love the aroma of it which is mild acidity and fragrant in coffee roast. Will be coming back to try out their breakfast and coffee.

Harumi 23
FG-02, Plaza Arkadia,
Jalan Intisari, Desa Parkcity
52200 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel : 603-2710 9263
FB : Harumi 23

Business Hours :
Mon – Fri 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. ; Sat & Sun 8 a.m. – 11 p.m.

For the past 2 months, I have been training in this area for my run, then usually I would end up buying Boost and drive out. Last round decided to try out this outlet which seems pretty – Three Little Birds Cafe that is located next to Coffee Bean that facing the pretty fairy lights towards the park and lake area.

3 (1)

This is not their first outlet here for Three Little Birds Cafe as they have another one in Sentul.

3 (2)

3 (3)

3 (4)

I guess their Aeropress system is one of their signature as they do have two cool machines that specially does that.

3 (5)

3 (6)

Tea here seems to be favourite among many girls as quite a number of them drink it, based on my observation.

3 (7)

Mocha – Chocolate is slightly too strong for me and the coffee is bents towards acidic.

3 (8)

Acidic coffee is just not my type of coffee, for my Latte – oh well, not that bad though.

3 (9)

If you are looking for a comfy place to hang out, chill, chat and terbabas, I guess this would be a perfect spot for the ambiance.

3 (10)

Smoking is definately allow here as they cleverly recycle their tuna cans, filled with used coffee powder and make it into ashtray.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, not a bad place to hang out, if you love acidic coffee, can consider pun.

-Stamped- –Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


G18, The Waterfront
5 Persiaran Residen
Desa ParkCity
Kuala Lumpur

Although I don really come to Desa Park City, it certainly is one of a nice neighborhood place to chill in. Everything seems so calm and peaceful, with people jogging around, playing tai chi, taking their dogs for a stroll and just feel nice to be here. – Soi Thai Restaurant

[UPdate – NO Longer in Operation] 

Not only that, as Desa Park City also have a little eatery place that smack right in the middle of the field and host quite a number of restaurant. One of the restaurant that I previously went that serve pretty nice food is a Italian restaurant right at the corner. Now, dropping by here again is a new Thai restaurant that open its door since last year October and heard quite good feedback on it.

soi thai (1)

Soi Thai Restaurant its like a hidden gem in this neighborhood that serve nice authentic Thai Food. I got lost when I first look for this restaurant as it always appears in my mind that all restaurant are only on ground floor, as this restaurant is located on the first floor.

soi thai (2)

Soi Thai offer very pleasent dining experience with simple interior and their staff is very helpful

soi thai (3)

soi thai (4)

soi thai (5)

Price wise are very reasonable and there are quite a range to choose from.

soi thai (6)

soi thai (8)

Pandan Leaf and Lemon Grass Drink, Thai Ice Tea,

soi thai (13)

Started off with usual Thai dining with kerabu, Green Papaya Salad with Dried Shrimp and Peanuts. I just love the taste of it, sourish which is good for stomach before heading to main course and its quite spicy with little chili padi being  mix along, and a bit of salty cuttle fish just blend the taste well.

soi thai (12)

Soi Thai Combo

This is a combination of pandan chicken, fish cake, thai wantan and croquette platter.

soi thai (17)

One thing to hunt for in this plate is the Pandan chicken. Well marinated and fried to perfection as the meat is ginger pale yellowish with a bit hard crust on the edge and its soft yet aromatic.

soi thai (9)

We ended up order another Thai Style Otak-otak as it is so good that each of us took 2. Steam to its softness like near eating jelly to my likings, and some prefer it to be harden abit. For me, I am okay with either version.

soi thai (10)

Thai Green Curry Chicken pairs well with rice.

soi thai (11)

Steamed Siakap with Lime and Chili Sauce sourish with lime base and we drank it like soup. Spicy yet its good till my tears nearly drip.

soi thai (14)

Something that you must not miss is their Signature Fire Pot with Seafood Tom Yam (4 to 5 persons). By the smells of it already thrill us to drink in asap with its sourish spicy smell that poke thru our nose is something that we can wait to put our hands on. To our delight, the taste is as good as what we smell. Spicy yet the soup is filled with seafood taste and sourish after taste. Just a perfect pot of Tomyam. – REcommended~

soi thai (15)

This is something worth to recommend Thai Red Curry Roasted Duck mild in curry taste, with duck meat is quite soft.

soi thai (16)

According to my friend, this is a very rare receipi that not many restaurant in Klang Valley able to cook this dish – Choo Chee Deep Fried Fish, is actually one of a signature dish in the restaurant. Deep fried fish shower with mild spicy flavor and skin is crispy with soft meat filling. – REcommended

soi thai (18)

Pineapple Fried Rice

soi thai (19)

Thai Style Kicap prawns

soi thai (20)

One of my favourite dish that I would not miss to try out is Authentic Pad Thai. Turns out to be good as the glass noodle is thin and small which it is suppose to be and fried with ‘wok hei’ covered with omelet. Mix all up is exactly the taste I have in Bangkok.  Just that Malaysia version do not add sugar. Recommended

soi thai (21)

soi thai (22)

Coconut and lemongrass jelly with passion fruit

soi thai (23)

Water Chestnuts and jackfruits in coconut milk (Thub Thim Krob)

soi thai (24)

Black Sticky Rice with coconut milk

soi thai (25)

Mango Sticky Rice topped with coconut milk

soi thai (26)

Sweet Tapioca served in coconut milk

soi thai (27)

Steamed sweet banana topped with Vanilla Ice Cream

soi thai (28)

At the end of the meal, since we are few days ahead and decided to celebrate Ken’s Bday along. 😀

Cannot deny that, this Thai restaurant is quite good around the neigbourhood and its worth to try as we are quite surpise with the taste that they can offer. Certainly will come back again, along if you ask me where to hunt for nice Thai food, this restaurant will falls into one of my recommendation list. 🙂

Soi Thai Restaurant 
FF-26, The [email protected]
No 5, Persiaran Residen
Desa Park City
52200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel:   +603-6280 7059

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